Choosing The Best Flushing Toilet For Your Home in 2018

The criteria for purchasing an efficient toilet are often underrated. However, toilets are one of the long-time investments that we use every day. Nobody needs nuisances or lack of performance from toilets; therefore it is important to make a right choice before buying one.

This section will concentrate on the efficiency of the toilets, which is mainly defined by their flushing power. There are other aspects, which describe the efficiency of the toilet such as gallons per flush and dual or single flushing option. The models below will give you an overview about some of the best alternatives on today’s market.

American Standard Champions-4 Right Height One Piece Elongated Toilet

Choosing The Best Flushing Toilet For Your Home in 2018This model would fit people of any height having a 16-1/2 inch rim. It has the largest accelerator flush valve, available in modern toilets, which is 4 inches wide. With that, it features a 1.6gpf water consumption, which is the maximum allowed regarding today’s regulation but is still much more efficient than most of the types with the similar parameter. It can remove up to 70% more mass than the standard toilets.

The toilet is available in different designs. It has a siphoning bowl that will ensure a quick elimination of any residuals, through its spacious waterway. Despite its high efficiency, it is much quieter than most of the toilets, which is a good feature to watch for if you have a big family or a partner, to not disturb them during the night.

This unit features the EverClean surface, which will help in maintaining the toilet as clean as possible. Its design incorporates an easy-cleaning surface with minimal risk of bacteria development and mold and mildew build-up.

As other products in our list, the toilet is WaterSense certified. The American Standard Champions-4 is the right choice if you are searching for a truly efficient piece that will perform much better than most models out there. To get your own AS Champions-4, click the link below.

American Standard Siphonic Dual Flushing Toilet

Choosing The Best Flushing Toilet For Your Home in 2018The American Standard Siphonic Dual Flush will eliminate the stains from the murkiest parts of your toilet maximally consuming only 1.28gpf. This is 20% less than the standard 1.6gpf, which is featured in the most modern toilets. With the dual flush design, it is possible to consume much less water. It allows consuming only 0.92 gallons per flush if you need to get rid of less waste.

The siphon jet bowl ensures a high efficiency featuring the PowerWash rim. This American Standard model comes with its specific EverClean surface, that will help to keep the toilet in the cleanest possible state.

The American Standard Siphonic Dual Flush will ensure that you won’t go overboard with flushing offering still a great performance. Check its latest price here:

Danze Ziga Zaga

Choosing The Best Flushing Toilet For Your Home in 2018The Danze Ziga Zaga has some perks in its design, which offer you an optimal performance needed from a toilet.

It consumes 1.28gpf, which will ensure that you won’t consume more water than needed. It features a 3-inch flush valve being bigger than the standard 2-inch one. This will ensure a higher flushing efficiency than most of the other models can offer.

The toilet has a rim height of 16-1/2-inches being a perfect figure that will fit any type of person. The package shipped with the toilet includes such accessories as, side mounted tank lever, soft-close seat and ceramic floor bolt cover plates. The model features a fully glazed concealed trap way ensuring a minimal risk of potential clogging.

Going for Danze Ziga Zaga would be a good choice if you are in need of a toilet that will offer you efficiency and low water consumption. The link below will give you more information if this model has caught your eye:

TOTO Drake II Toilet

Choosing The Best Flushing Toilet For Your Home in 2018The TOTO Drake II is another efficient low water consuming option. The double cyclone technology will ensure that the residual waste will be washed off qualitatively.

The flushing of this model is quiet consuming 1.28gpf. The wide trap way, measuring 2-1/8-inches, will be efficient in the washing of big masses of waste leaving your toilet in an everlasting squeaky-clean state. Toto features the Sana Gloss glaze, which is incorporated in this model that will help you save on maintenance and repairs. You will be happy to have fewer worries about the bacteria development, as it will remain in the optimal state, due to its sustainable and clean design.

TOTO Drake II is a good alternative if you are aiming for a piece that will deliver you optimal performance under low water drainage. Find the latest price for this toilet here:

TOTO Aquia Dual Flush

Choosing The Best Flushing Toilet For Your Home in 2018The TOTO Aquia Dual Flush has a dual flushing system with 0.9gpf and 1.6gpf. The feature to choose from 2 different flushing alternatives, makes this piece very practical as you can use less water for minimal waste, and be sure that everything will be washed off with the 1.6gpf option.

The toilet bears an authentic external design with an elongated skirt.

