The Best Low Flow Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018

Have you ever thought about reducing the costs on your water bills? Or are you considering going more environmentally friendly? In any case, you can now reduce the amount of water used per shower without compromising the overall experience – thanks to low flow showerheads, the best water saving shower heads you can buy.

These units are very similar to normal showerheads, but they will consume as little as 1.25 gallons of water per minute, while normal ones use between 2 and 2.5 gallons. You might be worried about this compromising the quality of your showers – you’d think a lower consumption would mean lower pressure, and you’ll have to stay twice as long waiting for it to wash off the lather or shampoo. It might also be very frustrating for some people to not get their hot water massage after a long day, and for this, a strong flow showerhead is absolutely mandatory. However, the best part about these low flow showers is that they have been designed to be both economical and ergonomic, and provide the same quality you’re used to with your normal showerhead. Besides, you’ll spare a lot on those water bills without even noticing, and you’ll help the environment by reducing the waste water amount. Economical, eco-friendly and, last but not least, comfortable for daily use, the low flow showerhead is certainly a good investment for anyone.

If you decided a low flow showerhead is something you have to put on your Christmas wish list, here are some recommendations from us. These top 5 best selling low flow showerheads are only some of the possible variations you can stumble upon on the market, but they are definitely worth checking out!

Top Rated Low Flowing Shower Heads

High Sierra 1.5 GPM

The Best Low Flow Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018The High Sierra 1.5 GPM is very straightforward with its potential buyer – you’ll get the water consumption of this model right from its name. With a low flow, of only 1.5 GPM, this model makes a great economy unit and is also friendlier towards the environment. This showerhead is a wall-mounted one, and you might need a roll of industrial sealant tape (sold separately) to install it yourself. However, if you leave it to a professional, you might not need to make any additional purposes.

The High Sierra uses a patented technology, which provides a lot of benefits: reduced water and energy consumption, anti-clog protection and a strong spray, despite the fact that it only consumes 1.5 GPM. Made in the USA, the unit claims to save up to 40% water compared to a normal showerhead. It also comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, guaranteeing you a full replacement of the product if it breaks in less than 5 years.

If you don’t want to ruin your bathroom’s design with a poorly planned hardware purchase, the High Sierra is still an option worth checking out, as it comes in 4 different finishes, from classic Nickel and Chrome to more intricate Oil-rubbed Bronze and Polished Brass. Price-wise, it’s one of the best products regarding the price/quality balance, as you can snag a really good deal on Amazon:

Delta Faucet 75152

The Best Low Flow Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018If you’re kind of confused about whether you really need a low flow showerhead, and want to give it, say, a trial period without compromising the experience you’re used to, we suggest you go for a unit which lets you control the water consumption, like the Delta Faucet 75152. You’ll have a great flexibility with this device, and you’ll be able to choose from a high, 2.5 GPM option to an economic 1.85 GPM. You can change it using the volume control lever placed directly onto the showerhead, and use a low flow anytime you feel like it. After a strong massage spray, a soothing and temperate one from the low flow mode on this device will feel great on your skin. And if that gets boring, all you have to do is switch it back to a higher consumption!

For its low flow mode, the Delta Faucet 75152 uses a technology they call H2OKinetic, which creates a specific wave pattern with bigger water droplets than a normal consumption mode. This way, both the flow and the temperature of the water is retained, and you can enjoy an experience almost identical to that of a normal showerhead.

The unit is a wall-mounted one as well, is made of plastic, and comes in a shiny Chrome finish. It comes with all the necessary hardware you would need for installing it yourself – so there will be no need for getting help from a professional. It connects to the majority of traditional, ½” threaded shower arms.

The Delta Faucet 75152 also comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, so you can always be sure of the quality of the product you’re investing in. It’s also a great deal – you can buy it on Amazon:

American Standard 1660.717.002

The Best Low Flow Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018Going on to more sophisticated units, the American Standard 1660.717.002 is perfect for anyone who is used to a showerhead with multiple patterns and modes you can switch between. It features 3 different modes, including full spray with 2.0 GPM consumption, combination spray with 2.0 GPM consumption, and 1.5 GPM turbine spray. The unit automatically goes back to the lowest setting after you turn it off, so you’ll always start off with the lowest flow possible on this product.

The water consumption is controlled by an exclusive turbine technology, whose purpose is to provide the same water pressure for both high-flow and low-flow settings. First, it pushes the water into a small chamber, where it is stirred by the turbine and distributed evenly to the nozzles. Grace to the pressure created by the forceful stirring, you get the same pressure as from a normal showerhead, but with up to 40% less water.

The American Standard 1660.717.002 comes in two finishes – Satin and Chrome and is a wall-mounted unit. However, is has a bit of flexibility to it, as you can adjust it to your needed angle.

A negative aspect of this model is that the package will include only the showerhead, and you’ll have to purchase any additional accessories or parts separately. However, it does include a limited lifetime warranty, which you’ll have to request from customer service before making the purchase.

