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Essential Oils for Asthma: A Practical Guide to Natural Treatments

The best way to learn how to use essential oils for asthma is to know the basics of the disease. This is a respiratory disorder characterized by wheezing, usually of allergic origin. The syndrome is described by airflow obstruction that varies distinctly. The airways are hyper-responsive to ...

Top Esential Oils for Ringworm, Review and Best recipes for Home Use

This transmittable fungal infection can infect animals and humans alike. While the most common treatment for this resilient skin infection is antifungal creams, studies have shown that natural oils can be just as, if not more, effective. The lack of side effects in the essential oils for ringworm ...

What Essential Oils Are Good for Lower Back Pain: Recipes & Tips

Back pain is a condition that distresses most people at some point in their lives. It can be caused by damaged discs, ligament strains, joint problems, and poor muscle tone. The most common type of this condition is low back pain (LBP). Usually defined as aching or discomfort in the area below the ...

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