Comparing The Best Fogless Mirrors for Bathrooms in 2018

Regardless of gender, we’ve probably all experienced the frustration of getting out of the shower (especially in the morning) and finding out that out mirror is all foggy and wet from the steam condensation, making it impossible for you to groom yourself, style your hair, put makeup on, shave or whatnot. The only solution for this is to wipe it off with the closest object you have lying around – probably a towel – but that tends to leave ugly wipe marks on the surface of the mirror, and is also not the most hygienic thing to do. You’d have to keep a special cloth for this purpose, and maybe even one of those glass cleaning solutions… but to help you avoid all that, mirror manufacturers have thought of a life-saving product – the fogless shower mirror! Not only does it repel steam and water condensation, but it also can be installed directly in your shower, should you prefer to save time and do your grooming or shaving in there. However, if you prefer to have it outside of the shower cabin or bath, you can still hang it anywhere else in your bathroom – it will work just as well, but will allow you to do stuff like styling your hair or putting make-up one – things you can’t really do under a flowing jet of water.

Now it’s time to dive straight into the products on the market. Amazon has one of the greatest selections of products, from the cheapest to the most expensive, and from the simplest pieces of reflective glass to full-fledged mini shower vanities. This top 6 of our is structured by price, from low to high, so we’ll start off with the cheapest models and work our way up to the high-end products. Without further ado, let’s get going:

Top Rated Fogless Shower Mirrors

Fogless Shower Mirror Large Size with Adhesive Suction Hook

Comparing The Best Fogless Mirrors for Bathrooms in 2018The Fogless Shower Mirror Large Size with Adhesive Suction Hook is a hook-mounted mirror, which means greater stability and fixation. It comes with the stick-on hook included, so you don’t have to purchase any extras. However, some customers reported that the hook is a bit too weak for the weight of the unit, so you might have a spare one just in case something happens. It measures 5.2 x 6.8 x 0.1 inches. While this might be the perfect size for men who just want to use it for shaving their facial hair, it might seem a bit small for women, who will prefer to fit their full head, hair, and neck in the mirror.

The material is shatterproof acrylic, which does what its name says – does not shatter. The technology this mirror uses is listed as “basic science” – you just have to hold it under the running hot water for a couple of minutes, and it will warm up the material, so if doesn’t form a foggy layer on the surface. Make sure you hold it under the shower for at least a minute to heat it all the way through – otherwise it might not work as well.

However, acrylic glass tends to be rather hard to clean, as any harsh chemicals will destroy it. The manufacturer advises using a drop of toothpaste to clean it, and repeat the process weekly.

This set comes with the hook included but doesn’t have any storage features. Overall, it’s a good deal for the price, but you can get an even better deal (10% off) by using the link below and introducing the code GET10 at checkout:

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Fogless Shaving Mirror (Fog Free)

Comparing The Best Fogless Mirrors for Bathrooms in 2018On to more expensive models, the Interdesign Forma Suction fog free mirror is a stainless steel frame, with a great storage area design and an acrylic mirror. The whole unit measures 20×14 inches, being the perfect size for seeing one’s face fully reflected from a comfortable distance.

This unit comes with an included self-adhesive hook for easy installation. It is made of the same acrylic material as the previous, and works using a smilar technology – all you have to is hit it with some hot water before starting to shave and will offer you a spotless reflection!

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Fogless Shaving Shower Mirror With Hook HIGHEST RATED

Comparing The Best Fogless Mirrors for Bathrooms in 2018The Fogless Shaving Shower Mirror With Hook is one of the most durable models on the market. Made out of shatterproof acrylic and meant to be installed with a strong silicone base adhesive, this unit will attach to your shower wall once and forever – so you don’t have to worry about it slipping or falling off. It measures 20 x 15cm inches and is an oval-shaped mirror, big enough to reflect a person’s face, head, and neck for an efficient shaving and grooming.

The technology used by this mirror is the good old temperature-sensitive material – just hit it with some hot water for a few minutes and it will be good to go.

The silicone adhesive on the hook is a friendly foe in this case – while it makes for a very resistant seal, it’s also very hard to clean once you decide to remove the mirror. It will take a lot of scrubbing, which can even lead to the damage of your walls or tiles – kind of a bummer, especially if you’re renting.

