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A Guide For Choosing The Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers in 2018

When it comes to choosing the right bathroom speakers for you, there are only a couple factors you’ll have to take into consideration. Most of them have similar features when it comes to sound quality, but if you love your club-quality bass, you’ll want to invest in one that has an included ...

Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before Buying

If you’re on the look for the perfect spa equipment to take into your bathroom, a steam shower cabin might be the right choice for you. Gym junkies and frequent beauty salon clients will probably be familiar with the sight of it – a steam shower is a rather large cabin, which produces hot steam and ...

The Best Pedestal Sinks Reviewed For Your Home in 2018

Pedestal sinks are a quite fashionable and traditional styling item for your bathroom. Making such a choice is, without any doubts, a rewarding one. You can suit yourself with diverse types of pedestal sinks. They vary in heights, styles, and profiles. For every kind of bathroom, there is a big ...

The Best Freestanding Tubs For Your Home in 2018

Thinking about replacing your current bathtub with something a bit different? Then what about checking out these unique models of freestanding bathtubs? A freestanding bathtub is a popular choice with those who have a spacious bathroom, and wish to give it a stylish and elegant flare with such a ...

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs For Your Home in 2018

Inflatable hot tubs are all the rage nowadays, as their name says, they can be inflated and deflated upon the user’s request, and they have all the nifty features you’d encounter in a normal hot tub – such as massage jets and temperature control. Moreover, they even have they own water filtering ...

A Review & Comparison of the Best Bathroom Faucets for 2018

Bathroom faucets are one of the most significant accessories in a bathroom, as they allow you to easily fulfill your daily bathroom necessities. Therefore, it is important to consider some things when choosing a bathroom faucet, such as decor, quality, and appropriate use. Now let’s look at some ...

Comparing The Best Fogless Mirrors for Bathrooms in 2018

Regardless of gender, we’ve probably all experienced the frustration of getting out of the shower (especially in the morning) and finding out that out mirror is all foggy and wet from the steam condensation, making it impossible for you to groom yourself, style your hair, put makeup on, shave or ...

Best Walk In Tubs – Reviews of the Latest 2018 Models

A walk in bathtub is a very convenient bathroom appliance – who could say no to a deep tub, with a built-in seat and door for walking straight in without having to step over high walls? Such a unit is also much more space saving than a normal bathtub, as they are meant for sitting rather of laying ...

The 6 Best Towel Warmers of 2018 Reviewed

If you’re on the look for the next gadget that will level up your bathroom experience, a towel warmer will certainly make a world of a difference. Bathroom speakers, massage and led lights shower heads and various other gimmicks have been popping up on the market, hoping to make people enjoy their ...

Best Steam Rooms – Reviews & Guide for 2018

If you’re wishing for a uniquely relaxing experience, which you could enjoy every day after your busy routine, you may consider a steam shower room. A steam shower room just requires a push of a button for offering you a soothing spa-like experience. Some decades ago, you could get a spa session ...

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