The Best Freestanding Tubs For Your Home in 2018

Thinking about replacing your current bathtub with something a bit different? Then what about checking out these unique models of freestanding bathtubs? A freestanding bathtub is a popular choice with those who have a spacious bathroom, and wish to give it a stylish and elegant flare with such a tub. Compared to the classic wall-mounted ones, these tubs are the epitome of elegance – their edges are delicate, their pipework is neatly tucked underneath the tub and under the floor tiles, and it makes for a great statement piece in about any bathroom. In technical terms, this kind of tub is not too different from the classic, wall-mounted ones – they are usually made out of the same materials – steel, acrylic, and reinforced fiberglass can be deeper or shallower, can come with a faucet or without it, and have different sizes and capacities.

The only thing that is unique about them is that they look way more sophisticated, instantly transforming even the dullest bathroom into your personal boudoir. However, this elegance and beautiful design of theirs do come with a negative aspect as well – the price. Not exactly a drawback for those who can afford spending a lot on a bathtub, but for those who prefer keeping it on a budget, it might be hard to find a suitable and good-quality freestanding one. In other words, these tend to be quite expensive, and they may be a little challenging to install. But, if you’re ready to sacrifice some money and effort, you’ll have the most attractive and sophisticated tub in your bathroom in no time.

In the next section of this article, we will present you a Top 6 of the bestselling products of the kind that you can find on Amazon. From the cheapest and most common type of tub to high-end, designer pieces, here’s a list that can help you choose the right standing bathtub for you and your family:

Top Rated Freestanding Bath Tub Reviewed

Wyndham Collection WCOBT100268 Soho

The Best Freestanding Tubs For Your Home in 2018If stability is a great concern for you regarding bathtubs, the Wyndham Collection Soho will make a world of a difference if compared to all the previous units. It comes with an adjustable base for increased stability and accurate leveling, which also makes for an intricate design element. The tub is also an oval shaped one, much like the previous ones, and is an even model – both edges raise up to the same point. It measures 30.5 x 68 x 22.8 inches and is made out of pure acrylic, offering all the advantages of the material. However, the problem with the unit being too lightweight is now solved grace to the adjustable base, which shall keep it from moving too much even when it’s not filled with water (unstable constructions might damage the drains and pipework inside, shortening the lifespan of your products.

This tub is the perfect size and shape to be used by two people at the same time, but you could also enjoy a comfortable soak by yourself, having all the space and depth to yourself.

The unit comes in 2 different styles – with a separate tub filler system and without one. Naturally, the one including the extra parts will cost more, but you will still have to purchase a separate faucet to fill your tub, wouldn’t you? Our recommendation is to go for the full set – and you can also choose the color of the hardware between two of the most common and elegant styles – Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel. This particular model from Wyndham also comes in different size, the 68-inches one being the medium one – but you can also opt for a smaller (60-inch) and bigger (72-inch) option.

The unit comes with a 2-year warranty on limited parts so that you can shop with peace of mind – in case something breaks over the first two years of usage, you can get a free replacement from the manufacturer. Check the latest price for this product on Amazon:

American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet

The Best Freestanding Tubs For Your Home in 2018A sleek modern design is what characterizes this standing bathtub best. An oval-shaped unit, extra deep and with a ridged edge, this tub is sure to make a great focal point in any modern and spacious bathroom. Compared to the previous model, this one gains extra points for having a freestanding tub filler system included in the package, with all the hardware and connectors needed for installation. Besides that, the set also includes the tub itself (obviously) and silicone feet for easier moving around and positioning.

This unit is made out of reinforced fiberglass with a high gloss acrylic capped ABS overcoat, which is also one of the most durable, lightweight and temperature-stabilizing materials out there. This tub comes in a classic white color; that will go well with any kind of other furniture you might have going on.

The most spectacular thing about this tub is its depth – it measures 66 x 32 x 23, being very close to the measurement of the previous model. Both are great for comfortable soaking from a half-seated position, having a high-positioned overflow drain that allows the water to raise to a higher level than what you would expect from a normal bathtub. The Cadet series from American Standard is famous for their Deep Soak technology, which allows a more effective full-body immersion.

It’s still a very lightweight product, which seems to be a nuisance to some people who are used to having perfectly immobile bathtubs. Besides that, it’s a really great investment both price and quality-wise. In case something happens to the tub, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty that could save you some money on service and piece replacement.

