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What are the Benefits of a Morning Shower?

A warm early morning shower followed by a few minutes of cool water at the end energises the body and helps stimulate the lymphatic system. A cold morning shower is great for people with oily skin as it opens the pores and cleanses oil buildup from the night’s rest. An early morning shower will ...

Showers vs Baths – Which is Best?

Which is healthiest? Surprisingly both showers and baths both have their own health benefits: Warm baths help moisturise your skin, as long as the water’s not too hot and also are stress-relieving. Warm baths help reduce the feeling of loneliness and anxiety. Showers can also ease anxiety and ...

4 Benefits of Steam Showers

Out of all the amenities you could get for your home bathroom, a steam shower room is probably one of the most beneficial and satisfying choices. Hot steam has countless health benefits – including stress relief, muscle pain treatment, skin care, and more. But how exactly does a steam shower ...

Why are Daily Baths and Showers Important?

Having a daily warm bathe can help lower blood sugar levels. Dr. Philip L. Hooper from the McKee Medical Centre in Loveland, Colorado  led a study where people with diabetes immersed themselves in a hot water bath for about 20-30 minutes everyday for three weeks. The study showed that these ...

The Best Infrared Saunas For Your Home in 2018

Saunas have incredible benefits for our health. You’d usually find them in gyms, hotels, spa salons and other similar institutions, where you can use them to help soothe strained muscles, cleanse your pores and improve blood circulation. In this article, we’ll give you an insight into the world of ...

A Guide To The Best Handheld Shower Head For 2018

Facts have it that the average person spends between half a year and one year of his or her life showering. And you can’t blame one for enjoying it – after all, what could be better than a relaxing hot shower after a long day? It’s like a mini spa session straight from your home – and without the ...

The Best High Pressure Shower Head For Your Home

This one from Waterpik is a very convenient option, as it is the most affordable high-pressure shower head from our list. It offers approximately 1/3 more water force than the standard units and is designed to run with the Opti Flow Technology, which specializes in high-pressure water flow. A ...

The Best Low Flow Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018

Have you ever thought about reducing the costs on your water bills? Or are you considering going more environmentally friendly? In any case, you can now reduce the amount of water used per shower without compromising the overall experience – thanks to low flow showerheads, the best water saving ...

The Best Shower Filters For Your Home in 2018

In some regions, the supplied water can contain many impurities, including chlorine, which can cause dry skin, dandruff or allergies. If you feel that this might your case and you don’t want to experience it anymore, a good solution would be installing a shower head filter. With this addition, you ...

Best Shower Panel Systems For Your Home in 2018

Shower panel systems are a very stylish and useful accessory for every bathroom. They may offer spa-like shower experiences and serve as a source of therapy. Finding an appropriate shower panel shouldn’t be difficult, as there is a wide choice that includes more simplistic alternatives, coming at a ...

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