The Best Shower Filters For Your Home in 2018

In some regions, the supplied water can contain many impurities, including chlorine, which can cause dry skin, dandruff or allergies. If you feel that this might your case and you don’t want to experience it anymore, a good solution would be installing a shower head filter. With this addition, you will receive a cleaner and fresher water supply, which will protect you from any potential harming minerals.

To be able to choose an appropriate shower filter, it is important to clarify what a shower filter is in the first place. A shower filter is an accessory which is attached to your shower arm before the proper fixation of the showerhead. They don’t allow any potential sediments to pass through – letting only clean water reach you in the end. Some homes are supplied with water that contains more minerals and sediments. This could lead to dirty showerheads, which can become difficult to clean. The calcium in the water can clog the showerhead’s nozzles and leave marks on the showerhead itself after drying out. Along with minerals and sediments, the water also contains chlorine. It is not a drastic effect, but over a long-time use, the skin would become dry and the hair may look dull. Chlorine is required for water disinfection, and the water companies do it deliberately for safety purposes. However, once it gets into the water, it is left there, so every person can decide for themselves if they want to take some measures for removing it.

A good solution is to count on a shower filter. It will prevent most of the minerals building up in the showerhead and will deliver only clean and fresh smelling water. It can also remove the chlorine from your water and improve your health and shower experience. There are many available options regarding shower filters that could fit your particular needs better than others. We’ve gathered a top of the best shower head filters, which will hopefully give you an insight into the diversity of the shower head filters on the market.

Top Rated Shower Filters of 2018

Bathroom Shower Filter Water Therapy

The Best Shower Filters For Your Home in 2018The Bathroom Shower Filter Water Therapy is one of the best rain showerheads featuring a filter. It has an attractive look, and it can offer a spa-like shower experience.

It reduces up to 97 percent of sediments and minerals, such as chlorine, sulfur odor and scale from the water. It features a mineral beads filtering system, which can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water. In other words, you should technically replace the mineral beads approximately every six months, but considering the price of this unit and the amount of effort you’d be putting into it… you’d better just order a couple of them right from the start. The unit is made of stainless steel with plastic components, ensuring that you won’t see any signs of rust on it anytime soon. It is also pretty lightweight, at 190g, making it easy to use and install on any existing shower arm or slide bar. The shower head is available in two different colors – transparent and blue – just in case you wanted to give your new shower gear a bit more personality.

This mineral filter shower head retails at a very reasonable price to begin with; however, today you can get an even better deal by purchasing it below and using the code GET10 to get 10% off:

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SPA 3 Colors LED Shower Head Temperature Sensor Light Water Flow Generator Shower Head

The Best Shower Filters For Your Home in 2018This showerhead contains a shower filter system that reduces over 90% of chlorine and other harmful synthetic chemicals from the shower water. It features a mineral bead system that purifies and ionizes the water before it gets to your skin and hair so that no harmful chemicals can damage them. Besides the purification aspect, the beads also help you save water, by building up tension and creating a powerful spray with much less water.

Some people have claimed that this shower filter has helped them against hard water issues. This unit also guarantees the improvement of the skin and hair health, lowering the risk of chemical absorption.

On top of all that, this unit features LED illumination that is sensitive to the water temperature. It might not be extremely useful if you’re a grown and independent adult (or could it?), but it definitely comes across as a hit with the little ones. The green color of the LEDs indicates cold water, red indicates hot water, and blue stands for a comfortable temperature (between 32 and 43 degrees Celsius)

It should be able to deliver you the needed water quality and a pleasant shower experience. You can check the latest price for this showerhead and get 10% off when you use promo code GET10 here:

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Handheld Water-saving Bath Shower Nozzle Filter Head

The Best Shower Filters For Your Home in 2018The Handheld Water-saving Bath Shower Nozzle Filter Head is one of the most popular showerhead filters on the market. The manufacturer has been in the industry for quite a while now, offering the best in both tradition and innovation.

It can remove about 90 percent of chlorine and other impure minerals. The mineral beads also help use up less water while not compromising on a strong water spray. This unit also features LED illumination – however, it’s slightly different from the previous one. It has the light built into the back of the showerhead, which creates a discrete yet pretty illumination, especially when the water passes through the filter beads.

It can be easily screwed in by hand and installed – luckily, this shower head doesn’t require any help from a plumber, as it requires no specific tools and professional knowledge.

If the Handheld Water-saving Bath Shower Nozzle Filter Head sounds like the best option for you, we’re here to offer you an extra 10% discount on it. Use the code GET10 at checkout end enjoy cleaner and healthier water!

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Even after reading through these reviews,  you may still doubt and wonder why would you need a shower filter. Let’s go through the main advantages of a shower filter:

1. You can improve the health of your skin and hair. When you shower in hot water, the pores of your skin open, which is beneficial for the whole body. However, if the water you are using contains chlorine and other chemicals, then they may be absorbed by your skin. If this is the case, you can try out one of the best shower filter, and you will see that in a short amount of time the health of your skin and hair will improve significantly, becoming softer and better looking.

2. The shower filter prevents the chlorine smell. This will offer you more energy and improve your respiratory health and mood.

3. Some people which have skin conditions can find showerheads very beneficial for minimizing the exposure of their skin to chemicals. The shower filters could help them prevent skin irritation and improve the shower experience after using cleaner water.

4. Of course, the main purpose of the shower filter is to offer a healthy shower. The filter can remove any potential chlorine, which could be very damaging in a re-vaporized state. Not only your skin could suffer, but you could also inhale it, which would damage more organs. In the end, a shower filter would maintain your health and might make you more energetic.

Next, let’s take a look at what you should consider when choosing a shower filter:

Firstly, think whether you really need a shower filter. Some people want to add a filter to have a cleaner water, while others choose a new shower filter as a step in replacing their whole shower system. You can save money by choosing a shower filter on its own. Maybe you have a showerhead which you like more, and would rather just replace the filter than the whole shower head. However, there are shower heads that come up already with a filter, which is convenient and save you the time on looking for a separate head unit.

Another aspect to think about is the water pressure. There are shower filters which allow you to customize their functionality under the needed water pressure. If you have high water pressure in your house, you may consider buying a shower filter that includes a restrictor. The restrictor is meant to lower the water pressure in accordance with the law. It will also help you save money and time for getting the desired experience. However, if you have a low water pressure in your house, you wouldn’t need a shower filter with a restrictor. You should consider buying one that has a removable restrictor – which can be detached before the installation.

You may be asking yourself how much you should spend to maintain a shower filter in your bathroom. The shower filters have filter cartridges which require replacement. You should consider how frequently you take showers and the number of your household’s members. It is very important to calculate that, as you could evaluate the average replacement rate of cartridges, which can show if it is an affordable idea for you.

The reviews have described the highest rated shower filters over the internet. If you still don’t have a water softener, it is never too late to install one. It will reduce the minerals and sediments, which damage your skin and help you in leading a healthy lifestyle. The shower filters are different in designs, but most of them are efficient in water cleaning. You can choose from more expensive ones, which feature such upgrades as more spraying patterns, or you could also choose more affordable ones that would fit your budget. Consider that you’ll have to change them now and then. You could try experimenting with more of them and choose the most suitable one for you. After reading all the reviews, hopefully, you will find the showerhead filter which fits you best.

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