Cramps But No Period – Answers to All Whys you Might Have

Most women who get their periods tend to have pre-periods cramps. Cramps are basically due to the contraction of uterus muscles. But sometimes there are cramps but no period. This situation gets you wondering why I have cramps but no period. There can be several reasons behind this unusual situation.

Reasons behind Cramps but no period

You Periods are a little late

Menstruation and ovulation are two different cycles that occur each month. Sometimes, one might have cramping due to ovulation. Eggs are released during ovulation and this process might give rise to pain. Women with irregular period cycle have ovulation at a different time from menstruation and, thus, they feel pain.

Your periods might just be a little late and you are confusing ovulation pain with period pain.

You might be Pregnant

If you are someone who is trying to be pregnant, then this might be great news for you. You might just be pregnant. Cramping but no period is something very common in the initial stages of your pregnancy. These cramps continue for around a week or two. This happens because your uterus is increasing in size and that’s why you experience pain. Generally, the process of embryo implantation causes pain. Sometimes, instead of growing inside the uterus, the embryo grows inside the fallopian tube. Such pregnancy is known as Ectopic pregnancy. The intensity of these cramps can be from mild to extreme: mild for normal pregnancy, whereas extreme cramping for Ectopic one.

cramping but no period because of pregnancy

Breast soaring, nausea and mood swings are other common symptoms that can accompany your cramps. These all are considered normal during pregnancy. If you wish to check whether or not you are pregnant then you might want to take a pregnancy test that can be easily done at your home. In case you have cramps but no period, yet frequent blood spotting, you might want to visit your doctor as this can be something serious. If you suffer from cramps but no period and you are not pregnant as well, then there can be other reasons behind such pains.

You have an eating disorder

Look at your eating habits during the last month or so and ask yourself whether or not you have a healthy diet? Is your food intake just about right as compared to your body requirements? Sometimes, due to certain situations our eating habits get disturbed and we suffer from what is commonly known as eating disorder.

These disorders include bulimia (the disorder of eating large amounts of food at one time) and anorexia (eating extremely less). In case of bulimia, you get obese, which is one of the reasons you have severe cramps but delayed period or no period. By adopting a healthy lifestyle you can get rid of the discomfort you get from these cramps.

You have Cystic Ovaries

Cystic ovaries can be classified into two kinds – follicle cysts and fluid-filled cysts. Both of these give rise to menstrual cramps but no period  Follicle cysts stop the follicles in an ovary from releasing its egg, whereas fluid-filled cysts cause the sac to enlarge because of fluid accumulation. Usually, these cysts go away by themselves in bout 3 months, but sometimes things might be complicated and you need to get them removed.

You are under stress

stress as the reason for cramps but no period

Curious about why you have cramps but no period? This is a no brainer when it comes to stressful situations. Stress from family problems, office work, anxiety and day to day activities can lead to irregular menstrual cycles and painful cramps. If you want to stay away from these cramps, then try staying calm and relaxed. Stress is not good for your overall health. Keep yourself away from stressful situations.


Menopause is that time in every woman’s life when their periods are stopping and they cannot be pregnant anymore. If you are at that age in your life (around 50s), then you might just be having your menopause. Having menstrual cramps but no period is common in this stage of women’s life. Such cramps are accompanied by hot flashes, sweating, back pain, and nausea. In your menopause you will experience irregular periods that are delayed most of the time. There is a chance that you might be having perimenopause – the period before menopause that occurs in 30s. Same symptoms and period but no cramps are felt in perimenopause. You can detect both menopause and perimenopause using Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) test.

You might be suffering from Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition under which abnormal growth of tissues outside the uterus takes place. This growth can be seen on the ovaries and in the pelvis area. Such a condition can lead to extreme cramps without any sign of periods. You can experience pain for 1-2 weeks before your actual period begins. The cysts formed by Endometriosis are known as Enometriomas.

You might have Ovarian Cancer

Although this is not something that is very common, there is a chance that you are cramping because of Ovarian Cancer. The problem with this cancer is that it is not easily detected in its initial stages due to its common symptoms like bloating, swelling, and pressure. In its late stages, it can be something very dangerous for your health. In order to stay away from this cancer, consult your gynecologist more often.

Autoimmune oophoritis

Autoimmune oophoritis is a disorder in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your uterus tissues. As a result of this formation of antibodies against your healthy tissues, your ovaries become hard and shrink, ultimately leading to a decline in fertility. During this unfortunate process, cramps but no period takes place. In the case of this disorder your overall health is affected as well.

Cervical Stenosis

The condition in which your cervix does not permit normal flow of blood because of its small size is known as Cervical Stenosis. When you suffer from this condition, you tend to experience sever cramps without any periods or bleeding. You might even miss a few periods in a row. Sometimes you just have gas or constipation, that are causing cramps. You typically confuse these with menstrual cramps.

Reduce Cramp pain

severe cramps soothing

Cramping but no period is one of the most irritating and discomforting occurrence. There are a few things that you can do in order to reduce the pain and relax yourself.

  1. Use a hot water bottle or a heating pad and place at on your abdominal area. This will help in relieving your muscle pain.
  2. Sit in warm water for some time or take a hot water shower
  3. Medicines like ibuprofen are effective when it comes to reducing pain
  4. Drink tea to soothe you
  5. Relax, lie down and give yourself a massage!

We hope that our guide helped you in figuring out the cause behind your period cramps but no period situation. It is important to keep in mind that if the cramping is severe and it continues for a few days then you must visit your gynecologist as soon as possible. Severe cramps but no period is not something that you should ignore!

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