Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018

A vanity is a unit which was initially meant to cover the pipework and provide some extra storage space. They mostly come in cupboard-like shapes, with doors and shelves, and some can even include drawers. However, drawers are less common, as it is more difficult to mount them around specific pipe structures your sink might be hiding. Essentially, they consist of a wooden frame, paneling to mask what might otherwise be on display under the sink, a countertop with one or two basin sinks, and doors or drawers for storage purposes. While the most expensive options out there have pure wooden frames, some cheaper alternatives include particleboard, MDF or plywood, which can spare you some hundreds of bucks if you’re on a budget. However, you will be compromising the lifespan of your vanity as well – as most of these materials will have a much weaker resistance to moisture and direct exposure to water.

To help you out a bit, we’ve gathered a list of the most elegant and bestselling models from the brands mentioned above. They are divided into one-basin units and two basin units, so if you already decided which one works better for you, go straight for the respective category. Who knows, the furniture of your dreams might be among them!

Top Rated Bathroom Vanities of 2018

Elite Bathroom Vanity

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018A classic wall-mounted choice, this vanity comes with a complete set of accessories to spare you any additional costs (regarding essential parts, at least). The Elite Bathroom Vanity comes with a ceramic counter with the sink basin integrated into it, a plywood base frame and paneling, a storage system divided into a cupboard-style section with doors, and another one with three drawers, handles and hardware included, plus a faucet and a pop-up waste. However, it does not include a splash back, so you might want to invest in that if you feel there’s a need for it.

The unit comes in a very stylish design, a dark cherry colored wood veneer and a pure white ceramic countertop and sink. The handles for the doors and drawers come in two finishes, namely Nickel or Chrome, for which you’ll have to email the seller with your preferred style. Despite it coming with only one sink basin, the unit has a pretty huge storage space around it, which is enough to store the essentials for at least two people. For other bathroom products that you might have laying around, there’s plenty of room under the sink. For the size, it’s a medium-sized bathroom vanity, about 36 inches high and 35 inches wide.

Verdana Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018If you want to make your vanity a staple piece of furniture for your bathroom, the Verdana Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity is surely a choice worth taking into consideration. Made out of solid wood, and even having the sink basin look like it’s made of wood (it actually isn’t, for obvious reasons. Instead, it’s heavy duty glass painted with a wood pattern), this unit will surely make a statement for any of you who want to distance their bathrooms from that sterile white look. A warm wood color is complemented beautifully by a honey-colored marble top, which is great for keeping the moisture away from the wooden cabin underneath it. The set is topped off with a chrome finish faucet and pop up waste in the same finishing, however, customers have reported that the chrome doesn’t go too well with the unit’s warm tones, and they preferred to invest in another faucet separately. Of course, this does not affect the unit’s functionality in any way, and it’s still a great choice for your bathroom. The cabinet has two functional doors and 6 drawers distributed evenly on each side.

It’s a freestanding model, thus a great choice for those who don’t want to drill holes in the wall for one reason or another.

A bit bigger than the previous model, the Verdana Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity measures 48 inches in width and 33.5 inches in height. Perfect for singles, couples, and even small families, this unit can be found on Amazon using the button below.

Cottage Look Abbeville Bathroom Sink Vanity

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018Should the previous vanity look a bit too much on the warm side for your bathroom, here’s a more neutral alternative: the Cottage look Abbeville Bathroom Sink vanity. If you’re going for a rustic, cottage style, this unit is surely the right choice for you(even the name says it!)

The set comes with a shiny white countertop made of genuine marble, with the sink basin included, a wooden cabinet with functional storage compartments – both doors and drawers and elegant bronze colored handles. However, you’ll have to purchase any additional hardware yourself, including a faucet and a splash back. There’s also a matching mirror to go with this particular vanity, but you’ll have to purchase it separately as well. The seller has even some recommended faucets and mirrors to go with this unit, so you don’t have to go too deep into the specifications to find something that fits.

The back panel on this vanity has a pre-cut opening, perfect for hiding any pipework you might have going on under the sink. It also comes with 3 pre-drilled holes in the countertop, on an 8-inch spread, for easier installation of the faucet.

