Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before Buying

If you’re on the look for the perfect spa equipment to take into your bathroom, a steam shower cabin might be the right choice for you. Gym junkies and frequent beauty salon clients will probably be familiar with the sight of it – a steam shower is a rather large cabin, which produces hot steam and helps create a sauna-like effect. This has a multitude of benefits, including helping relieve muscle pain, lowering one’s blood pressure, soothing emotional and physical stress and much more. Besides, it just feels like having your luxury spa treatment at home – and without the big bucks as well. A steam shower cabin is not limited to steam procedures only – many feature rain showerheads mounted above the person’s head, so you can rinse off with fresh water after a good sauna, aromatherapy system and even soothing LED lights to make the experience as relaxing as physically possible.

A steam shower cabin is nothing else but an enclosed unit, very similar to a normal shower cabin, which features vapor-tight doors and a steam generator. Grace to this, the steam created inside the unit will not leak outside of it, preserving a constant sauna-like atmosphere in your shower cabin. People who like showering under very hot water, which have a lot of steam going on a daily basis, would probably be worried about humidity and mold formation with a steam shower. However, due to the doors being vapor-tight, you need not worry about increased humidity in your bathroom. Besides, many of these units come with their in-built ventilation system, which clears out the excess steam after you’re finished with your shower.

Now, let’s take a look at a small top of the most popular and best-selling items you’d find on Amazon. We’ve covered both cheaper and high-end luxury items, so there’s a choice for every budget in here. Without further ado, let’s get going!

Top Rated Steam Rooms

Eagle Bath WS-903A

Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before BuyingStarting off with one of the best deals on the market – the Eagle Bath WS-903A is a single-seat steam shower cabin, with all the necessities included. If you don’t have a huge budget to spare on this purchase, this unit might be one of the best choices for you.

The Eagle Bath WS-903A is a corner shower cabin, measuring 51.6″ x 35.9″ x 84.7″. This takes it into the mid-sized shower range, and the fact that it’s mounted into a corner will create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom.

The bottom of the cabin is made out of acrylic, and the shower hardware is all stainless steel. The unit also comes with 6mm thick glass doors, with perfect steam isolation, which will improve the quality of your treatment.

You don’t have to worry about turning it on an hour before you plan to go into the shower (which is the case of some bigger units), as the Eagle Bath WS-903A comes with a 3KW quick self-heating and self-draining steam generator. The unit is also equipped with its ventilation system, so you don’t have to worry about excessive humidity either.

Besides that, you can enjoy six acupuncture massage jets, a 12-inch, mounted into the ceiling rain showerhead, as well as one handheld showerhead to help you reach those needy areas. A unique feature of this model is that it includes a foot massage system – something you don’t usually find in any other unit. Your senses can also be pampered with some essential oils, as an aromatherapy chamber is built into the unit and will release a lush, fragrant steam together with the normal one. LED multiple color lights are also included, and you can control the intensity and the color through the computerized control panel.

However, this unit will require professional assistance for installation, as, besides the plumbing, you’ll have to connect it to the electricity source in your house. Given the fact that it is to stay in a humid environment, you’d better leave it to a professional electrician.

Eagle Bath WS-803L

Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before BuyingAn improved version of the previous model, the Eagle Bath WS-803L is also a mid-priced steam shower. Its main features are very similar to the Eagle Bath WS-903A, yet it is a bit bigger in size, measuring 54.4″ x 34.4″ x 85”. It is also not a corner-shaped unit, so you need to have some empty space near a wall to be able to mount it in your bathroom.

This unit is more suitable for couple steaming sessions, as it features two fold-up seats and two handheld showerheads. It also has the rain showerhead mounted above, so that you can enjoy a soothing drizzle from above while applying the necessary pressure to specific areas. Another extra feature with this model is that it includes a mirror and a small storage shelf, perfect for holding your shower essentials.

You will also be able to enjoy aromatherapy and chromotherapy with LED lights, just like with the previous model, and, as a bonus, you have 12 acupuncture massage jets compared to 6 on the Eagle Bath WS-903A. However, no foot massage system is available on this unit.

