What Are The Best Electric Toothbrushes On The Market Today?

When it comes to cleaning our teeth, many of us still live by that principle our families taught us when we were little – brush them twice a day, and you’ll be good to go. Some dentists even claim it’s better to brush them only once a day, to preserve the natural enamel as well as possible. However, there’s one thing that comes as a universal truth in any of these cases: an electric toothbrush does its job better than a manual one. If you do your yearly checkups regularly, you might have heard this from your dentist a couple of times.

No, they’re not trying to sell you something and get a commission out of it – an electric toothbrush is simply a more efficient tool for cleaning your teeth. On the long run, it will spare you some visits to the dentist’s as well, by reducing the risk of plaque formation, caries and other forms of dental tissue decay. It will also be a long-term investment because you won’t have to change your toothbrush every six months anymore (well, you’ll have to change the heads, but it’s much cheaper to buy a pack of spare heads than all-new toothbrushes). Gradually, you’ll notice that your teeth health will improve a lot with these devices, and you won’t wish to go back to a normal brush ever again.

To start off, you might need to know a few details about what makes electric toothbrushes so special. Surprisingly, the feature that makes this world of a difference between them and a standard toothbrush is not the speed they’re rotating at, or their ability to get into very narrow spaces and cavities; their most useful feature is the timer. As advised by many dental health organizations around the world, teeth cleaning sessions should last no less than 2 minutes, but with a manual brush, you can’t set a time on your phone or watch the clock every time you brush your teeth.

This leads to the fact that almost 60% of the time when we’re in a hurry to get it done, we spend less than the recommended 2 minutes on our oral hygiene. However, this is not the case if you have an electric toothbrush, which has an inbuilt timer that is always set to the 2-minute milestone. This way, with the simple press of a button, you can always be sure that you spend the right amount of time on cleaning your teeth. It will give off a sound when the time is up, letting you know you completed your mission for that morning.

Now that you know what’s the most important thing to look for in electric toothbrushes, you can get straight to choosing the right model for you. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best-quality products on the market. This list is sorted by price, from the cheapest to the most expensive unit, and it also points out the most important features of each product.

Our Top Rated Electric Toothbrushes

Electric Toothbrush With 3 Heads Rechargeable Ultrasonic Waterproof

What Are The Best Electric Toothbrushes On The Market Today?The  Electric Toothbrush With 3 Heads Rechargeable Ultrasonic Waterproof oscillates and emits pulsating waves, making it similar to a sonic toothbrush. In terms of price, it’s still a very reasonable product.

The Electric Toothbrush With 3 Heads Rechargeable Ultrasonic Waterproof model also comes with a 2-minute timer, which can be set to beep once every 30 seconds to remind you to switch the toothbrush to another area.

This unit comes with one brushing pattern, which offers a rather intense, yet soft cleaning for all types of teeth.

This unit also comes with a 2-pin plug. You can get a 10% discount if you order it using the link below and the code GET10 at checkout:

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Sonic Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable With 4 Replacement Heads

What Are The Best Electric Toothbrushes On The Market Today? A great item for those on a budget and for those who are just getting started with electric toothbrushes. For some, the pressure of an electric toothbrush might be uncomfortable, and if you discover that this applies to you and you’d like to switch back to a manual, it will not make much of a difference to your wallet.

However, the quality of this device has nothing to do with its low price. It’s still a great deal, featuring a unique technology, which implies that you get full tooth coverage with their brushes. The floss action micro-pulse makes for an effective anti-plaque treatment as well. This toothbrush can go up to 31,000 rotations per minute, which can be pretty intense, especially if you have sensitive gums.

The best part about this unit is the battery life – it can last up to 5 weeks after being charged for only 3 to 4 hours. Grace to this, you can take it with you on trips without carrying the charger around as well.

Get 10% off this toothbrush set by using the link below and introducing the promo code GET10 at checkout:

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Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable 4 Heads

What Are The Best Electric Toothbrushes On The Market Today?One of the best deals in the mid-priced range of products, this toothbrush takes a step up by including that very important 2-minute timer. It also has the quadrant timer feature, which will emit the beeps after every 30 seconds to let you know that you should switch to another part of your mouth, just in case you forgot..

The brush runs at 7600 rotations per minute, which is a rather high speed and has only one speed setting on it. It also comes with three replacement head, so you should be able to go through a whole year with just this kit. The Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable 4 Heads comes with a two-pin plug, so if your bathroom has a 3-plug outlet, make sure you invest in an adapter as well.

