What Are The Best Digital Bathroom Scales For Your Home?

Keeping track of a healthy lifestyle is sometimes difficult. Bathroom scales allow you to track your progress and could aid in improving your health and diet. Nowadays, there is a huge choice, and you can always find something which would fit your current budget, or which would allow more tweaking for a higher price. It is already a trend that bathroom scales should show muscle and bone mass by specifying your age and gender. There are more types of weight scales, which differ in design and their functioning method. In the past, people had only one alternative. In the recent decades, the digital scales came to life, which many find more practical and fit more among their existing decor. Nowadays, you can choose scales which allow you to modify diverse settings and monitor not only the body mass but also other additional parameters. This makes them very practical and more useful for home use.

After getting familiar with the criteria for buying a new bathroom scale and their advantages, you may want to read about some of the top scales from 2018. If you don’t know what kind of bathroom scale you need or want, these reviews may help you in selecting your next item. These scales are high class, which most of the users scored as the best available on the market.

Top Rated Digital Scales

150kg Toughened glass Precision Electronic Digital Scale

What Are The Best Digital Bathroom Scales For Your Home?This bathroom scale doesn’t require you to press any buttons. Just step on it, and you get an instant reading of your weight. It has four precision sensors, ensuring its accuracy. It measures up to 150kg. It has a large backlit display, which makes it practical for people with bad eyesight. This unit also has an oversized platform, which is over 26cm wide. With this, you can be sure that the scale will measure your weight exactly.

The scale requires 2032 batteries, which come in with the package. It is also auto-calibrated, which means it will calibrate until your exact weight is displayed. You also shouldn’t worry about power saving, because it turns off automatically after you have stepped off it.

Its design allows it to fit anywhere and look in place. Despite its oversized platform, it is quite ergonomic, allowing to place it anywhere in your house without consuming much space. If you need a simple and practical digital bathroom scale, this would be your choice.

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GASON A1 180kg/50g Floor Bathroom Scale

What Are The Best Digital Bathroom Scales For Your Home?The GASON A1 180kg/50g Floor Bathroom Scale allows you to get operative readings, without any need for pressing buttons. You just need to step on it and wait a few seconds until it will calibrate and recognize your weight. It features a large display and a cool blue backlight and bold numbers for an easy reading of the results even in darker places. This scale has a limit of about 180kg with possible deviations of 50g.

It has a pretty design, featuring a tempered glass platform, which is the thickest on the actual market, making it very sustainable. The platform’s dimensions are 28cm x 28cm for safety purposes.

The scale has the latest 4 high precision sensors. This product also comes with instructions manual for easy use and a body tape measure for monitoring your health.

If you need an efficient, pretty and compact bathroom scale, this might be the right choice for you. You can check the latest price and get a 10% discount when shopping with code GET10:

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GASON A3s USB Charging Scales

What Are The Best Digital Bathroom Scales For Your Home?If you need a basic digital bathroom then, GASON A3s USB Charging Scales will be your choice. It comes at a very convenient price and has all the crucial functions a scale needs. It features a large backlit LCD display, which ensures that you can read out the numbers even in darker environments. The scale is auto-calibrated and turns off automatically to conserve energy. It charges via USB – bet you didn’t see that coming – meaning you won’t have to bother changing any batteries. The package also includes a free body tape for tracking the progress more easily.

The GASON A3s USB Charging Scales measures your weight instantly by stepping on it. It doesn’t require any buttons pressed, which makes the scale very easy to use. The unit is covered by a thick tempered glass for safety and its platform has dimensions of 29cm x 26cm.

It features the latest high precision sensors, which are placed around the 4 edges under the platform. This scale can measure up to 400lb or around 180kg, which should keep up with most of the consumers. Its memory allows you to see the last weight in green backlit. This makes it a good option if you want to constantly track your progress.

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Let’s Review What Each Kind of Scale Offers.

  • Mechanical Scales

Everyone is familiar with this type of scales, be it from their parents or grandparents. They replicate the first scale models and look old-fashioned. They don’t allow to adjust any settings, though they are very durable and practical if you don’t need to know more than your actual body mass. They are pure analog, which means that they can be inaccurate at times, but you can be sure that such a scale could last a lifetime.

  • Digital Scales

These are a convenient and a simple option if you need just an efficient bathroom scale. They can tell your weight in different measurements, by simply stepping on them. These weights allow you to have an accurate view of your weight. For an accurate result, you must be careful not to wear heavy clothes. You can also get a digital scale, which would allow you to see more than just the body mass. Some types of scales would show also your body’s fluid percentage and fat mass.

  • Wide Platform and LCD

This kind of scale is a popular choice because their design tends to meet more needs. The wide LCD display shows the measurements clearly ensuring that persons with sight problems could see without difficulties. They are also specially designed to fit people who may find it hard to stay on a normal scale comfortably.

For an easier selection of a new digital bathroom scale, you may want to follow some tips, which would help you in choosing a digital scale which would fit your needs best. A simple mechanical scale might be your best choice if you are searching for a simple tool that would show your weight and last you a lifetime. However, you should consider the fact that they could become less accurate over time and you would need a replacement.

The most practical choice would be to count on a digital scale. They are not very expensive and allow you to view your weight with a high accuracy. You should be careful regarding the measurements and check if they have the best accuracy level for your case. A digital scale may display more accurate results than the mechanical ones, but they may require batteries for use and would probably last a couple of decades less than the mechanical ones. Despite this, they are a very popular and a convenient option.

