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Manuka essential oil as a new phenomenon: uses and benefits

Manuka essential oil is a relatively new addition to the world of aromatherapy. However, the New Zealanders have been exploiting the healing benefits of the Manuka tree and its byproducts long before they entered the global market. The latest studies and peoples’ desire to rediscover ...

Cedar wood Essential Oil Review, Application and Useful Tips

Cedar wood essential oil is the first essential oil extracted from nature, it has been in use from the beginning of time, enhancing life and providing benefits that cut across dietary to cosmetic. Oil is described as essential; it contains the essence of the plants or fragrance, and the ...

Top Essential Oils for Snoring: Review, Recipes and Tips

This article discusses a list of essential oils for snoring that can help you keep the trouble under control in a simple, natural way. Snoring is that sound your nose makes when you’re fast asleep – it is also that sound that keeps your spouse awake throughout the night. More than that, it ...

Miraculous Jasmine Essential Oil: Recipes And Tips

Jasmine is known for its sweet and enchanting fragrance. In ancient times, women used Jasmine as a cologne, and later discovered its health benefits. Jasmine essential oil is quite potent; unlike other essential oils, Jasmine oil is seldom pressed or distilled. It is an absolute or enfleurage. It ...

5 Essential oils for hives that will help you soothe your skin

Essential oils for hives with their influential organic essence effectively provide relief from outbreak symptoms without harmful side effects. Hives, medically also known as urticaria, are defined as an outbreak of protruding, swollen, and red welts on the skin that most commonly appear as a ...

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