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What Are The Best Electric Toothbrushes On The Market Today?

When it comes to cleaning our teeth, many of us still live by that principle our families taught us when we were little – brush them twice a day, and you’ll be good to go. Some dentists even claim it’s better to brush them only once a day, to preserve the natural enamel as well as possible. ...

What Are The Best Digital Bathroom Scales For Your Home?

Keeping track of a healthy lifestyle is sometimes difficult. Bathroom scales allow you to track your progress and could aid in improving your health and diet. Nowadays, there is a huge choice, and you can always find something which would fit your current budget, or which would allow more tweaking ...

Guide To Choosing The Best Bathroom Vanities in 2018

A vanity is a unit which was initially meant to cover the pipework and provide some extra storage space. They mostly come in cupboard-like shapes, with doors and shelves, and some can even include drawers. However, drawers are less common, as it is more difficult to mount them around specific pipe ...

What Is The Best American Standard Toilet For Your Home?

Before choosing a new toilet, which will be a part of your house for the next decade or two, you will want to make sure that it will fulfill its job properly. With the advancement of technology, today’s toilets have also changed being more efficient in flushing, water-saving, and comfort. The ...

What Are The Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans To Buy?

Bathroom exhaust fans are an essential accessory for your bathroom. While other equipment, except the classic tub and sink combo, might be classified as optional, an exhaust fan is certainly something worth investing in. Its main job is to promote air circulation in one of the most humid areas in ...

Best Kohler Toilet for the Money – Top 5 Recommendations & Reviews

Shopping for a new toilet takes the prize for being “the most overlooked subject in the history of ever,” and that is the sad truth. No, but honestly, how many times did you think you’d come to this moment when you’ll actually have to shop for a now toilet, be it to replace an old on or design a ...

Best Portable Toilet – Reviews of Top Models in 2018

If you’re not much into camping, hiking, or any kind of outdoorsy vacations, you’re probably asking yourself… portable toilets? What? Really? However, that is a real thing, they sell these online and offline, and they sever quite a wide variety of purposes. Actually, you’ve probably come in contact ...

Choosing The Best Flushing Toilet For Your Home in 2018

The criteria for purchasing an efficient toilet are often underrated. However, toilets are one of the long-time investments that we use every day. Nobody needs nuisances or lack of performance from toilets; therefore it is important to make a right choice before buying one. This section will ...

What is the Best Composting Toilet For Your Home in 2018?

Composting toilets are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It’s rather easy to understand why – with the whole eco-friendly boom and global warming going on, it’s important to save as much water as possible. You may have already invested in a low flow showerhead and finally, decide to turn off ...

Best Toilet – Overall Top Performing Toilets of 2018

When it comes to choosing a toilet, it’s quite safe to say that most of us have never shopped for one. Some might even live a long life without needing to purchase a toilet. However, for those of you who are lucky (or unlucky enough) to have to choose one themselves, this article is the place for ...

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