Shop the latest price for this product here:


The Best Freestanding Tubs For Your Home in 2018This tub is a work of art regarding design, and it will work well in any spacious bathroom with a modern or classic design. This unit is slightly different from the previous two, as it comes in an irregular shape, with one of the edges being raised slightly higher than the other one. This makes it the perfect tub for one person, providing them with the ultimate relaxation. The tub is big enough to fit two people inside, measuring 70.9 x 31.5 x 28.3, but the irregular shape will make it kind of unfair – as one person will be able to lounge on the longer end, while the other will have to say in a semi-seated position. However, if your partner is willing to sacrifice a bit of their personal comfort, this tub will make for a great “destination” for your next date.

This tub is made out of pure acrylic, having all the advantages we mentioned above. Your water will stay hot for a long time, the non-porous surface will make it a piece of cake to clean, and the unit will also be very lightweight, simplifying the installation process.

The set comes with all the fittings necessary for installing a bathtub, but without a tub filler system – you’d have to purchase it separately or fill it from a wall-mounted faucet if you want to place it near the wall.

The AKDY AZ-F274 comes with a one-year limited for all the parts warranty, excluding labor against manufacturer defects, which can spare you a couple of hundred bucks in case something about the tub breaks in the said period. Price-wise, this unit is also a very affordable freestanding bathtub. Check the latest price and shop for this product here:

Wyndham Collection WCOBT100367 Mermaid

The Best Freestanding Tubs For Your Home in 2018An extremely similar model to the Wyndham Soho, the Wyndham Mermaid is a bit stiffer in appearance, having straighter edges and a slightly bigger capacity. The bathtub measures 67 x 31.3 x 23 inches, and is only available in one size, unlike its sibling. However, it’s still big enough even for a mermaid to feel at ease while bathing in it – probably that’s what the name stands for.

Regarding the material, it’s almost identical to the Wyndham Soho, being made out of pure acrylic and having the adjustable base to help add more stability to the whole unit. Also, this particular model does not come with a built-in faucet, so you’ll have to purchase it separately. On the other hand, it comes with a Cable-driven pop-up drain and waste overflow included and installed, so you won’t have to do any extra labor regarding the plumbing.

This unit will come with a manufacturer’s warranty only upon the customer’s request, so make sure to contact the seller about it if you want to insure your purchase.

Shop the latest price for this product here:

Ariel Bath AM128JDCLZ

The Best Freestanding Tubs For Your Home in 2018The ultimate freestanding bathtub, the Ariel Bath AM128JDCLZ is the definition of a high-end product. It combines all the best you can find in a piece of bathroom furniture – a reputable brand name, great quality and all sorts of special features that will transform your baths from a dull and monotone time spent starting at the wall into a complete relaxation of all the five senses. This tub is a work of art in every meaning of the work, starting with the design – a classic, yet elegant oval shape with an accent on the edge. Unlike all the other models mentioned before, this tub comes with several pre-drilled holes for both a faucet and a handheld showerhead, plus the water controlling knobs. However, those do not come included in the package, so you’ll have to purchase them separately.

Do not let the lack of hardware turn your attention away, as this tub is also a masterpiece in terms of comfort – not only is it big enough to fit two people sitting comfortably, but it also comes with a whirlpool massage system with 14 jets, Chromatherapy lightning, FM Radio and built-in speakers, a LED control panel for all these features and even a 60-minute automatic shutdown. This way, you can enjoy a soothing air bubble massage while feasting your eyes on a beautiful light show and even listening to your favorite tune or broadcast on the Radio. And in case you stay in the tub for too long, the switch will wake you up with the automatic shutdown – making sure you save water and energy.

This unit measures 71 x 37.4 x 28, being one of the biggest units included in our top. It is also made out of high-quality acrylic, and has all the advantages of an acrylic bathtub: it preserves the temperature of the water for a long time, it’s lightweight, the color will not wear off and the surface of the tub is antibacterial. With this freestanding bathtub, you’ll certainly enjoy all the best that has been invented so far regarding bathroom equipment.

The unit comes with a warranty only upon the customer’s request, so make sure to contact the seller beforehand if you want to have one. Shop the latest price for this unit here:

AKDY AZ-F277 Freestanding Tub

The Best Freestanding Tubs For Your Home in 2018The AKDY AZ-F277 Freestanding Tub is one of the best deals on the market regarding the price-quality balance – it will offer you all the necessary features a good and long lasting standing bathtub needs.

