The Top Shower Head Brands You Need To Know

When it comes to getting a new shower head, or any bathroom equipment for that matter, you have to know that there are few things that differentiate a good unit from a poor quality one. Granted, a stainless steel showerhead will probably last you longer than a plastic one, and a low-flow head is better because it helps you save water, right? In general, these rules do apply to most shower heads you will find on the market, but, if you prefer to save some time by shopping online, you might not be able to quality-check each unit by yourself. That is where the reputable brands come in – because there are a few bathroom product brands that are almost always up to the highest standards. To name a few, there is:

1. Kohler

Kohler is a German brand that has been around for almost a century now. When it comes to shower heads, most of their products are made from pure stainless steel, and a lot of them feature some kind of water-saving technology. Kohler is one of the market leaders when it comes to shower fixtures, but their prices can get pretty high. Although you might not feel like purchasing a Kohler showerhead for the apartment you rent or share with three other roommates, you probably should get one if you’re a house owner and want to forget about replacing it every couple of years.

2. Moen

Moen is another very well-known brand in the bathroom fixture industry. Their shower heads are also made of stainless steel (for the most part), but they are known for being rather affordable compared to Kohler ones. If you don’t feel like spending $100 and up on a shower head, opt for a Moen product – you definitely won’t be skimping out on the quality.

3. Hansgrohe

Another German brand, Hansgrohe is known for their sleek designs and superb quality. They’re probably one of the best brands to check out if you’re on the look for a rainfall showerhead, but their handheld units aren’t bad either. As for the price, Hansgrohe shower heads can get pretty expensive, so you might want to think twice before investing in one. However, the quality is definitely worth every penny.

4. American Standard

American Standard focuses on simple models. Albeit without the bells and whistles, American Standard shower heads are great quality and a great deal for those on a budget. If you’re on the look for a simple handheld shower head that won’t cost you more than a burger downtown, American Standard is what you’re looking for.

5. Delta

Last but not least, Delta is probably the ultimate bathroom fixture brand – each of their showerhead models is a work of art in terms of both design and technology. If you’re looking for something with a million spray patterns, or a fancy water saving technology, look no further than Delta – but prepare your wallet as well, because their prices can get a little bit spicy.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss with your new online-bought shower head, we say it’s a pretty safe bet to order from one of these brands. Whichever you opt for, in the end, we’re sure you’ll get the bang out of your buck.

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