The Best Pedestal Sinks Reviewed For Your Home in 2018

Pedestal sinks are a quite fashionable and traditional styling item for your bathroom. Making such a choice is, without any doubts, a rewarding one. You can suit yourself with diverse types of pedestal sinks. They vary in heights, styles, and profiles. For every kind of bathroom, there is a big range of pedestal sinks to choose from. Generally, you shouldn’t experience any hardships in finding a suitable one, which will offer a more refined aspect to your bathroom.

Good news is that it is easy is to install a pedestal sink. Some people change their bathroom furniture now and then to find the most appropriate style for their bathroom. Whether you want to experiment a little bit with different types of pedestal sinks, or you just want to place one to enjoy a cozier atmosphere, it would be very easy to replace it or to install a new one.

Now, when you know how does the whole concept of pedestal sink functions, let’s check the reviews for some of the most preferred ones available out there.

Top Rated Pedestal Sinks of 2018

KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron

The Best Pedestal Sinks Reviewed For Your Home in 2018KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron is a pedestal sink with a basic design and smooth surface that is easy to clean and offers a cozy look. It has a quite big basin size, which could be only a plus in bigger bathrooms but would also be of no nuisance in smaller ones, as it is not too oversized. Due to this, you could keep many things which you frequently use on the ledge, right in front of you. It is made of vitreous china, offering it a durable and solid design.

A big plus of this pedestal sink is that it comes already as a set and it has already a pre-drilled faucet hole, which ensures an easy mounting of different faucets. It includes mounting hardware, so it is very easy to install. Even a non-qualified person could do the job by themselves.

It is also perfect for all family members, as it is not too high and not too low. Every child and adult could feel comfortable in front of this pedestal sink. Many people praise this set, due to its durability, style, and size. If you just can’t decide what kind of pedestal sink you need, this would make the perfect choice in such cases. But wait – there is one more great thing about it! It comes in different colors. Originally, the unit is a basic almond color. However, you can choose from a diverse range of neutral tones, including biscuit, black, dune, ice gray, sandbar and white tones. This will allow you to choose the pedestal sink which will be able to go well with the bathrooms’ design, based on your personal taste.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty, which is a good thing because you can replace it with a new one or get free service in case it defects somehow.

As a potential for the best pedestal sink on the market today, this one is a part of the Cimarron range of products, which offers diverse kinds of bathroom furniture and utilities. If you want to create a stylish bathroom, you can consider buying their products as a furniture set, which can turn out to be a splendid combination for your bathroom. You can check the actual price and shop for it here:

KOHLER Pedestal Sink K-2359-8-0 Archer

The Best Pedestal Sinks Reviewed For Your Home in 2018The K-2359-8-0 Archer pedestal sink by Kohler has a uniquely elegant design, for people who want a more fashionable aspect of their bathroom. It has a rectangular shape, which gives it a more sophisticated look. The sink features precise geometric lines, which could be easily combined with many types of bathroom furniture, and would look very stylish in any size bathroom.

It is made of durable vitreous china, which assures that it will last long in its next bathroom. It is very easy to clean it, as its material has antibacterial proprieties and is also very smooth. It also features a layer of porcelain on the pedestal itself, that gives it a more solid and beautiful look. The basin is a little on the bigger size, which will fit very well in a big bathroom, but also will make a smaller one look more spacious, according to the reviews of some people.

This pedestal sink allows you to choose from many existing faucets, with an integrated overflow, which will take care that the water will not spill out of the basin. With a bigger sized basin, it allows keeping more things on it, being at the same time elegant in design and generous in its size. You could put on all of the most frequently used things in a bathroom, and it will still look elegant enough.

It comes in several colors to complement its pretty design. You can choose from a wide range of colors including Cashmere, Mexican Sand, and Thunder Gray, which will surely be able to decorate your bathroom according to your taste.

The KOHLER Archer is a stylish pedestal sink which would suit most of the users. It is easy to install and looks very well with other furniture in the bathroom. You can check the most actual offers here:

American Standard Townsend

The Best Pedestal Sinks Reviewed For Your Home in 2018The American Standard Townsend features one of the most stylish types of pedestal sinks out there. Its advantage lies in its classy look, which can be included in almost any bathroom design. It will fit well into modern ones, giving them an outstanding atmosphere, or in more traditional ones it would keep the spirit of a classic design.

