Best Steam Rooms – Reviews & Guide for 2018

If you’re wishing for a uniquely relaxing experience, which you could enjoy every day after your busy routine, you may consider a steam shower room. A steam shower room just requires a push of a button for offering you a soothing spa-like experience. Some decades ago, you could get a spa session only by going to commercial salons, which many people didn’t even like, because of the potential scrimmages. Nowadays, you can get the same pleasure right in your own bathroom, which you will be able to enjoy every day without paying much for its maintenance. Steam shower rooms are diverse and, with a bit of research, you can even find some which are easy to install, are budget-friendly, which makes them affordable for every person. They are even very efficient because they don’t require much time to heat up the enclosed space. Some steam shower rooms can heat up even less than in 3 minutes, which makes them ultra-practical and welcoming.

The reviewed steam shower rooms below should give you an insight about what kind of unit and additional features you really need. They range from budget-friendly to more expensive ones, which have different levels of required maintenance and extra features. You may find in the ranks some steam shower rooms which are ranked lower than average, yet even those are highly appreciated by the users.

Top Rated Steam Rooms of 2018

Ariel DZ959F8L

Best Steam Rooms – Reviews & Guide for 2018This shower steam is worth the investment even it is more expensive than many others. It features six body acupuncture massage jets, which would offer you a relaxing and healing experience due to their efficiency and high pressure. The Ariel DZ959F8L has an aromatherapy function, where you can implement your favorite scents and enjoy a relaxing spa session. It also has adjustable chromotherapy lights, where you can customize the lighting setting to your preferences. A handheld shower head is also included for convenience. It includes FM radio for enjoying music and drainable shower tray.

Its control panel is computerized, which allows you to control such options as steam’s temperature and duration, while comfortably seated on the shower seat. The unit also has an auto cleaning feature, which can save you a lot of time. For cleaning it underneath the wooden floorboards, you can spray soap solutions to prevent any dirt to gather.

The shower can be used after 3 minutes of heating. This steam’s shower room dimensions are 47 x 35.4 x 89 which is compact, but with enough space to fit 2 persons without restricting any required space. It is also made of tempered glass, which is very safe and won’t crack even from tougher knocks. The black aspect of the steam room gives an air of grace and elegance to your bathroom.

This unit allows using its functions also without any steam, which is very convenient if you’re in just for a shower. The steam room doesn’t require any difficult steps for installation, but you should be careful regarding the drain set up because it is raised about 5 inches above the ground. If you are not confident about the settings, you can call a qualified professional who will install this unit for you at a reasonable price.

This product features a 1-year warranty, which protects this piece from any manufacturing defects. If you want a qualitative and luxurious steam shower room with multiple customizable options, the Ariel DZ959F8L might be your choice. Shop for it here:

Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8

Best Steam Rooms – Reviews & Guide for 2018The Ariel Bath Platinum DA333F8 is a good, multifunctional, modern-looking steam shower room. This unit includes a whirlpool bathtub, massage jets for relaxing your muscles, adjustable lighting for chromotherapy, aromatherapy for desired scents and a built-in radio for enjoying the music during your therapeutic sessions. In dimensions, it has 59 x 59 x 89 inches, which could fit in most of the bathrooms or any other predestined places.

This product features a computer controlled panel, where you can regulate the desired preferences, and a timer, which will track your session’s duration and ring after a certain amount of time.This unit comes with a 6KW generator, allowing you to not worry about the power. It has also a cleaning function for disinfection, but, anyway, you will have to clean the unit sometimes by yourself, to avoid any dirt from gathering up.

This steam shower room comes with instructions manual and has a 1-year warranty. If you need a big, multifunctional and modern steam shower room, the Ariel Bath would be your choice. You can check its actual price here:

Eagle Bath WS-501

Best Steam Rooms – Reviews & Guide for 2018The Eagle Bath WS-501 is a compact shower room, which doesn’t feature a lot of functions, but with its price and its enhanced options, it is worth buying. This steam shower room’s dimensions are 34 x 59 x 87 inches and it comes in white color, which would look very classy in any environment. Its inside dimensions are 26.5 x 52 inches with a 22-inch depth. This product has 12-inch rainfall ceiling shower and a handheld shower head for comfortable use.

