Best Real Tips on How To Grow Taller

Having the urge to grow taller is something that is widely popular amongst short people. They constantly try to find ways of increasing their height as much as possible. Many people have asked us how to grow taller naturally.

If you have this question in your mind then don’t worry, you have reached the right place. Today we will address the issue of growing taller and whether or not it is actually possible. Before telling you the ways in which you can increase your height, we look at why it is important for some people and why they have been unable to grow taller up until now.

Benefits of Growing Taller

Although having a shorter height has its own advantages yet there are some really attractive features of having a tall physique. When you are tall it is so much easier and simpler for you to reach out to that book or that cookie jar that is placed on the top shelf. You basically don’t have to ask anyone for their help or use a chair to give you that required height.

Growing tall means saying bye-bye to those blister-causing high heels; you can now look pretty without having to walk like a penguin. With increased height your self-confidence increases and you feel so much better about yourself.  

According to recent studies, taller people tend to enjoy a better standard of living associated with a higher chance of getting good jobs.

Why am I not growing taller?

There can be a lot of things that might be hindering your height from increasing. Some of these are genetic while others are non-genetic reasons.

  1. You cannot grow taller genetically

The height of your parents and their parents and their parents and so on contributes in determining whether you will grow taller or not.

A certain height runs in your genes. If, for instance, your mother and father both are not tall, then there are less chances of you getting any taller after a certain height. Scientists have developed a rough formula for the calculation of your height with a chance of error of plus minus 4 inches.

  • For a boy – Your predicted height = (Add your mother and father’s height + 5)/2
  • For a Girl – Your estimated height = (Add your mother and father’s height – 5)/2

Using this formula you will get your expected height in inches.

  1. There are other non-genetic factors hindering your growth

These factors are closely linked with your surrounding and the kind of lifestyle you have. Exposure to diseases and illnesses that might get you bed ridden can hinder your proper growth.

The kind of care you get at home also dictates how healthy and tall you will be in your later life. Smoking cigarettes and drugs, like alcohol, have their share in stopping you from growing tall. At the time of your birth, if your weight was less than normal birth weight then this might be a reason behind your short height.

Other things include your sleeping cycle, posture and, most importantly, the kind of food you eat. If your diet is filled with non-nutritious food then you will not be able to remain healthy and reach your potential height.

Now you know the benefits of growing taller and the factors hindering it, let’s look at some ways using which you can grow taller.

How to Grow Taller?

Here are 7 tips for increasing height.

  1. Healthy Food Intake

The answer to the question “How to grow taller naturally” lies in daily eating habits. If you are someone with unhealthy diet then you need to change it immediately. It’s one of the most crucial steps that you need to take in order to reach your goal of a taller figure. How to grow taller at your teenage years? Your best friend is healthy food. You are in that growing stage of your life where nutritious food can do wonders for your growth. Basically, your body growth and overall health plays an important role in you growing taller. A healthier body is ensured via eating foods that are high in nutrients. First off, you need to have stronger bones and muscles that can lead to a stronger body. For this you need to increase your intake of calcium and Vitamin D. Calcium is found in dairy products including milk, butter, cheese and eggs. It is also present in green vegetables and a variety of fish. You can also get calcium from fortified cereals.

foods you need to to grow taller naturally

Next is zinc – an all-around great mineral that boosts immune system, increases your metabolism, fights acne and controls other diseases. Some say that zinc is essential for proper body growth. The lack of zinc in your diet can inhibit your overall growth. To obtain zinc you should eat peanuts, peas, chocolates, asparagus, eggs and oysters. If you are unable to get enough zinc in your diet then going for zinc supplements is a good option.

zinc products to grow taller naturally

Proteins are considered essential for proper growth and thus they should be taken on daily basis. Foods rich in proteins include meat, eggs, and legumes. You also need to have a proper eating schedule that you should follow every day. Skipping meals or eating less than 3 meals a day is not good for your growth.

Foods rich in proteins to grow taller naturally

  1. Sleep Well

How to grow taller at 13 to 16 years of age? If you are a teenager who wants to grow up then getting enough sleep is the important thing you need to do.  According to researchers, you should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Why is there a lot of emphasis on sleeping 8 to 11 hours? This is because once you are in deep sleep or even sleeping in slow cycle your brain produces human growth hormone (HGH) that helps you reach your potential height. Sleeping less means less production of HGH; this leads to you not reaching your desired height. Not only should you sleep for 8 hours but you should try to maintain a peaceful environment around you. This helps in ensuring a good sleeping night. Look out for things that make you sleep peacefully. If it’s a certain light in your room or noise from somewhere in your house or your uncomfortable pillow that’s making you sleep, less then try getting rid of all these things. While you are asleep your body is at work, making new tissues that are great for your growth.