Before purchasing a bathroom scale, you should document yourself if the respective scales have the necessary features you need. You can view the manual before purchasing a scale or reading other user’s reviews, which should help you see if the desired scale has everything you need.

For making sure that you get all the features you want, you might want a scale that measures more body parameters. They are especially popular with people who practice sports because some of them could show also specific changes in different parts of the body and could be programmed to track the progress over a long time. If you want a more modern and upgraded scale, you could try viewing those which indicate the bone and muscular mass, body fat, and water percentage. Some of them are able to show these parameters by measuring the electrical impulses. Other similar scales show you more detailed information by comparing the inputted age, gender, and height with your actual body mass. Some scales are able to even to show the required calories which need to be consumed in order to reach your goal.

If you are thinking of getting a bathroom scale with advanced settings, let’s review some which are crucial for optimal representation:

  • Accuracy

Digital scales are more accurate than the mechanical ones. If you decide upon a digital scale, you should document yourself which accuracy level does the scale offer. Generally, a 1/100 digit error is the maximum allowed one – a tiny bit more and the scales are not as accurate anymore.

  • Capability

Ensuring that the scales have their capabilities and limitations will be rewarding because you will know how to use them to their full extent. Leaving them on the same spot, preferably on a flat surface, will allow you to get comparable and accurate measures every time.

  • Weight Limit

A lot of scales have low weight limits, which are around 250lbs. If you want to get the needed results, think carefully who may want to use the scale and which weight limit would they require. If you don’t know exactly, there are scales with an upper weight limit of 1,000lbs, which should be enough for anybody out there.

  • Display

You may want to make sure that the digits can be properly read when choosing a scale. For people with eyesight problems or elder ones, the scales which display larger numbers will be a good choice. Generally, you can inform yourself when buying and a new one. Usually, the sellers offer images in their product descriptions, where you could see how readable the displayed numbers would be. Some scales also have backlit displays, which improves the visibility of the shown digits.

  • BMI

BMI is an important feature if you want to be sure that you always have a healthy weight. Many doctors recommend having a specific BMI for many health reasons. People who have problems due to being overweight would find it very helpful choosing a scale that can read out the BMI. It can contribute in reaching a suitable weight in comparison to your age and height.

  • Voice feature

This feature is life-saving for blind people. However, there are also non-blind people who struggle in seeing the numbers even on larger displays. This feature would ensure that you will get to know your weight anyway. For instance, it would be also very useful for pregnant women, who may find it also difficult viewing the screen, due to their baby bump.

  • Wi-Fi

If you want to track your progress very easily with your scale, this option may be a necessity for you. There are many scales which feature wi-fi and have apps which can be downloaded for recording the progress. In addition, you can also turn on your bathroom scale with the help of your smartphone. This feature will ensure an easy control and practical use, without investing much time and effort.

  • Memory

If you want to record your results for an extended period, a digital bathroom scale with more information storage would be helpful. For more specific information, you should review the product description in order to see how many readings can the selected scale record.

  • Color and styles

The scales vary in colors and materials they are made of. You can opt for ones which feature a glass platform that will look majestic in any bathroom, or aluminum scales that will be more durable, lightweight, and offer a more solid look.

  • Printed Readouts

There are some bathroom scales which offer printed readouts. They are useful in case you want to have a good method of recording your progress.

Indeed, bathroom scales offer a lot of different features, but what are the true advantages of owning one? Here are some points for you, if you aren’t convinced just yet:

  • They serve as motivation for a healthy lifestyle

A bathroom scale could awake one’s feel to lead a healthy lifestyle. The results of a diet or exercise program could be regularly monitored on a bathroom scale.

  • Weight loss or gain

Whether you want to lose or gain some weight, a set of bathroom scales would help you immensely. For those who have specific conditions, such as anorexia or obesity, would need to follow the doctor’s prescriptions and check regularly their progress on scales.

  • Indicators

Many bathroom scales have additional indicators such as bone and muscular mass, water percentage and fat. This is very convenient especially if you are practicing sport or for those who experienced injuries. The bathroom scale would allow to keep track of the actual alterations and tell you whether you fulfill efficiently your exercise or recovery program.

  • Affordability

Bathroom scales are mostly affordable and can be found anywhere. You can check out a wide range at your local stores or online. The digital ones operate on lithium batteries, which are very easy to replace or could be bought with a charger for saving purpose. The scales also turn off when you are not using them making them practical and energy conserving.

After you went through all the reviews and learned how to choose a bathroom scale, you’re probably ready to kick start your new year’s resolution of eating better, exercising more and keeping a healthy and fit body. Now you know that there are different bathroom scales, ranging from those that offer you information on such parameters as body fat and water percentage to those which aim to show accurately just your body weight. The advanced settings are very practical for people who train often and for those who aim to lose some weight. Having the option to see your past records, may be a very useful function for almost anybody. Different designs allow you to choose scales for people with bad eyesight, that have voice feature and larger displays and some have also larger platforms, which allow anyone to stay on it. Whether you want a basic scale for family use or a more advanced one, which would offer you additional information about your body, there is a wide choice covering less expensive alternatives and pricier ones for high standards. With the help of this guide, you can find a suitable bathroom scale that will fit all your needs.

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