Its bathtub can fit about 80 gallons of water. This is a lot, so much that smaller children could even use it as a tiny pool.

This steam shower room features 8 massage jets for a relaxing shower experience. It also offers a seating area, that will offer you the best experience during your showers. The Eagle Bath features a multiple color lighting and aromatherapy function, which you can set up to your preference.

It is covered with tempered glass ensuring a safe use and has a 3KW generator, which should be enough power for the desired shower experience. This steam shower room requires assembly, which should be done by a professional if you don’t have the experience building similar units.

If you want an affordable, simple and efficient steam shower room you can go for Eagle Bath WS-501. Check its latest price and shop for it here:

Eagle Bath WS-803L

Best Steam Rooms – Reviews & Guide for 2018This product is a good choice if you want a basic steam shower room, because it doesn’t have any additional or extra features, but that is covered up by its improved features. This unit has 12 massage jets which offer an efficient shower therapy. Grace to its aromatherapy feature, you can add any desired kind of oils and enjoy a spa-like experience. Besides that, it has more lights that glow in blue. They would add more enjoyment in your shower sessions. It also includes a rain shower head and two handheld shower heads, which are very convenient for adjusting the desired showering method.

Its dimensions are 54.4 x 34.4 x 85 inches, which makes it not a very space consuming, but at the same time big enough for all your showering necessities. It is also certified by ETL, which stays for US and Canada electrical safety, ensuring the secure use of this product.

The package includes a shower base and has a 3KW generator. This product doesn’t include any built-in sound system, so you may want to bring your own speakers for enjoying the music. It has also a minor leak problem, as stated by several users, which can be solved with silicone caulking.

If you want a nice-looking, not too space consuming and efficient steam shower room you may consider Eagle Bath WS-803L. You can shop for it here:

Eagle Bath WS-903A

Best Steam Rooms – Reviews & Guide for 2018If you are searching for a steam shower room which is budget-friendly and has all the basic features that one requires, you may want to take a look at Eagle Bath WS-903A.It doesn’t have any unique features, which other showers don’t have, but it’s decent functionality and pretty aspect makes the product worth buying.

It has six massage jets and one showerhead for an efficient spa-like experience. Besides that, the unit features aromatherapy functions, which you can adjust to your liking. The presence of chromotherapy functionality is also a great option for its price. It also includes storage shelves, temperature sensor, rainfall ceiling shower and a computerized sensor panel, which will ease each of your shower activities. The Eagle Bath WS-903A also has a foot massage option which is not present in most of other models.

The manufacturer offers a 2-year part warranty what is great for replacing the pieces which may arrive with some defects. It is also approved by ETL and features a 3KW generator.

If you want a less expensive steam shower room with all the basic functionality, you may consider Eagle Bath WS-903A. Shop for it here:

Eagle Bath WS-801L

Best Steam Rooms – Reviews & Guide for 2018The Eagle Bath WS-801L might be the right choice for you choice due to its compact design, that allows you to place it anywhere, without needing to alter your walls. The only issue about it is installation, as it’s a pretty complex process. You should call a professional for its installation if you don’t feel confident about installing it by yourself, but if you possess at least some kind of plumbing skill you could do it effortlessly.

It features 6 water jets and is has a 3KW generator. It also includes a rainfall shower and a handheld shower head. With the right customization, you can indicate the desired steam’s duration and temperature. It also allows the adjustment of the light’s intensity. It features aromatherapy, which empowers you to decide upon the preferred type of essential oil.

This steam shower room has the basic functions one should have, but even without any additional perks, it will be able to satisfy you with its functionality and convenient price. Check its latest price here:

Purchasing Guide for Steam Rooms

Before purchasing a steam shower room, you may be aware that there are also infrared saunas, which have similar properties. However, a sauna and a steam shower room differ due to their heating methods and enclosure types. A sauna heats the room with dry air which can get very hot, while the steam shower rooms offer a spa-like experience by humidifying the air. A steam shower room has a special anti-moisture design that is equipped to emit clouds that will last your whole shower session.