  1. Exercise

One of the most effective ways of increasing height is exercising. It helps you in reaching your potential height. Any kind of physical activity including playing sports, dancing, walking, and jogging all fall under exercising. If you like playing basketball then try to make it a part of your routine and play it daily. If you are a football lover then play football every day. Out of all the sports, the one that increases the maximum height is basketball, swimming, and biking. Running is a great overall exercise but doing stretches is again the most effective if you wish to increase taller. For a vertical stretch, stand on your toes keeping your arms high up in the air and stretch yourself as much as possible. Try to do this for at least half a minute.

Exercise to grow taller naturally

Bending is also another great technique in which you stand straight and then bend enough so that your hands touch your toe. Skipping/Jumping rope is great for growing taller. According to many people, while skipping a rope the overall blood circulation in your body increases as well as your bones are stretched. Giving at least 30 minutes daily to some kind of exercise does not only lead to taller figure but it also keeps you healthy and physically fit in the long run. Exercise is also a great way of keeping away from diseases!

  1. Try maintaining a good posture

If you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting in front of a laptop/computer then you must be having a bad posture. It isn’t completely your fault because most of the times when we are at work or at home sitting tn our computers, we are so immersed in whatever we are doing that we forget that we have been sitting in one bent pose for hours now. Repeating this bad posture every day will ultimately give you a bent figure and a hunchback. Both of these factors impede your growth in terms of your height.

How to get taller after puberty? The best thing you can do is trying maintaining a good posture. This means that you have to consciously sit in a certain way in order to ensure that your posture stays correct. Try straightening your back, your chin high and shoulders back. If you have longer office hours, why not stroll around for 10-15 minutes after every 1 or 2 hours. You can only correct your posture if you keep a close eye at how you are sitting and for how long you are sitting in one pose.

  1. Aim at boosting your immune system

Vitamin C to grow taller naturally

Your immune system fights diseases and infections and ensures that you remain healthy. So it’s important to aim at boosting your immune system. How to grow taller by keeping your immune system strong? Increase your intake of Vitamin C and water. You can get Vitamin C from fruits like oranges, grapefruits. Eating other fresh fruits and vegetables also boosts your immune system. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is also great for your growth. It keeps you hydrated and lets your body do its function in a proper manner.

  1. Take height improving supplements

You can easily find, at your local drugstore, an over-the-counter supplement for height. Look for supplements made from natural ingredients like minerals and herbs. Stay away from supplements that have hormones or any other chemicals added to them. You see those ads of height increasing supplements that do miracles and people grow from shorter to taller in just a matter of a few weeks. Unfortunately, these ads and miraculous supplements are too good to be true so it’s always a good idea to stay away from these and opt for something more natural.

  1. Consult your doctor

Are your siblings much taller than you? Do you ask them often how to grow taller faster just like them? If yes, then you should consult a doctor. Although rare, but some people have growth hindering diseases that can be cured and these should be looked into by a doctor. Now that you have our 7 pro-tips on how to increase height naturally, here are a few things that you should stay away from if you plan on increasing your height.

Factors that impede growth in height

There are a few things in our life that play their role in impeding our growth height wise.

  1. Smoking indirectly contributes to stagnating height growth. Research has found that people who are addicted to smoking or who smoke cigarettes regularly are shorter as compared to non-smokers.
  2. Steroids used in drugs impact your growth. They impede bone growth and increase your blood pressure leaving your child with a shorter height.
  3. Avoid going on diets. What these diets do is that they temporarily show results (in case someone wants to be thin or fat) but in the long run they deprive you of the nutrients that your body requires.
  4. Low self-confidence is one of the indirect factors that impede your increasing height. Don’t feel insecure because of your height. Endorse it and don’t feel ashamed in any way possible.

Is growing taller a realistic goal?

For some people this might be achievable using all the tips we have mentioned above. But for people with shorter height, which runs in their family, achieving a great increase in height is not a realistic goal. You need to keep in mind that there is not secret pill or one miraculous method to increasing height. 

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