The model is ADA compliant with a comfort height of 16 inches. For an efficient performance, dual flushing design and an affordable price, TOTO Aquia Dual Flush is a worthy alternative. To check out more details about it, click the link below:

TOTO Ultramax II

Choosing The Best Flushing Toilet For Your Home in 2018If you need efficient water saving alternative and high flushing performance from your toilet, TOTO Ultramax II is a good alternative.

This unit has a quiet flushing performance with a water consumption of 1.28gpf. The high-efficiency of this model meets WaterSense criteria.

The model has Toto’s specific double cyclone technology that ensures its high-performance quality. It has two powerful nozzles that will clean the waste with the centrifugal action cleansing proficiently within the bowl and rims. It features the SanaGloss surface, which ensures that the toilet will last long and will require minimal effort for maintaining it clean.

If you still don’t know on which flushing toilet to decide upon, that will have low water consumption, flushing proficiency and good built quality you would hardly go wrong with TOTO Ultramax II. Find it here:

So, what should you look for when planning to buy a new flushing toilet?


There two types of toilets regarding on how they operate. One of them are the gravity flush toilets. Most of them are in the affordable price category, and they are known for their quiet performance. They operate by pumping the water and air out from the central pipeline.

The other type of toilets is known as pressure assist flushing toilets. They fall into the category of more expensive units because they are built more complex to be able to work with a specific water pressure. The water from the tank is released with a powerful force to take care of the waste much quicker. The drawback of these pieces is that they are rather noisy, which is compensated by their high efficiency.

Water Usage

Toilets with higher flushing power will normally be more efficient than with those with lower ones. Therefore their system requires the construction to be very sturdy to fulfill its part without problems.

The latest regulation doesn’t allow more gallons per flush than 1.6. This is a great point in conserving the water, so the manufacturers have concentrated now in providing toilets with less water consumption, yet maintaining the efficient performance.

You can check models with dual flash options that will allow you to use less water depending on your needs.


The external design of a toilet aims to comfort any type of person through its optimal height and shape. If you don’t want to waste a big amount of cash, you can look for simple models that will fulfill efficiently the basic functionality. There are also more expensive types that allow you to customize such aspects as flushing mechanism and seat height.

You can opt for round shaped toilets if you have a smaller room. They are known to have an ergonomic design, bearing the full functionality. The elongated models are the best if you have a bigger toilet room.

The Bowl

The type of the bowl is also an important matter to consider. The siphonic design of the bowl is a popular option. This design allows the air to flow into the bowl through the sewage system, where the water is flushed down through the pipe. This might cause some noise, but the efficiency of the process will please the users as it has minimal risk of clogging.

The washout is another bowl design, which is used in many luxury hotels. The design features a large trap, where the water is filled remaining under the bowl. When the person presses the button calling up the flushing, the trap opens, and the water is splashed in the bowl with a powerful force.


If you are not a pro in installing toilets and you don’t know much about it, the best alternative would be to call a plumber to do the job. However, if you want to do it yourself, you should check to have anchors that will be able to bear over 100 pounds. Besides that, you should check for alternate ways of providing maximal support, where you could use studs to stabilize the parts better.

Advantages of a Flushing Toilet

As the world tends towards a brighter future, the manufacturers tend to improve the performance of the toilets using less water. This means that they should be able to effectively wash the whole surface using a minimal amount of gallons per flush. A modern method known as the double cyclone flushing technology shows that less water doesn’t mean less efficiency. This method ensures a greater flushing power under lower water consumption. Due to this technology, you won’t have to worry about scrubbing the toilet bowl very often. The inefficiency of the toilets that can’t deal properly with the residual waste became nearly a nightmare for many people. The flushing toilets aim to take care of the whole residual build-up and offer you a high level of hygiene.

Flushing toilets are very practical due to their efficiency, which prevents further problems. Nobody wants to waste their time and money on repairs. Flushing toilets will offer you minimal risk of clogging and will keep your pipe system safe. If you want to spend less on maintenance and repairs, they make good alternatives for reducing future expenses.

Another advantage of these models is the versatility of their external design. You can choose among diverse types, between elongated and rounded toilet bowls. You will be able to find designs that will offer full sitting comfort bearing a pleasant external aspect.

Don’t flush the conclusion if you haven’t read it!

There are no rules for choosing the best flushing toilets. The manufacturers strive in producing high-end models that will satisfy any user and will comply with the rules for optimal performance. With some research, you should be able to find the best piece for you. The models presented here are some alternatives, which most users have praised as efficient, nice looking and some of them as very convenient choices. By following the tips mentioned above and checking the alternatives presented here, you might find the right toilet for you in a few moments.

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