The steam shower rooms work in a very simple way. They require just a push of a button on their digital control panel in order to start working. After the button is pushed, an electric valve is triggered, which fills the steam generator with cold water. Afterward, the water is boiled by the steam generator and it turns into a vapor that is directed to the steam head. This will allow you to experience the tropical air, which will be very soft and safe reaching a temperature below 120 Fahrenheit degrees.

You can enjoy also the preferred aromas and adjust the lighting for a truly enjoyable spa experience in the perimeters of your home. It is possible to indicate steam’s duration and temperature, depending on your preferences, as benefit from piped-in music.

Steam shower rooms offer a lot of benefits which can improve also your health. Let’s view some of them below.

  • Relieve cold symptoms

A steam shower room allows you to experience different types of aromatherapy. For this purpose, you can use eucalyptus oil, for example. The steam will relieve your chest pressure, soften your cough and loosen the mucus within only 15-20 minutes of use.

  • Relaxing your body

Staying for about 15 minutes can relax your muscles and relieve your body pains. Due to the steam, your blood circulation will increase, which will improve the functionality of your organs. However, be careful, because people with heart conditions could feel worse in such an environment, due to increased blood pressure and heart rate, which the steam stimulates.

  • Heal your skin

A shower steam room will improve your skin’s health, by opening the pores. With applied moisture, your skin will be much softer.

  • Economy

Shower steam rooms don’t consume usually more than 2 gallons of water during a 20-minute session, which is very convenient. Compared to a 20-minute shower, which consumes about 50 gallons, a shower steam room would be a worthy investment for your relaxing sessions.

Before buying a steam shower room, you should take into consideration several factors, which will help you choose the one which will fit you best.

You want to make sure that the desired steam amount and the right temperature is reached in less than 3 minutes or, at its best, in less than 1 minute.

Consider a remote-controllable steam shower room. This is a very useful feature if you want to change the temperature or the duration of the steam fast. You may also want to turn on the steam before getting in the stall, which will be very easy and convenient with a remote control.

Assuring that the steam shower room has an automatic flushing feature is crucial. You will want to spend less time for maintenance and for this purpose the auto-flush will reduce buildups and calcium, which will ease the whole process.

If you will consider all these three factors, you can check also the size of the stall, the number of massage jets, the aromatherapy and chromotherapy features, the piped-in music option and other functions. You should consider all these functions separately because it can be that not always a fully upgraded steam shower is the best option for you.

You can also choose an installation method for steam shower rooms from these three alternatives:

1. A built-in steam room would allow more room for customizing the steam features, the plumbing and electrical elements and the location of the steam generator.

2. A modular standalone shower is a self-contained unit that can be attached to your bathroom’s plumbing and electric lines.

3. Modifying your current shower with some features such as a sloped ceiling, good shower walls, and enclosure before properly introducing the steam shower units.

Considering these options will allow you to choose the most suitable approach for installing a steam shower room on your own. With all these mentioned, you may want to install a modular steam shower because it’s an all-in-one product. You can find a modular system, which also includes luxurious features such as piped-in music, rain showerheads, aromatherapy and chromotherapy that come additionally to the stall and steam generator.

After reading through our guide, you may have an insight about the next steam shower room that you might need. Some steam shower rooms feature different additional functions, which would allow you to have more room for customizing your shower experience. They vary in price and functionality, but there are also alternatives on the market which offer you all the basic functionality at an affordable price. In result, all of them offer spa-like experiences and can be adjusted to your liking. Taking proper care of your steam shower room will ensure its long lifespan and good functionality. If you need a place which will allow you to relax every day after busy hours, a steam shower room is a perfect choice. They are also economical because they don’t require more water than an average 5-minute shower session. Before using one you should read the instructions manual carefully to assure that everything works fine. Don’t forget about the mentioned criteria when choosing a new steam shower room, that will aid you in selecting the best one for your needs.

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