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Birch Essential Oil: Benefits, Natural Recipes, and Tips

Birch essential oil is an unbelievably multi-functional oil. Birch plant, including bark of the birch plant, plays an influential role in the medicinal world. Birch plant is a therapeutic plant, and it exudes many properties and chemicals. Birch Essential oil, also known as sweet birch ...

Turmeric Essential Oil As A Liquid Gold: Uses, Benefits, And Recipes

You have probably already added turmeric powder to your spice-herb collection, haven't you? But, have you heard of turmeric essential oil before? If not, this article is just for you, as it will introduce you to this powerful cancer and depression-fighting natural remedy that has, in the recent ...

Copaiba Essential Oil: Uses And Benefits

Copaiba essential oil is not perceived as a typical go-to natural remedy in most parts of the world. Frankly, many people haven’t even heard of this powerful anti-inflammatory agent before; at least not until the recent years. The latest medical studies have pushed the copaiba essential oil ...

Manuka essential oil as a new phenomenon: uses and benefits

Manuka essential oil is a relatively new addition to the world of aromatherapy. However, the New Zealanders have been exploiting the healing benefits of the Manuka tree and its byproducts long before they entered the global market. The latest studies and peoples’ desire to rediscover ...

Cedar wood Essential Oil Review, Application and Useful Tips

Cedar wood essential oil is the first essential oil extracted from nature, it has been in use from the beginning of time, enhancing life and providing benefits that cut across dietary to cosmetic. Oil is described as essential; it contains the essence of the plants or fragrance, and the ...

Miraculous Jasmine Essential Oil: Recipes And Tips

Jasmine is known for its sweet and enchanting fragrance. In ancient times, women used Jasmine as a cologne, and later discovered its health benefits. Jasmine essential oil is quite potent; unlike other essential oils, Jasmine oil is seldom pressed or distilled. It is an absolute or enfleurage. It ...

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