Size-wise, this unit measures 46 inches in width and 35 inches in height and can be easily mounted on your bathroom wall. It’s also available for a great price on Amazon:

Cottage Look Abbeville Bathroom Sink Vanity Cabinet

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018Give your bathroom that French Riviera cottage look with this shabby chic bathroom vanity – the Cottage Look Abbeville Bathroom Sink Vanity Cabinet. Made out of solid wood covered in distressed light blue paint, this cabinet is topped off with a white marble countertop and a sink basin. This unit does not include any hardware accessories, so you’ll have to buy the faucet, splash back, mirror or anything else you might want separately. Moreover, the upper drawer is only there for decorative purposes- it is not functional and does not serve as a storage compartment. However, the doors below do, and you can stack away all your bathroom essentials that you don’t need to be scattered around the bathroom.

A good thing about this unit is that it comes pre-assembled, including the countertop and the sink. While most cabinets come in a flat package, and you have to build them up from scratch, the Cottage look Abbeville bathroom vanity will save you a lot of time by coming in fully built. It also has 3 pre-drilled holes over an 8-inch widespread, so you can easily install the faucet without any necessary instruments.

Another pro in favor of this unit is the pre-cut section in the back panel, which can easily hide the pipework or anything else you might want to conceal in the under sink area.

Measuring 36 inches in width, this model is perfect for any single or couple bathroom. It is also in the mid-price range for such an elegant model.

Water Creation Manhattan30 Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018However, if shabby chic and cottage style is not your cup of tea, here’s a more modern and minimalist vanity you can opt for. A rather small unit, this one measures only 30 inches in width, being perfect for a small bathroom. However, you don’t have to worry about not having enough storage space, as the cabinet is equipped with two functional doors that hide 2 shelves under your sink. The upper drawer is only there for decorative purposes and is completely non-functional.

As far as material goes, this vanity is made out of solid dark wood, with an espresso-colored finishing, and the countertop is a genuine marble piece with a built-in ceramic sink basin. The countertop has the 3 holes pre-drilled, so you can easily install the faucet of your choice. Mind you that you’ll have to purchase the hardware separately for this model as well – the listing even has some recommendations to help you choose the right ones for this unit.

The vanity is also fully pre-assembled at the factory before being dispatched to your location. Save yourself some time and nerves, as the only thing you’ll have to do is install the hardware and connect it to the pipework.

All-Mirrored Reflection Austin Bathroom Sink Vanity N-755W

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018If you really want to make a statement with your bathroom vanity, this one here would make a great choice for a focal point in your bathroom. Fully reflective, it is also a pretty high-maintenance piece, as with such a humid environment as the bathroom, the mirrors on it will get dirty pretty quickly. So, if you’re not a fan of scrubbing the hell out of our mirror every week so make it crystal clear, this unity is probably not the right choice for you. With all the little mirror pieces, it can be quite a pain to clean, but, on the other hand, it looks way more interesting and elegant compared to the classic wood alternative. So, if you cherish a beautiful design in your bathroom, this vanity is probably the best one-basin choice out there.

It features an Italian Carrara countertop with three pre-drilled holes. Much like the previous units, it comes without the faucet and splash back, so you’ll have to buy those separately. As for the cabinet underneath, the first big drawer serves no functional purpose, but the doors and 2 little drawers in the middle do work as storage space. All the doors and drawers are made with beveled mirror pieces, even the little support feet! This makes of a really luxurious and expensive-looking aspect.

A great thing about this unit is that the ceramic sink comes with under mounting plumbing, which is automatically hidden inside the vanity, with no chance of showing whatsoever.

Find the All-mirrored reflection Austin Bathroom sink vanity N-755W on Amazon:

Two Basin Vanity Units

On to the two-basin units, you can find most of the models above in a double size as well. So, if you took a liking to one of the previous models, but you feel like your family requires a two-sink vanity, you can find its bigger sibling in the list below or in the “related products” list on Amazon. Without further ado, let’s get going!

Elite Double Sink Vanity

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018To start off here’s the double-sized version of the Elite Bathroom Vanity mentioned above. It features pretty much the same characteristics, only in a double size. A plywood frame with a dark cherry veneer, a ceramic countertop with 2 sink basins separated by a dividing bridge, a fully functional storage space with doors and drawers, and all the hardware included. If you’re looking for a complete set, that doesn’t require you buy any additional accessories, the Elite Double Sink Bathroom Vanity is certainly the best option for you. The faucet and even pop up waste are included in the set.

For durability, the plywood on this unit is the best choice next to solid wood – it’s sure to last you well over 6 years, even with constant changes in humidity and temperature.