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Rotating Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with 2 Heads

What Are The Best Electric Toothbrushes On The Market Today?A similar model to the previous product, this one only features one brushing pattern, the dentist-recommended ultrasonic cleaning, which is to last 2 minutes. The timer is included, as well as the quarter beep option. This model also has a complex cleaning technology, which oscillates, rotates and pulsates for an in-depth cleaning of the tooth.

A special feature of this device is the round brush head cups, which are said to wrap around the tooth in a more natural way, for a more efficient cleaning. The bristles are angled at 16 degrees, for a more ergonomic shape.

This device also comes with two replacement heads, so that you don’t have to invest in a separate pack of those. However, the Rotating Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with 2 Heads has a 2-pin plug included as well, so you might need an adapter.

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More on the Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush will do half of the job for you regarding cleaning. As you might know, the heads come with one or several concentric rings with fibers attached, that can move in the same or opposite directions for better coverage. The advantage of this is pretty obvious- you don’t have to put that much effort into it anymore. Besides, the smaller head of an electric toothbrush will reach into those narrow cavities way better than a normal one. There are two main types of electric toothbrushes – sonic and oscillating. While the oscillating one has purely rotating functions, the sonic one has a back and forth pulsating movement to it, thus emitting sonic waves that can reach even into areas where the bristles cannot. While researchers have argued this, one thing is certain – a sonic toothbrush was indeed more effective in combating plaque than an oscillating one. However, an oscillating toothbrush is more effective when it comes to overall surface cleaning of the tooth (as the rotation ensures better coverage that one could reach by manual manipulation). One more difference between them is the sound – while oscillating toothbrushes have a better cleaning ability, they also have the reputation of being louder, while the sonic ones tend to be quieter.

Besides all that, just like any other electric device, these toothbrushes come with a lot of more or less useful functions into them. Those for kids will come in bright colors, with various famous characters and even with a light-up system, so it’s easier to convince your little ones to clean their teeth regularly. Those for adults can come with several different heads, separate timers, UV sanitizers that claim to disinfect your toothbrush under UV light, and many other features that will bring your oral hygiene routine to a whole new level. However, do note that each of them will add up to the final price of your device.

Let’s review some of the basic features you need to look at when you’re looking for an electric toothbrush:

  1. Whether it’s a sonic or oscillating model. We suggest starting off with an oscillating one, as are all the devices reviewed below, as it provides the easiest and most effective cleaning and reduces the need for manual manipulation. With such a toothbrush, you just have to place it above one tooth at a time and wait for it to do its job, while with a sonic one, you’ll still have to move it around the tooth to make sure those waves reach the needy areas.
  2. Speed and rotation settings. Many electric toothbrushes only come with one rotation pattern and speed, while more expensive models feature several different heads, as well as more patterns and higher speed options. Now, for those who struggle with sensitive teeth or bleeding gums, you might want to invest in a toothbrush with more options, as the basic setting on simpler models can sometimes be too harsh on your teeth. As the changeable heads often include one with softer bristles as well, your teeth and gums will thank you for choosing a more expensive model.
  3. Timer settings. Some come with the basic 2-minute timer we mentioned before, while some will have a so-called quadrant timer, which will emit a beep after every 30 seconds, to make sure you switch to another part of your mouth and brush evenly. However, this feature will only be useful if you struggle with problems due to uneven brushing; if your dentist has specified this, you probably need a little extra help from your toothbrush. It might also do the trick for teaching your little ones to brush their teeth correctly if you’re lucky enough to find one for kids which has such a feature.
  4. Price and brand. Reputable brands are known to make the best quality electric toothbrushes on the market. Within their range, you can find a device for any budget, from the cheapest ones to the most expensive.
  5. Power outlet plug. Generally, the listing on each product include the type of plug that comes with the toothbrush, so if you have a different power outlet in your bathroom, you might want to add an extra adapter to your shopping cart before checking out.

As you can see, there’s an electric toothbrush for any requirement and budget – and all of them will do the trick and clean your teeth better than a manual one. The price adds up with each extra feature that comes built into the device, but our recommendation is to go for one that has at least the 2-minute timer included. If you do brush your teeth two times a day for 2 minutes, you’ll significantly decrease the risk of cavities, plaque, and many other dental problems that made you knock on the dentist’s door in the past. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, you’ll have to invest in a more expensive product or at least purchase an additional Sensitive head to replace the normal one. However, not only will this device be more gentle on your teeth, but it will also work to help reduce the sensitivity or gum bleeding. And if you are in need of constant professional supervision regarding your oral hygiene, you can even invest in one which can have your smartphone remind you to brush your teeth, setting the necessary program and timer by itself. All you have to do is find the best brush for your needs and use it consistently – and your visits to the dentist’s office will gradually become just yearly check-ups!

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