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Pros & Cons: The Things You Need To Know

To start off, let us explain what a fogless shower mirror is. A fogless shower mirror is a mirror that has some technology that repels condensation formation on its surface. Many of them work by the principle of “warm glass,” which is a heat conducting material (unlike the glass from which normal mirrors are made) that balances the temperatures of the environment and the mirror itself. If you pay attention to a normal mirror, that you might have in your shower right now, you’ll notice that it never heats up too much, even when the bathroom is all steamy and the temperature is well over 30 degrees. Due to this, when the steam hits a cold surface, such as the mirror or tiles on the walls, it condensates back to its liquid state, forming a fog-like coverage on top of it. Even if your wipe it off when you get out of the shower, the steam that remains in the room will continue to condensate on the colder surface, leading to an infinite vicious circle of frustration. Fogless shower mirrors will stop this from happening, all by using a material that heats faster, which prevents water droplets from forming on the surface. Moreover, these mirrors are usually designed for grooming in the shower, that’s why most of them will have some storage attached to them – from little shelves to razor supports and holders. They’re also ridiculously easy to install and uninstall – much like a hanging picture, having a hole at the top that you can use to hang it from a nail, command hook or anything else you might have in your shower.

A fogless shower mirror is a great investment for people on a hurry, as it can help you save a lot of time and nerves, especially on those busy mornings when you’d rather do the grooming, shaving and maybe even skincare routine right under the shower. Here are some other advantages that you might want to consider before buying one:

1. They’re easy to install. As we mentioned before, they don’t even require measurements, drilling holes into the walls or the use of any tools. Most of these mirrors can be installed by simply hanging the mirror on the hooks incorporated in your shower shelves (if you have those, you’re probably using them right now to hang the loofahs and sponges), or buy a couple of command hooks (the kind that stick to your walls using heavy duty Velcro or stickers) at the dollar store and have it installed in under a minute. Some will simplify the installation process even more, by coming with suction cups or adhesives of their own. They’re pretty lightweight as well, so you need not worry about the adhesives giving in to the weight over time. However, suction cups might be a problem in the long run, especially if they are low quality – they tend to lose the strength of the grip due to the fluctuations in temperature.

2. They’re durable. A mirror does not have any parts that can corrode, stop working or let you down in any way. The only thing that can happen to them is breakage, and that’s not going to happen unless it hits the floor. It’s a great investment, in the long run, considering that it’s also very cheap compared to normal mirrors – and a pretty durable unit as well.

3. They’re affordable. These mirrors rarely put too much thought into the design, elegance or aspect of the final product – they’re all about being practical and easy to use. Besides, they’re meant to go into the shower anyway, so no one of your guests will see it unless they go into the shower – for aesthetic purposes, you can still keep a big, beautiful mirror that harmonizes with your bathroom vanity, hardware, and other furniture. Grace to this, you can always be sure that they won’t set you back a whole fortune, as you’ll basically be buying a piece of reflective glass with some storage attached to it.

4. They do the job. Last but not least, these mirrors will do the job of offering you a fogless reflection even while you’re showering in steaming hot water (I know I like it that way!). You can save as much time as possible by grooming, shaving, applying hair care or skincare products, etc… right in the shower or bathtub.

On the other hand, this kind of mirror does have a couple drawbacks as well:

1. If you’re investing in a mirror with an anti fog coating, it might lose its properties over time. This depends on the technology the manufacturer uses to repel the fog – so if you’re looking for a product to last for a longer time, it’s better to look for one that is entirely made out of a heat-conducting material or has a water chamber at the back.

2. They can be a pain to clean – while they do not form fog and steam condensation on the surface, the fact that they are in the shower will still expose them to a lot of splashing, big water droplets, etc… These will leave marks on your mirror, so if you want to be sure you enjoy a clear reflection, besides a fogless one, you will have to clean it at least once a week with a special window cleaning solution and a soft cloth.

However, more and more manufacturers nowadays seem to find creative ways to solve these problems, by including more resistant coatings and more effective technologies into their mirrors. In addition, these units can be as cheap as chips – so even if it lets you down in a couple of years and doesn’t do the job anymore, you can toss it away and get another one. To choose the best fogless shower mirror, you might want to consider a couple of characteristics. To help you out a bit, we’ve listed the main features you have to look for in such a unit – you’ll usually find all these details in the listing of the Amazon product of your choice.