This unit is made out of pure acrylic, a prized material when it comes to bathtubs, as it serves a variety of purposes: preserves the temperature of the water for a long time, has a non-porous and antibacterial surface, and has the paint pigments mixed into the acrylic itself, so no paint coating is necessary. Cleaning and maintaining this tub should be a piece of cake, given how high quality the material is. Size-wise, this tub measures 66.93″ in length X 33.46″ in width X 24.80″ in height, being the perfect size for one person to soak in comfortably. Two people in this tub would feel a bit too crowded, but you could technically spend some intimate moments with your partner in this tub as well.

As for shape, this unit has a rather minimalistic and modern design, having only tiny metal feet that are meant to keep it from pressing over the whole surface of the floor. This way, both the pipework inside of it and the connector to the plumbing will be well hidden. Besides, the design will go well with any style you might have going on in your bathroom – as long as it’s not too baroque or shabby chic.

The set includes the adjustable metal feet and installation fittings, but you will need to have a separate faucet to will it up, as this tub does not come with a water filter system. A negative aspect of it is the fact that it comes with an accordion silicone drain pipe, which is rather weak and prone to breakage. Be ready to have to change it in case you notice water leaking. However, the 1-year warranty on limited parts could save you on that one, if anything happens to the pipe within said period. Another con about it is that it’s very lightweight – too light for some people, as they claim you can move it around if it’s not filled with water. However, it’s still a great deal for the price, especially grace to its top-quality material. Shop for it here:

If you don’t know where to get started, you have to know what exactly to look for. A freestanding bathtub is a tub that doesn’t need a wall to provide it with the necessary support – thus being able to stand freely anywhere in your bathroom. You might associate it with fancy vintage 50’s bathrooms, or with minimalistic, modern design you’d see in a home décor magazine. Many of them require you to make changes in the plumbing, as most standard bathrooms will have the pipes and drain tucked into one of the corners, as the classic choice calls for such a construction. This shouldn’t be too hard to do if you have some knowledge about plumbing and some tools on hand (at least a wrench), but might be pretty challenging if your only contact with installation has been putting together drawers from IKEA. If that’s the case, you’ll have to call a plumber to bring the pipework to where you plan to have your standing bathtub – that should be a piece of cake if your floor is made out of wood or tiling. The plumber would have to attach some connectors to the drain hole underneath the flooring material so that you can’t see it and bring them to the point where you want your bathtub to be. Then, a hole must be drilled into the flooring and the pipes conducting to the drain and faucet can be connected to the tub’s hardware. Note that it might not be possible to have a freestanding bathtub if your bathroom has a cement or concrete floor, as, in this case, the pipework cannot be concealed under anything. And a lot of pipes and connectors running around the floor would not make up for the elegant aspect of the tub alone. However, you can still install one near a wall if you really want one – it won’t look as fancy as one standing in the center of the room, but still more sophisticated than a wall-mounted one.

Advice on Choosing the Best Tub For Your Home

These tubs come in various shapes and sizes – some deeper, which are more suitable for a sitting position bath, and some more shallow and long, better fitted for laying down and enjoying your hot soak. Next, there’s the size – as the unit is not mounted into or near a wall anymore, the size is not an issue of space anymore, but rather one of capacity. If you want to be able to relax in the tub with your partner, you might want to go for a bigger unit – the manufacturer will usually indicate the capacity in the listing. However, if you’re single, or if you just prefer spending some quality time by yourself in the bathtub, a small, one person unit will work just fine. They also have a lot of different additional features, which will help you bring the bathing experience to a whole new level: massage jets, bubble jets, whirlpool technology, etc… These will add up to the price, but in the end, bathtubs are all about relaxation, so why not invest in one that will provide you with the best experience possible? Anyway, here are the most important things you’ll have to look for in a freestanding bathtub:

1. As we mentioned, these tubs come in two main size categories – for one person, as well as for two people. Depending on your plans and needs, you might want to go for the respective size. Regarding the length, width, and depth, these do not matter as much as for an alcove or wall-mounted bathtub – they will be listed out on Amazon just for informational purposes. However, you still want to check the measurements if your bathroom is not exactly huge, as the bathtubs will usually be bigger than you’d think they are, and you don’t want it going from wall to wall in the end.