It has a front overflow for preventing any floods outside the basin. It includes tools for mounting, so you won’t experience any headaches searching for new ones, in case you don’t already have some. This means you can install it right away, without any physical preparations. It consists of two parts, as most pedestal sinks, yet the installation should still be quite easy. It also has a hole for one mixer faucet, which can be chosen from a variety of available ones.

It comes in two colors, white, and linen, which emphasizes its clean and minimalist design.

Its faucet platform includes a quite generous space for storing soaps, accessories, and other bathroom essentials. For its size, it has a rather rewarding storage space, making it convenient for everyday use.

Its design is also called Turn-Of-The-Century, which is specially made to fit the height for all the family members. It matches the collection of Townsend Champion, which specifically produces bathroom furniture. If you take your time researching this question, you may discover a new bathroom design, which would fit you the best. You can check its actual price here:

Barclay 3-201WH Hampshire

The Best Pedestal Sinks Reviewed For Your Home in 2018The Barclay 3-201WH Hampshire is pedestal sink with a classical style at a convenient price. If you aren’t really in need of extreme elegance or complex design in your bathroom, this one would be a perfect choice for you.

It is made of vitreous china, which makes it a very reliable and durable piece. Its surface is smooth and it features a ledge that has a pre-drilled hole. In this way, its installation should be a piece of cake even for amateurs. You can install it with two different bolts, where you can choose between toggle bolts and molly ones. It’s very practical, mostly due to its smaller size, because it allows keeping all your bathroom essentials neatly tucked in handy.

It is actually a perfect pedestal sink for smaller bathrooms. This may be one of the best offers out there, with such a convenient pedestal sink that features enough space on the ledge and has more space for your daily washing routine. It also has a universal height, so virtually everybody would find it comfortable in its use. The basin is smoothly curved, which ensures an elegant style in your bathroom. This pedestal sink would fit in any small bathroom, giving it a splendid look.

With its classic design, Barclay 3-201WH will not look out of place almost anywhere, as it is compatible with most bathroom furniture collections. It comes in a white color, which makes it a very versatile bathroom decoration unit.

If you want a practical, easy to install, stylish, convenient and not very space consuming pedestal sink, you can count on Barclay 3-201WH Hampshire. You cannot go wrong with this unit, especially if you need a smaller one. You can check the actual price and shop for it here:

Barclay Washington 550

The Best Pedestal Sinks Reviewed For Your Home in 2018The Barclay Washington 550 has an elegant design and is made to last in a fashionable manner with the furniture in your bathroom.

It offers the possibility to choose from a diverse range of faucet mounts, which will help you create the best look for your bathroom. It comes in a classic white color, which is destined for more classical design, while still keeping elements of contemporary furniture. Its pedestal is rectangular shaped with curves at the bottom, which makes it look more attractive and solid. It has a U-shaped basin design, with smooth curves, which offers you an attractive view fitting most bathrooms.

It is made of a solid vitreous china, that promises to have a long lifespan, due to its high resistance. It will also allow you to keep your sink clean and stain free, as the material it’s made of make for a great antibacterial surface. You should take care of it by wiping it now and then with a soft cloth to maintain its glance.

The sink is not especially deep, which will ensure that every household member can use it without nuisances. The basin has an inbuilt overflow, to prevent any flooding in case the faucet is left on. It also has a center drain hole, so you should be able to easily drain the sink, after using it.

This sink has its own attractive properties and comes at a convenient price. You can let a plumber install it if you don’t feel too confident about it, or you can try it by yourself if you want to spare some money. You can view the latest price for this product and shop for it here:

KOHLER Pedestal Sink K-2268-8-0 Memoirs

The Best Pedestal Sinks Reviewed For Your Home in 2018This pedestal sink has a rather specific look, because of its unusual rectangular shape. You will be able to incorporate it into the traditional bathroom atmosphere, yet it will work better with a more modernist and minimalistic interior. However, it will also offer you a nuance of modernity, which will make your bathroom more fashionable and cozy. It will fit perfectly in a bathroom which has a contemporary design going on, but won’t look too foreign in a classical style one as well.