However, this vanity does have a little bit of a disadvantage – due to the double sink countertop on a rather short, 48-inches wide unit, there’s not really much space for you to stack your essentials on top of it. Besides your toothbrush holder and maybe a soap dispenser, there’s too little space for some other products on it. However, you can always compensate with the space in the cabinet, which should be more than enough for all those skincare and cleaning products.

You’ll also have to build this vanity from scratch, as it doesn’t come pre-assembled from the factory.

Design Element Moscony Double Sink Vanity

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018Another minimalist choice, the Design Element Moscony Double Sink Vanity is perfect for a spacious bathroom in neutral or pastel colors. Whichever color you choose, you’ll receive a top-quality piece of furniture, made of solid wood with a white quartz countertop, with two sink basins built in and a matching mirror. Compared to the previous model, this one is almost twice as long. On these 72 inches of countertop, you’ll surely find a place for all your bathroom essentials, and your whole family can keep theirs in handy as well.

When it comes to storage, this unit has 13 functional doors, which makes it enough space for a big family’s stuff. If you’re worried about your little ones slamming the doors on your cabinet, this unit has a solution for that – soft closing doors, which will keep your vanity in good condition for a good deal of time.

Double Sink Sanford Bathroom Sink Vanity Cabinet CF-3048M-60

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018Perfect for classic wood furniture lovers, this vanity features a 60-inch long cream marble countertop, two porcelain sinks in bisque, and a solid wood cabinet with lots of storage underneath. However, this is one of those units that come without the hardware included, so you’ll have to buy the faucet and splash back separately. Make sure to order them at the same time with the main unit so that you can install everything as quickly as possible.

The unit also comes in fully assembled from the factory, so you don’t have to worry about putting it together yourself.

The cabinet underneath has two sets of functional doors and three functional drawers between them. The upper drawers are decoration only.

Be warned as the color on this model, especially on the countertop, was reported to look darker and more yellow in real life. So, if you want to go for a strictly white, or a very light beige cream color, you might want to think twice before going for this product.

Sadie Double Vanity

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018A medium-sized option for a 2-basin vanity, this unit measures 67 inches in width, which make it the perfect size for two people to use the sink at the same time. It also makes for a good amount of space on the countertop to store your toothbrushes, soap dispenser, skin care, and everything else you might need every day. Besides that, there’s a ton of storage space underneath the countertop as well, hidden by two sets of functional doors and three drawers in between them. The uppermost drawer is only a clever trick to hide the pipework that comes with the sink basins and has no functional purpose to it.

The countertop is made out of marble, and it comes in a beautiful icy blue, and the cabinet is solid wood, painted a pleasant light green for a rustic, shabby chic aspect. It’s also available in antique cream if you prefer a more neutral color palette for our bathroom. The sinks on it are pure ceramic, easy to clean and the countertop comes with pre-drilled holes for the faucet. It also comes with two chrome finish faucets, so it’s basically a complete bathroom vanity set, that doesn’t require you buy any additional parts.

The best part about it is that it comes fully assembled from the factory – that’s right- no complicated instruction manuals, no wasted Saturdays for putting up your new bathroom furniture. Just order it and you’re ready to go!

Katherine 60-inch Double Bathroom Vanity

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018A good choice for all of you who prefer to invest in a complete set, without the necessity of any side purchases, the Katherine 60-inch vanity is a great investment. Made out of MDF with a polished white veneer, this unit also comes with a genuine Carrara marble countertop, with two built-in ceramic sinks. It also comes with the faucets, pop-up drains, and P-traps, making it the most complex set of all. Besides that, the cabinet below comes with two sets of functional doors and 2 additional drawers for better usage of that space in-between them. The pipework that comes with the sinks is discreetly hidden by the uppermost part of the cabinet, and disguised as three drawers. However, these do not open and close, serving only the purpose of concealing the piping.

This unit is really suitable for families with kids, as it also features a soft-close function on its doors. Slamming them is not possible grace to this feature, and it also guaranteed a longer lifespan for your furniture.

Mind you that the countertop on your unit might not look exactly like the one advertised. As it is made out of genuine marble, you can’t really find two identical pieces, so expect the pattern and maybe even coloring to be slightly different.