1. Size. Most people won’t care too much about the size of their shower mirror as long as it does the job. However, you still want to make sure it’s at least big enough to reflect your whole face from a comfortable distance – look for something at least 7-8 inches long and no less than 5 inches wide. Bigger shower mirrors exist as well, sometimes up to 12 inches, including the storage part.

2. Technology used. Here, you’ll have three main options:

• Anti-fog coating, which consists of a special layer of thermo-conducting material brushed over the surface of the mirror. However, this is the model which has the most utility drawback, as the coat tends to wear off with each and every use, leaving you with a normal mirror in the end. On the other hand, these are also some of the cheapest units out there.

• Warm water chamber. Some mirrors come with an inventive (rather than innovative) “technology” to keep the fog away – attaching a warm water chamber to the back of the mirror, warming it up from behind, and thus preventing the condensation process. This is really the kind of product that makes you think “why didn’t I think of that in the first place?”, but, just as a lot of inventions out there, we’ll have to admit that someone already patented it, and we have to pay for the idea. Functionality-wise, this type of mirror does not wear off like a topcoat one, as the warm water method is pretty damage-proof. However, there’s also a negative side to it – this kind of mirror tends to be really heavy, due to the weight of the water plus that of the mirror itself, so you might want to double-secure it when it comes to installation.

• Temperature-conducting material. This kind of mirrors relies entirely on the “intelligent” material – it’s enough to hold it under the hot water from your showerhead for a couple of seconds, and it will warm up to keep the fog away. Nothing more to say about it, but it also has a little negative aspect – because you have to rinse it with water directly, it will get dirty pretty quickly, so you’ll have to clean it at least once a week.

We’ve included examples of each of these in the product top you can find down below.

3. Installation. You have a couple of options here, which come included in the package (if we’re talking about suction cups and adhesives). The manufacturer will do everything to make sure you don’t have to purchase any additional accessories, yet still, some of the provided ones tend to lack the necessary quality and strength. If your mirror has pre-drilled holes, you can always hang it on a nail or hook you might already have in your shower. However, if it does not come with this kind of hole, you’ll have to put a bit of thought into it – if it’s a heavier unit, such as a water chamber mirror, two suction cups you’ll find in the package might not be enough to hold it in place. What you want to do is through a couple of extra suction cups in your cart – you can find them for as cheap as $1 a pack – but make sure you check that their size coincides with the ones that come with your mirror. If your mirror comes with silicone adhesives, another popular pick, you just want to make sure you spread it evenly on the whole surface, just to make sure it doesn’t start sliding down on your tiles one morning.

4. Storage. If you plan to have your shaving or skin care essentials tucked in handy, invest in a shower mirror that has a built-in storage unit – a small shelf will do the trick. For razors, there are also units that come with a special razor support, so you can always keep it clean and dry.

5. Illumination. Illumination in bathroom products mostly tends to be an optional feature that adds up a lot to the final price of the product. However, a mirror is one of those units where it might be a necessary feature – especially if you plan to use it for delicate stuff such as shaving your facial hair, plucking, and whatnot. If that’s the case, go for a mirror with a built-in LED illumination system.

6. Price. As we already stated, these mirrors cost nowhere near a fortune. That includes illumination, all kinds of possible storage, etc… No matter how tight your budget might be after the holidays, you’ll definitely find a fogless shower mirror that will bring your shower experience to a whole new level.

Fogless shower mirrors are great investments – especially if you’re into multitasking, and you’re always in a hurry in those busy mornings. If you decide on buying one, you’ll save those 5 extra minutes of sleep, by shaving, grooming or washing your teeth right in the shower, without having to wipe off the condensation all the time. These mirrors make great gifts as well – they’re fairly inexpensive, and always a great accessory to have in your shower. There’s a great variety of them to choose from – some come with extra storage space, some with some smart warming technology, and some even with LED lights, which transform your shower into your very own beauty vanity. Which features you opt for depends entirely on your personal needs, and we do hope that this small guide helped you choose the right model. All the products included in our top are bestsellers on Amazon; however do take the price/quality balance with a grain of salt, and you’ll surely enjoy whichever fogless shower mirror you decide to purchase!

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