It is made of solid fireclay, which will ensure a long lifespan to your pedestal sink. You can be sure that it will never break accidentally, and you will not have any problems regarding its state, as fireclay designs do not break easily and are resistant to physical damage. As most of the pedestal sinks, this one features a built-in sink overflow, which won’t allow any water to spill out in the case of mini-floods in the basin.

This pedestal sink possesses an elegant style, which will fit any bathroom. It is made of a very durable material and comes in a universal size that will fit every member of the household. The manufacturers offer this pedestal sink in a wide range of colors, which include: thunder gray, cashmere, and ice gray.

It has an 8-inch pre-drilled faucet hole. It is very convenient, as it will ease the faucet installation. However, you should be very careful to the kind of faucet you choose, as it is important that you don’t miss any details regarding the gauge size, color, and height of the unit.

You can hire a plumber to install this pedestal sink, or you could do it yourself if you feel more confident about this. You can check the latest prices and shop for it here:

Expert Advice – Covering The Essentials

A pedestal sink is meant to provide the support for your basin and conceal any ugly pipework from the sink. The basin is placed on the top of the pedestal, and the whole unit is fixed with screws to the wall, mostly with two very big masonry screws.

As you may have guessed until now, a pedestal sink is a washbasin with a pedestal, which is meant to support it and offer a fashionable aspect in your bathroom. It is a quite popular piece of bathroom furniture, which has been used long ago and is still in trend, grace to its functional and aesthetic features.

Every sink on the market offers different characteristics, which you can choose to suit your needs. Most basins have pre-drilled holes so that you can install a faucet into it. Some units come with a faucet included in the set, while others do not, and you might want to check the listing of your product to find out. If a faucet is not included, you have to be careful to choose a proper size gauge what will fit into the pre-drilled holes. The area where the faucet is to be installed is usually a ledge. The ledge is much like a shelf, where you can store anything you use in your bathroom more often -from soaps to washcloths. Pedestal sinks usually come in different sizes and styles, so you can choose one which fits your needs and taste of style the best. They offer a different kind of possibilities, as some have more space for you to store personal things on, and others just look more fashionable for the price of consuming some space in your bathroom.

Now, when you have a more appropriate idea what a pedestal sink is, let’s check what you should take into consideration when buying a new one.

1. Size. It’s critical feature when it comes to any piece of furniture. You should check very carefully if a pedestal sink is a good fit concerning size for your bathroom. They do look great in spacious ones, but a smaller room, which could use some extra space in the form of a bathroom vanity under the sink, would probably not be the best place for such a unit. It should be taken into consideration that you wouldn’t be able to place most of the bathroom vanities under the pedestal sink, because they may not have the needed cut, to fit stylishly under the sink. So, checking the size of the pedestal sink is a critical measure. To make sure that it will fit into your bathroom perfectly, you would need to check the depth, height, and width. In case your bathroom is little on the small side, you will want to look at sinks with low profiles. For bigger bathrooms, it will be accurate to choose deeper sinks so that you will have more space for washing.

2. Existing pipework. If you want to replace a pedestal sink with one that you already own, it will be a wise choice to consider sinks which will attach to the existing pipework, so you will not have to go through some troublesome job – that of drilling extra holes in your walls. The pipework should be finished before installing a new sink. To avoid any charges for plumbing in your bathroom, you would need to invest some time for checking how to fit it best without damaging any existing layers.

3. The style of your pedestal sink is also an important personal point. You should check some which could efficiently conceal all the plumbing and pipes, giving the fashionable view to go with all the existing furniture in your bathroom.

4. Choosing the right pedestal sink should also involve looking optimal faucet options. You would want sinks which will be able to fit your faucets ideally, and, in this case, it will be a good idea to choose the faucets after you already decide on the main unit. You want to be sure that the faucets will work with the sink of your choice, and if you have any faucets on your mind, it wouldn’t harm to do a research regarding the compatibility with the sink.