You might want to check with your state’s laws beforehand, as this item is not approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters. The installation is possible by oneself, yet you might want to leave it to a professional, as the automatically translated instructions might not be very clear (and you might end up with your shower door put in upside-down).

Eagle Bath WS-801L

Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before BuyingThe Eagle Bath WS-801L is another very similar model to the two mentioned above. However, it can make a world of a difference in terms of price, as it is about half the price of the Eagle Bath WS-803L.

Designed for corner mounting, this unit makes a great choice for those who don’t have too much space in their bathroom. It comes with a fold-up seat so that you can always tuck it away in case you just want to take a normal shower, and wish to have enough space to move around the cabin freely.

The steam-producing system is a 3KW generator, which ensures quick heating of the cabin and uniform dispensing of the steam. For storage, you have two shelves to contain our bathroom essentials on both walls of the cabin. Besides that, you have six massage jets on both sides of the cabin, to ensure uniform pressure applying which will relieve your stress in no time.

Should you feel like taking a shower after your steam treatment, you can have a rainfall coming down from above and some extra help from a handheld head. In addition to these, you can upgrade your experience by turning on the aromatherapy, chromotherapy LED lights and adjusting the temperature inside the cabin.

A negative aspect about this mode is that you might not be able to get it if you’re in Massachusetts, as it is not approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters, much like the previous unit. Moreover, the installation process for this one is better left to a professional, so you’ll have to spare some extra cash for having an electrician come and install it for you.

Shop for one of the cheapest options when it comes to steam showers here:

Eagle Bath WS-501

Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before BuyingYet another Eagle Bath unit, this one here is a step further regarding quality and comfort. It’s a hybrid between a bathtub and a steam shower, offering you the best of both worlds. The bathtub is made of non-porous acrylic, making it antibacterial and safe to use multiple times in a row without bothering to clean it. The tub has a built-in seat, so you can also use it as a regular steam shower.

The unit measures 34 x 59 x 87 inches and needs enough space to be mounted next to a wall. The bathtub part of it can hold up to 80 gallons of water, making it enough for an adult so soak in completely. It also has eight massage jets inside the tub so that you can enjoy a real Jacuzzi experience with this device. However, if you prefer a good steam treatment, the six acupuncture jets on this unit will make for a great pressure applier in mid-air as well. After you soaked up the steam or the hot water, you will probably want to cool off under the shower. To do so, turn on the 12-inch rain showerhead mounted above your head, or apply the desired pressure to certain areas with the handheld showerhead included.

Two huge mirrors on each side make this unit appear sharp and futuristic in its design. As for storage, you have one small shelf, just like on the previous model, which should be enough to contain your shower gel or lotion, loofah and bath foam.

The little-computerized monitor will give you access to the aromatherapy cup, where you can pour essential oils, the light switch, and the temperature controller, so you can always customize them to create the atmosphere of our dreams.

Price-wise, this unit falls into the mid-range as well. Check out the latest price here:

Ariel DZ959F8 L

Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before BuyingOn to pricier brands, Ariel is a typical choice for anyone who wants no less than perfection from their bathroom equipment. Regarding steam showers, they came up with a wide variety of models to suit a multitude of tastes and needs. Not only do these include the basic functions like steam, showering, and aromatherapy, but they also have a classier look than their cheaper alternatives, which would look great with any bathroom design

The special feature about the DZ959F8L is its solid good floor and seat, which brings the feeling of a real Finnish sauna into your bathroom. The pivot clear glass doors complete the simple, yet the exquisite look of the unit. Made to be mounted into a corner, this unit measures 47 x 35.4 x 84.6 inches, which classifies it as a medium-sized steam shower.

Just like the previous showers, this one has six body massage jets, a handheld showerhead and a rainfall head mounted into the ceiling. There’s also an aromatherapy chamber and a chromotherapy LED lamp, which can be controlled from the waterproof control panel.

A unique feature of this model is the fact that it has an in-built FM Radio and speakers, so you can turn on your favorite podcast or some soothing nature sound or music to go with your steam therapy.