Design Element Marcos Double Sink Vanity Set

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018Yet again, this is the perfect vanity for people who prefer a low-maintenance piece of furniture that will last them for years. A dark color cabinet, a sturdy marble countertop, two matching mirrors and a lot of storage space for your bathroom essential. If you’re one of those pragmatic people who want to get a lot of use out of their buck, the Design Element Marcos is certainly the right choice for you.

The cabinet is solid wood – so you don’t have to worry about it swelling, shrinking, or giving up to the conditions in your bathroom in any other way. There’s also not going to be any paint chipping – which is always a plus if you’re going for a long-term investment. The countertop is classic white marble, which makes for a pleasant contrast and will effectively keep the moisture away from your wooden cabinet. The countertop comes with two under-mounted round sinks, also in white, for a flawless and elegant finish. Faucets and any kind of plumbing accessories do not come included, but the two mirrors you’ll see on pictures do – and it’s always nice to have a matching mirror to your bathroom furniture.

As for the cabinet, you don’t have any deceiving drawers – the under sink area is concealed by plain paneling and the storage area is divided into two pairs of doors and 3 drawers in between them. The antique-looking handles make for a stylish finishing, which will go well with any design you might have going on in your bathroom.

The wood cabinet itself comes in a dark espresso color only. However, the marble on top can either be pure white or cream – and the price shall be higher if you opt for cream.

This unit measures 72 inches in width, making it one of the biggest vanities on the market.

A Guide to Choosing Your Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom is probably the room you think about the least when it comes to home design. If you think about it, there’s really not too many pieces that can express your sense of style in a bathroom – of course, you could get some marble tiles and a standing retro bathtub, but wouldn’t that hit your wallet a bit too hard? There’s not much furniture you can put in a bathroom either – besides a little cabinet or some really simple shelves (nothing too fancy, as it would get mold pretty quickly from all the steam), you can barely fit something in there. Besides, there’s a lot of visible pipework.

However, there’s a really nice solution for both hiding the least aesthetic spot of the bathroom – the under sink area, and for adding a flare of elegance and design to your bathroom. On top of all that, this piece of furniture makes for a great storage space, which is always necessary for tucking away all those products you bought on an impulse and never used, those shaving essentials and really anything else you don’t like seeing on a daily basis. As you might have guessed, we’re talking about one of the most useful pieces of furniture one can invest in for their bathroom – the vanity.

As you could see, the bathroom vanity is essential a statement piece for your bathroom. Aside from the number of sink basins and the size, their properties do not differ as much – they all come with some kind of non-wooden countertop, a more or less expensive wooden material cabinet, and various storage ideas and devices.

The colors and style also differ a lot – you can go from minimalist espresso or even black designs to pure white, from a shabby wooden aspect to a reflective mirrors one, and from a painted surface to a wood-imitating veneer. You can also choose from a multitude of accessories available in the vanity set or purchased separately, such as faucets, draining equipment, handles for drawers and doors, and even matching mirrors. Also, if you’re a very busy person and prefer having the weekend and evenings free for relaxing, you can opt for a pre-assembled bathroom vanity, that will come in ready to be connected to your water supply and stacked with all your bathroom essential. However, this might come with a higher price, so if you’re on a budget, opt for a do it yourself alternative – it will be ever so satisfying to see your own work come together. After you’ve made your right measurements, it’s time to go online and search for the perfect bathroom vanity!

When you’re looking for the perfect vanity for your bathroom, there are a couple of factors you should consider before making the best decision for you and your family.


You want to consider both utility and style when opting for a certain model. You wouldn’t want the vanity to be too overwhelming in a small bathroom, and you certainly don’t want it to be in your way when getting in or out of the bathtub. Accordingly, you don’t want to get a small, narrow vanity if you have a lot of stuff that needs to be stored away, or a big family which might need to use two sinks at the same time. This brings us to the next point…

Number of Basins

If you’re thinking about it, it’s really convenient to invest in a vanity with 2 of those if your family consists of more than 2 people. It will save you a lot of waiting time in those busy mornings when you’re in a hurry to wash your teeth and leave, but you have to wait as someone else has already claimed the sink. If you’re not really a fan of using the kitchen sink in such cases, it’s always better to invest in a vanity with 2 basins. They can also look extremely stylish in a spacious bathroom – and your family will surely enjoy the huge storage space underneath it. No more fights about girls taking up all the space with their skincare products! However, if you live alone or even as a couple, a single sink should be perfect, and there’s probably no need for more.

Standing or Wall Mounted?