If you have a big house and a generously fitting bathroom, you may want two pedestal sinks inside. Many people decide on two pedestal sinks, as it looks more extravagant and can save some time in the mornings when more members of a household are in a hurry. This thing could also be useful in the future, as you may want someday to sell your property, which will have more value due to this customization.

Usually, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a suitable pedestal sink. If you want a real professional approach, you could consult a designer or architect, which could give you some ideas about your possibilities. A nice thing is that you can choose the color of your pedestal sink. Besides the standard white color, which most units come in, you could deal with a range of colors that in the end would modify the entire atmosphere in your bathroom. If you are choosing it on your own, you should be careful, as some contrasts could produce a strange effect. The best option would be to check with the colors which would go well with the furniture in your bathroom.

If you want to spare some time and not trouble yourself with different kinds of pedestal sinks, you could check those which come as a part of some specific collection. The easiest way would be to choose a pedestal sink that would represent the same manufacturer’s collection as your existing bathroom furniture. So, buying your sink as a part of some set would ensure that the bathroom furniture matches and you may have saved some time with it.

Should you like to decorate your sink in a way or another. For example, you could add some storage to your pedestal sink, which can be purchased from many retailers. You can create your own style with the available pedestal sink shelves and additional attributes, and it could be very useful in everyday life.

After we checked what is a pedestal sink and best criteria for choosing it, let’s take a brief look at the process of its installation.

Even if you aren’t an experienced plumber, it shouldn’t be a hard job installing a pedestal sink. You can install it on your own if you are ready to use a few plumbing tools and go through some instructions. Of course, local plumbers would be happy to help you installing a new pedestal sink if you don’t feel like wasting some time on installation or you’re not confident enough. However, installing a pedestal sink doesn’t necessarily require a qualified person. You can do it by yourself with only the right tools and knowledge. It would also save you some money and you could do it much faster, than waiting for the availability of a plumber. With enough confidence and the right approach, you could finish it by yourself in only a couple of hours.

You would make an easy job for yourself if you choose a pedestal sink which has the same height as the existing one, in case you plan on getting a replacement. A good tip would be to not reposition the waste pipe if it is already installed. So, if you replace a pedestal sink, try to choose one with a similar height – that would ease the way of connecting the pipes for the faucet.

Be careful to install your pedestal sink against a strong level wall. In other words, if the sink would be attached to a fragile wall, which doesn’t have reinforcement and is made of anything but solid brickwork, it may crumble, being unable to support the weight of the sink. You shouldn’t encounter any extremely hard nuances in installing it, as the sinks usually should come with installation instructions. A spirit level tool should be used to be able to adjust the right standard of the sink so that the water will drain properly out of it. You could use some supports to raise your pedestal or also some spacers if you need to. After the work is done, let it stay for about 24 hours, so that all the sealants dry fully before the next use. After the installment, turn on a low flow of water and check for the stability of all joints. If everything went fine and no leaks were detected, you can congratulate yourself on finishing installing a pedestal sink.

Now that you have read about some of the highest quality and best-selling pedestal sinks that are out on the market, you may have an insight about your next purchase. As you already know, a pedestal sink varies in price, size, color and design. You can choose one that fits your budget, and not compromise the quality and elegant finish of our new sink. You could also opt for a more luxurious one, with a detailed design and more features, as more space and faucet holes. There are a lot of pedestal sinks on the market which you may find worth buying. If you ever encounter the problem of re-styling your bathroom, you can always go back to these reviews and you may find the exact piece your new design is lacking.

The installation of a pedestal sink can involve a plumber or you could do it by yourself, which may save you some time and money. However, if you have some cash which you don’t mind giving for an installation, you wouldn’t probably regret, as the masters know how to do their job. In result, you will have a durable, qualitative work, which should be rewarding, with no further troubling in the next couple of years. On the other hand, if you decide to do it by yourself, you may need up to a day. It is true that some pedestal sinks don’t require so much time, but again, it depends on the type of the sink pieces, the state of pipes and of the walls.

In the end, there is a wide range to choose from. You could also get one in almost any color you like and design further your bathroom in your favorite tones. Hopefully, this guide will help you on your purchase of your next pedestal sink, on you will get only enjoyment from your next design.

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