You need not worry about humidity inside the unit, as it has its ventilation system right underneath the seat. However, you will have to clean it at least every couple of weeks, to ensure you keep the mildew smell away.

Shop for it here:

Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8

Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before BuyingSo far, you’ve probably noticed that most of these shower cabins have a lot of things in common, and the Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8 is not an exception. However, it does have a few special features that make it stand out from the others. Firstly, it’s one of the biggest sizes of steam shower cabins you’ll find on the web. Measuring 59 x 59 x 89, this monster of a shower will suit best a spacious bathroom, where it could make for an impressive focal point.

This unit incorporates an acrylic bathtub with a built-in seat so that you can use it for both hot water and hot steam therapy. The steam shower enclosure features six body massage jets as well, for a complete stress relief after a long day. Moreover, you can enjoy a relaxing session of aromatherapy, followed by a lights show and a bit of your favorite radio station – as this unit has all of them included.

The Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8 is also one of the most efficient steam showers regarding energy consumption and precision. Grace to its 6KW generator, this unit heats up the steam to your desired temperature in under a minute – just enough for you to pour the essential oil and turn on the radio. You also won’t have to worry too much about cleaning this unit, as it will do half of the job itself after every procedure, grace to its cleaning function for disinfection.

After a hot soak, wash off the stress with a refreshing shower under the rainfall showerhead mounted on the ceiling. Do help yourself with the handheld one as well – especially if you need a more powerful massage to the areas that are tense.

If you decide this steam shower is the right choice for you, shop for it here:

Ariel Platinum DZ972F8

Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before BuyingOne of the most hip-looking steam showers on the market, this one here is reminiscent of a mountain cottage sauna. A two-seat unit, this shower cabin has its ceiling, floor, and stools made out of solid wood. It uses the same 6KW generator to create a sauna-like experience, and it heats in just under a minute, similar to the previous model. It does offer a similar cleaning and disinfection mode as well, which will spare you a couple of hours you’d waste on scrubbing it every month.

LED lights, aromatherapy chamber, built-in radio and speakers and 20 body massage jets will create the ultimate relaxing experience. This unit has the most massage jets among the mentioned ones, and it surely does make a difference. Being placed on opposite walls, they will create a uniform all-body massage for the person taking a shower. Besides that, you can help yourself to a little soothing rain from above (artificial, of course) from the ceiling-mounted head, and to a little extra massage to those hard to reach areas, grace to the handheld showerhead.

However, you probably don’t want to spend too much time in the shower with this unit – as is the case of all the other wooden-floor ones, unless you don’t want to waste a good deal of time on drying the surfaces after every shower. The moisture from the steam is easily cleaned off by the unit’s ventilation system, yet the heavy splashes of water from a full-fledged shower will surely stay on for longer, causing the swelling of the wood.

However, if you just want the atmosphere of an Alpine cottage in your bathroom, go for this product on Amazon:

Ariel Bath DZ959F8W

Best Steam Showers – Reviews & What To Consider Before BuyingLast but not least, this unit here is a fusion of rustic and futuristic, with wooden floor, ceiling, and stools, but with nickel finishes and a brushed metallic frame, this steam shower is somehow reminiscent of a spaceship. Fairly large, this unit measures 47.2″ X 47.2″ X 89″ and is meant to be mounted on the corner of your bathroom. However, it still has the space to host two people inside, who can enjoy the wonderful experience of a 6KW-generated steam, mixed with the rich fragrance of essential oils, and dimly lit by the built-in LED lights. After you’ve soaked in enough of the hot steam, the 12 massage jets will make for a great stress-relief. If that has not been enough for you, you can stay under the pouring rain for a while, or have a traditional shower, with the built-in handheld showerhead.

Negative aspect – the radio on this unit is said to be pretty weak, and there’s only one tiny shelf where you can store your bathroom essentials. For a two-person capacity unit, the storage space is not nearly enough.

However, regarding everything else, this steam shower is a great quality product and is also much cheaper than other Ariel units.