Again, this is mostly a design issue. Much like a standing bathtub, the standing vanity can even be placed in the center of our bathroom, especially if you want it to be a statement piece. However, most people are used to have a mirror in front of their sink – and having a standing vanity in the center takes that out of the equation. Most people stick with the classic wall-mounted units, which take up less space, are easier to connect to the plumbing system, and can also look pretty dainty if you choose the right model. However, if you’re renting or can’t drill holes in the wall for some other reason, a standing vanity is the right choice.


Depending on how much you have to spare on a vanity, you’ll have to choose between several types of materials available. The most common one is particleboard (also known as chipboard), which is a good balance between resistance and price. It comes in a variety of densities, often indicated by a number between 600 and 1200, 1200 being the densest and most suitable grade for bathroom furniture. The reason why a denser material is preferred is that it’s less prone to water-related damage, and it’s less likely to inflate under a moist medium influence. If you’re worried about the aesthetic of it, worry not – the wood shaving aspect is often covered by a laminated wood-effect veneer, which makes it look as close to solid wood as possible.MDF is another popular material, a bit more expensive than particleboard, but has a greater resistance due to a greater density. It doesn’t swell or split as easily as chipboard does, and it’s a really great material to apply paint on, so if you prefer a painted vanity, MDF is your go-to material. There’s also plywood – while the previous two are mainly wood shavings and dust held together by an adhesive, plywood is made out of numerous sheets of veneer wood pressed closely together. Makes for a smooth surface, it’s easy to carve in more intricate shapes and doesn’t cost as much as solid wood, yet it’s probably the closest thing to solid wood you can get. In terms of resistance, it’s a bit better than both MDF and particle board, due to, again, a greater density.Last but not least, there are the solid wood vanities. Beautiful, fancy, giving off a pleasant smell and making for a great statement piece in your bathroom – this is what a wooden vanity will offer you overtime. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that wood is much better in terms of resistance to water – it still can shrink, swell or crack, or even catch a moldy smell from the constant changes in temperature and humidity. However, it does look extremely beautiful, but it will also cost you about twice as much as chipboard or MDF.To conclude, the material you opt for depend entirely on your budget and the lifespan you expect from your vanity. If you plan to invest in a lifetime piece, go for a denser and more expensive material. If you’re renting or are willing to change the furniture if something happens to it, go for a cheaper alternative.


When you’re purchasing a vanity, accessories you should be looking for are hardware – mainly faucets and splash backs, and storage elements, such as doors, shelving, drawers and all the equipment necessary for mounting and attaching them. Make sure to check the listing of the unit you decided on for any missing parts, and, if any, order them separately. It happened to me once – the vanity set came in all complete, but without the doorknobs for the little doors… You wouldn’t want that happening to you, right? It’s also kind of a bummer when you lack a piece of hardware, such as the splash back, but such important things will usually be mentioned in the first place, and, on Amazon, you’ll even have a suggested product of the kind to go with your vanity.


Any vanity will come with an instructions manual where they explain how to assemble it, step by step. It should be harder than with any IKEA furniture – you’ll have all the hardware necessary for assembling included in the set, and you’ll hardly need professional help. However, especially for wall-mounted vanities, you’ll need an electric drill, as you’ll have to drill holes in the wall where you need the unit to go. You’ll also need to drill holes in the vanity itself if there aren’t already some for the faucet. So, make sure you have one on hand by the time your furniture arrives. Connecting the water supply and drain comes last, and shouldn’t give you any trouble either. There are some vanities that come in pre-assembled, but the shipping costs for those will be significantly higher. But, for those of you who prefer to pay extra and save themselves some free time, this is a great option to check out.


It might not be the first thing you think about when looking for bathroom furniture, but here’s a number of options you should know are good quality. If something from any of these has got your eye, you can be sure that it’s going to be a lifetime investment.

  • Design Element – double sinks sets, free matching mirrors, a classy design, mostly wall mounted vanities.
  • Home Decorators Collection – pre-assembled standing vanities, traditional designs – perfect if you want to save yourself the trouble of assembling yours from scratch.
  • The Kitchen Bath Collection – come with all the hardware included, a fully assembled countertop and are mostly freestanding.
  • The Benton Collection – the absolute kings of storage space in bathroom vanities, huge units and a minimalist design.

These would be all the basics you need to know and research before going online to shop for the perfect bathroom vanity.

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