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How to Make Vanilla Essential Oil: Uses and Benifits

Vanilla essential oil is obtained from the dried brown pods of the plant Vanilla planifolia. This is a climbing vine, which is defined by trumpet-shaped white flowers associated with the orchid. The oil is typically solvent and native to Madagascar. Vanilla oil can be carbon dioxide ...

How to Use Helichrysum Essential Oil: Benefits, Recipes and Tips

Helichrysum is a medicinal plant grown from the Asteracea plant family. They are mostly found in Mediterranean regions. It has been used as medicine to treat various ailments in countries such as Spain, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, and Italy. Helichrysum essential oil contains a lot of ...

Palmarosa Essential Oil Uses, Benefits and Recipes

Palmarosa’s scientific name is Cymbopogon martinii. It is related to lemon grass genus found in native India and Indochina. However, it is mostly cultivated for its aromatic uses to extract palmarosa essential oil. Cymbopogon martinii’s is commonly referred as Palmarosa. Being a relative to ...

Spikenard Essential Oil Uses, Blends and Recipes

Spikenard also referred to as nard, muskroot, or nardin is a pinnacle plant of the family Valerian, which is instinctive to the alpine and sub-alpine areas of the Himalayas. Spikenard essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the nard flower that flourishes during August and September. ...

Honeysuckle Essential Oil: Overview, Homemade Blend, and Tips

Also known as Woodbine or Lonivera japonica, Honeysuckle Essential Oil is a plant native to the East Asian and Japanese region. Its leaves, seeds, and blossoms have a number of benefits, including ones that are medicinal. The plant can be used to withdraw heat from a patient’s body and as a ...

Essential Oils for Men: Best Natural Blends and Scents

To hold on to that fragrant smell many are opting for natural oil-scents by trying essential oils for men. Yes, there are incredible oils that can not only make you smell insanely desirable but also keep you fresh and energetic the whole day. Men and their unique cologne go hand in hand. ...

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