About Steam Shower Units

We did call it a shower cabin, but it’s much more than that. Steam shower units can either come with benches, so you can relax in a seated position while enjoying the procedure, or even have a bathtub included so that you can lay down for greater comfort. Of course, there are also the classic cabin-shaped units, which only allow the person to stay up while soaking up the hot steam. They’re also some of the cheapest you will find on the market, so if you’re on a tight budget, but still need that heavenly treatment in your life, it will make for a good golden mean.

If you’re wondering if a steam shower can also serve as your normal, classic shower as well, the answer is yes. You need not worry about this – steam shower units come with one or more showerheads, some wall-mounted and some handheld, and you can use them without turning on the steam anytime you want. Besides cleaning yourself, these units will offer you a multitude of other features that will help you recreate that spa-salon atmosphere in your bathroom – aromatherapy systems, led lights and even built-in speakers. With these, steam showers will become a delight for all of your senses at once; the stress you accumulated during the day will be gone in no time!

Before you dive straight into the steam shower section on Amazon, you’ll have to equip yourself with some measuring tape and make an inventory of your wallet. The size and price are the main things that differentiate one unit from another, while the rest of the features depend solely on your personal preferences and needs. Here are some points you have to take into consideration when choosing the ideal steam shower for yourself.

1. The price. Purchasing a steam shower cabin will not too forgiving with your wallet. The cheapest units start from around $1000, while the most expensive ones will send you straight into the $3000 – $4000s. It certainly is not a product for anyone’s budget, but if you do invest in one, make sure it’s good quality, comes from a reputable brand and has some warranty to it. Even the cheaper ones will usually come with a guarantee (upon request, for an additional charge), but it’s definitely better to have that on hand than risking to waste your money if something breaks or does not work properly.

2. The size. The standing-up units are the smallest, measuring around 40x40x80 inches, while the bigger ones, like the bathtub-based, go up to 60x60x90 inches. You might want to measure the space you have to spare and choose a unit with the appropriate dimensions. You will also have to pay attention to the plumbing system in your bathroom, and choose a shower cabin that you’ll be able to connect to the faucet and the waste pipe without too much effort. Generally, corner shower cabins are the best picks for any kind of bathroom, as, despite being quite large, they do not occupy a lot of space, and create the impression of a more spacious room.

3. On to the details, storage is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when investing in a shower cabin. However, it’s still nice to have all your essentials tucked in neatly on a shelf or in a niche inside the cabin, instead of storing the outside and taking them with you every time you want to take a shower. Most steam showers will come with some shelves, but there are some that do not, so check for this in your unit’s description on Amazon.

4. This is not the case of standing up or bathtub-based showers, but for the kind where you have to sit and soak in the steam, you’ll have two options: single seat and double seat. For a couple, it would certainly be better to have a two-seat steam shower, but for a single person, or if your significant other isn’t that fond of hot steam, a single seat will cut down on the price and will work best.

5. Shower and body massage steam jets. Whichever you prefer, go for a steam shower with a built in rain showerhead, handheld showerhead, or both! In addition to that, each unit has a number of body massage jets – and the more, the better! They range between 6 and 20 units in a shower cabin.

6. Additional gimmicks. This is more of a fun part rather than some essential aspect of a steam shower, but it still does influence the overall price of the unit. Some showers come with aromatherapy systems, some with chromotherapy (colored led lights), some even with FM radio and built-in waterproof speakers. Besides, some units feature a whole computerized system, with a touchscreen control panel for you to adjust the temperature of the steam or water, the intensity of the lights or the volume of the music. Needless to say, each of these functions will add up to the price of your shower. However, if comfort and ultimate relaxation are your main concerns regarding this product, these features will make a world of a difference for you.

So far, we hope you found at least one steam shower cabin that caught your eye. In this list, we’ve covered the most popular and best quality units on the market. All you have to do is take your measuring tape, decide on a size and shape, and check with your budget to see how much you can spare on a steam shower. Then go through the special features, accessories, materials and finishes, and choose the ones you think your body will appreciate most after a long and stressful day. Be it aromatherapy, chromotherapy or music therapy coming from your favorite radio station, a steam shower will certainly offer you a life-changing experience!

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