2. If you prefer a traditional, laying-down position bathing, go for a longer and shallower unit. However, if you want to experience something different, and, by the reviews of many, more comfortable, go for a deeper tub. A freestanding unit might not offer you the depth of a walk-in bathtub, for instance, where the water can reach up to your neck, but will still provide a more comfortable soak from a half-seated position.

3. Now, this depends entirely on your personal tastes and the design of your bathroom, but there are some design details that can have an impact on the functionality of your unit. For instance, if you opt for a vintage bathtub, with tiny brass feet that lift it from the ground, you will have to make sure that the plumbing underneath it is very carefully concealed so that nothing ruins the overall aspect. A simple tub with no feet, or with small silicone ones whose purpose is just to not damage the floor will be more forgiving with any existing pipework. Next, an oval tub is better if it has one end lifted up higher than the other one, which makes sitting and laying down inside the tub more comfortable.

4. As is the case of all tubs you’ll find on the market; freestanding tubs come in 3 main materials: pure acrylic, acrylic-covered fiberglass, and steel/iron or any other metallic cast. Some short trivia about each of them:

  • Pure acrylic might be the most expensive choice out there, but it’s really great as it makes the whole unit very lightweight, does not conduct heat, meaning the temperature inside the tub is preserved for a longer time and makes for an antibacterial non-porous surface of the tub, which doesn’t need too much cleaning. It’s also really great if you value the aspect of your bathtub, as the color pigment in pure acrylic ones is mixed directly into the material, sparing you the horror of finding paint cracks on it one day.
  • Reinforced fiberglass with an acrylic coating is a cheaper alternative to pure acrylic and the most popular combination of materials regarding bathtubs. It is even more lightweight than the pure acrylic and preserves the temperature of the water just as well. However, if the acrylic on it is just a covering layer, you can expect some damage to the surface over time – discolorations, scratches, cracks, etc…
  • Iron, stainless steel or other metallic cores, covered with a paint finish. These were the popular choice in the 20 century, but mostly because acrylic has not yet been popularized. They tend to look more sophisticated, but they are a lot heavier than anything mentioned above and will require a reinforced floor to be able to support the weight of the water and the person inside without damaging it. Iron or steel is also cold to the touch and a good heat conductor, making it a poor choice for baths, where the idea is to preserve the temperature of the water for as long as possible. The paint layer is usually also very prone to damage and may need to be reapplied now and then. This kind of material (metallic cast) is not very popular with bathtubs nowadays, so you’ll hardly find something of the kind unless you specifically look for it.
  • Most of these tubs will come with a draining system and an overflow drain. However, some do not include a faucet, and some don’t even have a pre-drilled faucet hole, so you have to have a separate faucet on the side for filling the tub.
  • Massage settings or whirlpool system. If you want to make sure your experience with this new tub is as relaxing as possible go for one which has built-in massage jets – be it air bubble jets or simple water ones. For having a whirlpool technology in your tub, you might need to make electrical adaptations in your bathroom, but in the end, it will certainly be worth the money.
  • Last but not least, you should choose your new freestanding bathtub according to your budget. In this guide, we’ve included both non-expensive and high-end products, so you can find one to suit yourself no matter how much you have to spare. In general, you’ll have to spend anywhere between $1000 and $2000 on this kind of bathtub. The more intricate the design and features on it, the more expensive the final product will be, and analogously, the simpler the unit – the lower the price.

A little conclusion to our guide regarding freestanding bathtubs – these items are, without a doubt, statement pieces. They are prized for their sophisticated aspect in the first place, and everything else falls into the second place – the utility, comfort, and longevity of the product. However, the products we included in this top are the proof that freestanding bathtubs can be ergonomic as well, and offer you the same experience you’re used to with a normal, wall-mounted bathroom. On top of that, they can even level up bathing as you used to know it, by including spa-like features and accessories into the tub. They are a little bit pricier than wall-mounted units. However, if you have a spacious bathroom, a wall-mounted unit might look a bit odd sitting lonely in the corner – that’s where the freestanding bathtubs come in! We hope this little guide helped you find an optimal product to suit your personal whims and needs, and that your new bathtub will bring you many unforgettable moments of unwinding and relaxation.

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