Our Best Bidet Toilet Seats For Your Home in 2018

Although we usually don’t like changes when it comes to things we use the most, such as toilets, bidet seats are actually one of the simplest, yet genius inventions that are worth at least a try. While some of you might freak out at the idea of having a jet of water wash your rear and/or front are, we guarantee that you won’t be able to change back to a normal seat once you tried a bidet.

First of all, what exactly is a bidet toilet seat? Many people might be confused into thinking that bidets come with the main toilet unit, but that is not the case. The bidet, as well as any other computerized functions, are usually built into special toilet seats, that can be purchased separately from the main toilet unit. They can have the simplest jet functions, or they could come with tons of options such as water temperature regulation, jet intensity, even spray pattern. Some of these bidet seats can also heat up, or even deodorize the bathroom after you’re done answering the call of nature. Some of them even close and open automatically, so that you don’t even have to touch the seat, keeping everything in perfect cleanliness. If you would like to find out more about bidet toilet seats, scroll down to the bottom of the page – we’re sure you’ll find the information useful. Meanwhile, we will introduce you to a Top 5 of our favorite bidet seats that you can get in 2018. Enjoy!

High Tech Toilet Seat Portable Sanitary Wall Bidet

Our Best Bidet Toilet Seats For Your Home in 2018The High Tech Toilet Seat Portable Sanitary Wall Bidet is a great starting product for anyone who wants to give bidets a chance, but isn’t quite sure whether they’re gonna like it or not. in other words, if you’re not ready to blow one third of your monthly paycheck on your bidet installation, check out this one.

Granted it doesn’t have as many features as other models, but you can still get a general idea of how the whole bidet thing works. You should connect it to a fresh water pipe, and you can customize the temperature of the water using the small control included in the package. It doesn’t have any kind of fancy spray modes, but it does get the job done – and given the super affordable price of this unit, we couldn’t wish for more.

If you want to try out a bidet installation without putting too much money down, get a 10% discount on the (already low) price of this unit when checking out using the code GET10:

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Hygiene Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment (InSingle Sprinkler)

Our Best Bidet Toilet Seats For Your Home in 2018

The Hygiene Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment (InSingle Sprinkler) is a great option if you want a little bit more versatility from your bidet installation. Compared to the last one, this model has adjustable water pressure, so that you can customize it to your own preference. In all fairness, we’d recommend you get this one instead of the previous model if you’re a novice to bidets – because an uncustomized spray can be pretty traumatizing for some people. On the other hand, this unit will let you turn the water pressure down as much as you like for a gentle cleansing.

This model can be attached to just about any toilet model, and the installation should be a piece of cake with the instruction manual provided. The price is also really affordable, and you can cut it down even more if you buy it using the link below and the code GET10 at the checkout.

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These were our main suggestions regarding bidet toilet seats. In this next section of the article, we’ll try to point out the main advantages, disadvantages, as well as general aspects you should be looking at when trying to choose the perfect bidet toilet seat. First of all, let’s dive into the advantages.

There are plenty of pro arguments as to why you should get your hand on such a unit as fast as possible. For once, they will improve the hygienic aspect of your time spent on the toilet. Yes, toilet paper does its job better than leaves, pieces of cloth, or whatever our ancestors used, but still is a pretty wasteful resource. With a bidet, not only will you save hundreds of dollars a year on toilet paper, but you will also get to clean yourself more effectively. The water from a bidet does a wonderful job on both the front and the rear, and some will even come with a dryer to complete the process.

Another advantage is the convenience. These bidet seats usually have lots of features you can enjoy besides the cleaning. This includes the self-heating seat, the automatically closing lid, the deodorizer and even the occasional illumination will certainly bring your bathroom to the next level. Bonus points: you won’t have to touch the seat and lid as often, keeping the surface cleaner and safer to use.

We could go on and on about the advantages of bidet seats, but you should probably know that there are disadvantages to it as well. First and foremost, there’s the traditional mindset that is pretty hard to overcome. If you were taught by your parents to use toilet paper, you’ll probably find that water jet a bit too much. If you’ve finally decided to get one, there’s no guarantee that your family members will fall in love with it immediately, so you should be prepared for that. However, aside from that, there’s isn’t much in terms of negative aspects about bidet toilet seats.

Next, let’s take a quick look at the basic features you should be paying attention to when buying a bidet toilet seat:

The shape

There are two main shapes of bidet toilet seats – elongated and round. Depending on what type of toilet you have at home, you’ll have to choose one of these two. don’t go for a different style hoping to “change the shape” of the toilet – you will only end up with poor fixation.

The bidet and its features

Here, the possibilities are endless. Dome models come with a single bidet, and some come with two. on those with a single bidet, you’ll have to adjust its position for the front and back every time, while the double ones will have them placed at different distances so that you don’t have to bother with tweaking their position.

Some bidets come with preset spray patterns for the front and rear areas, and some even gender specific (his back? her back?) on the other hand, there are bidets with fully customizable spray intensity, some even including pulsating and oscillating patterns for a more thorough cleaning.

You should also check that you could regulate the temperature of the bidet water. There’s nothing worse that feeling a touch of Antarctica on your nether regions.

Besides the bidet, it’s always nice to have a dryer feature. This will remove the need for toilet paper completely, so if you can afford a unit with a dryer, by all means, go for it.

Seat heating

Most of these units will also provide a self-heating seat. Some of them use a closed electrical circuit to do that, while others use warm water. This is one of the features that everyone immediately falls in love with, especially in the colder seasons. Look for a seat which allows you to tweak the temperature of the seat as well – you don’t want it to end up being too hot.

Extra features

Some of the extra features worth mentioning are the deodorizer – pretty handy in case you can’t be bothered to use an air freshener every time after you use the bathroom. Another great thing is self-illuminating seats. These are especially great if you have kids – with this, they will never be afraid to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Some Toto models also come with a PreMist function, which sprays a small amount of water on the bowl so that the waste glides down easily. When it comes to these extras, it’s really up to you – they are not crucial functions, and will add up to the final price quite a bit, but are still nice to have if you don’t mind the extra cash.

This would be everything that you need to consider before purchasing a bidet toilet seat. When it comes to the price, you should probably expect to pay around $300 to $400 on a decent quality unit. You can find some that are below $100, but that is like comparing a real iPhone with one of those kids’ phones you’d find at Toys R Us. In other words, they won’t last as long, won’t have even the basic bidet functions, and aren’t worth your time.

If we were to point out a favorite among these models, we’d say go for the Toto C200. It is the best value for the money and has tons of features you can play with until you find the perfect combination for yourself. It also comes with a dryer, deodorizer, and PreMist, bringing your toilet experience to a whole new level. We hope you found our guide useful in your search, and that at least one of the models above has caught your eye. Good luck shopping!

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