You can get this unit on Amazon here:

Niagara N2915CH Earth Massage

The Best Low Flow Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018Now if you really like yourself a good massage in the shower, followed by a strong spray and finishing off with a soothing mist, you might be a bit of picky bathroom equipment buyer. Customers like you are the reason why the Niagara N2915CH Earth Massage exists on the market – a low flow showerhead which has a maximum flow of 1.5 GPM and 3 different patterns to choose from, including needle spray, massage spray and a combination of those.

The unit is made from heavy duty resistant plastic and covered in a shiny Chrome finish. It features 9 jets and can save up to 40% water compared to an average showerhead. However, the openings of the nozzles are significantly smaller and more narrow than a normal head’s, thus growing the pressure on the water jets. This makes for a great water saving technique, but it also increases the risk of mineral build-ups and clog-related damage. While it might not be a short-term investment, you will have to remember and clean it with an anti-clogging product twice as often as you did with your normal showerhead.

The unit mounts on the wall easily, all parts are included into the package, and a ball joint will offer it a bit of flexibility – you’ll be able to adjust the angle to your needs.

It’s also one of the cheapest low flow showerheads you’ll find online – you can shop for it on Amazon:

Niagara N2515CH Sava Spa

The Best Low Flow Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018Yet another wall-mounted piece, the Niagara N2515CH Sava Spa is a unit meant to save up to 35% of your monthly water consumption. Its maximum flow rate is 1.5 GPM, and it’s a great deal price-wise as well.

A 4-inches wide head made from heavy duty plastic will put less pressure on your water pipes than a full metal one, and will also cover a greater surface than some of the long, narrow models above. The nozzles are also placed evenly, for a better coverage of your whole body area. You can even dial it down to 0.5 GPM for even more economical use.

Installing it should also be a piece of cake – as easy as unscrewing the old head you head and screwing this one in place.

Shop for it on Amazon here:

Low Flow: More Details

There isn’t too much science behind these low flow showerheads. Besides having a reduced water consumption, they do look and feel exactly like a normal unit you might have going on in your own bathroom at this very moment. In a store, they would actually sell them among the normal handheld showerheads; if you’re shopping in your local bathroom equipment store, you might need to know what to look for to find a low flow unit. However, grace to the mighty realm of the Internet, you can type in “low flow showerhead” and find a ton of them labeled as such and available straight off on Amazon. If you’ve ever shopped for showerheads before, you’ll know what to look for. However, if this is your first time looking for a new unit, here are some main features you’ll have to take into consideration:

1. The water flow rate. On normal showerheads, it’s going to be a digit between 2.0 and 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute), while on low flow units, it’s going to be around 1.5 GPM or lower. Even if the product you’re looking at is not labeled “low flow”, you can be sure you’re investing in an economical showerhead if the water consumption is below 1.5 GPM.

2. Extra features – including massage, heavy and light spraying and much more – basically, anything you’d find in a normal showerhead as well. However, more features and smart modes equal a higher price, so if you don’t particularly care about having a lot of patterns to play with, or don’t struggle with any muscle pain that would require a massage pattern, you’re good to go with a cheaper one.

3. Model and design. Same as normal showerheads, these come in two variations – wall-mounted and handheld. Colors, finishes, and shapes vary a lot, and you’re sure to find a low flow showerhead that will fit even the most exotic tastes.

4. The quality/price balance. The truth is it’s hard to tell whether a unit is a good quality or not if you’re totally inexperienced when it comes to hardware and bathroom equipment. They will generally cost more and will feel heavier in your hand due to a sturdier material. Cheap ones will be made from light plastic covered with a metallic finish, to give it that statement chrome aspect. However, if you’re one of those people who prefer to shop online and can’t really get their hands on the product to see how it feels in their hand, a good, reputable brand is the way to go. Bonus points for a seller that offers a warranty – this will guarantee you a free replacement or service in case your unit breaks within the warranty period.

5. The water saving technology. This would be the most important thing to look for in low flow showerheads – make sure the water saving technology does not imply lowering the water pressure! Generally, a detailed description of how the unit works and by what means does it save water will be included in the description of the product on any online marketplace.

Low flow showerheads are indeed one of the best investments you could purchase in terms of bathroom equipment. Not only will it save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you have a big family, but it will also not feel different from a normal shower. If the same experience can be bought for less, why not choose one of the above-mentioned units? Bonus points: it will also make your household more environment-friendly; so, if going vegan is not an option you’ll be considering any time soon, you can still save the planet by reducing the amount of waste water! And it can be as cheap as $8! For any preferences you might have in terms of showerheads, the above list is here to help you with a suggestion – in hope that you will find the perfect low flow unit for yourself and your family! If you’re looking for other types of shower heads you may want to consider a LED shower head or a rain shower head.

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