Best Shower Panel Systems For Your Home in 2018

Shower panel systems are a very stylish and useful accessory for every bathroom. They may offer spa-like shower experiences and serve as a source of therapy. Finding an appropriate shower panel shouldn’t be difficult, as there is a wide choice that includes more simplistic alternatives, coming at a convenient price, as well as more upgraded versions that may be more expensive, but also with more room for more advanced settings.

A shower panel is a device fixed on a wall that empowers you to choose from different showering modes, which include a waterfall, massaging shower jets, and rainfall effects. The device usually includes a waterfall showerhead, a handheld showerhead and a panel, which is mounted on the wall. The shower panel is the control system – allowing you to change the shower modes. From there, you can adjust your shower experience, alternating between different patterns and intensities. The shower panels style the bathrooms with their look – offering them a modern look. They provide spa-like experiences for their users while maintaining the original functionality of a standard shower.

Now that we have gone through the main points you should look at when choosing the best shower panel, let’s check some top-rated shower panels from all over Amazon. Hopefully, our little guide will be able to give you an insight about your next purchase.

Reviews of Shower Panel Systems

Best Choice – High-grade Bathroom Stainless Steel Shower Column Wall Mounted Shower Panel

Best Shower Panel Systems For Your Home in 2018High-grade Bathroom Stainless Steel Shower Column Wall Mounted Shower Panel is a stylish shower panel that features a variety of customizable settings and fits perfectly in any modern bathroom.

It is made out of stainless steel, which ensures a long-lasting design, with a tempered glass surface. The panel itself is made of stainless steel that will prevent any rusting and tarnish in a wet environment.

This unit has a temperature display that allows you to regulate the water to the desired degree. It is also very useful, for ensuring that the water is not too hot or too cold. It operates automatically by water flow, or you could also use AA batteries.

The High-grade Bathroom Stainless Steel Shower Column Wall Mounted Shower Panel also features 36 jet nozzles for an enjoyable shower experience. You can regulate the flow to certain settings, which allow you to specify your desired showering style. This shower panel includes a rainfall showerhead, a multi-functional handheld showerhead, and a tub spout. It has every necessary detail for ensuring a great shower experience.

To keep the needed water pressure, this shower panel allows you to customize every function independently. Choosing only one program at a time is possible. It has two controllers, which allow you regulate all the functions and the water temperature. The shower panel is also available in four different color variations to help accommodate a wider range of bathroom designs. Choose between Brushed Nickel, Gold, and Rose Gold and give your bathroom a makeover with this stylish shower panel installation.

The set comes with all the standard accessories. The manufacturer offers the opportunity for installing it right away, which shouldn’t be hard if you prefer to do it individually. The shower panel can be fitted into any existing pipework and is suitable for a flat installation. However, you can call a plumber anytime to avoid any potential troublesome situations.

This shower panel should be able to offer you the desired shower experience after a hard day of work or relaxing you more on peaceful weekends. Buy it now and get 10% when introducing the code GET10 at checkout:

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Thermostatic Rain Waterfall Shower Panel

Best Shower Panel Systems For Your Home in 2018TheThermostatic Rain Waterfall Shower Panel is an elegant and modern bathroom addition. It features a silver stainless steel panel which will help to avoid any rust and tarnish. Also, it will maintain a fashionable look in your bathroom. The shower panel is covered with a layer of gray tempered glass, which looks very stylish. The surface could also be very useful and act as a mirror.

It has a jet nozzle panel that can be adjusted to your liking. It allows you to choose between massage and fog modes for more pleasurable shower experience. The shower panel features a rainfall showerhead, a handheld showerhead, body spray pattern and a tub filler.

The shower panel includes all the plumbing materials, for installing it individually. This emphasizes that it can be fitted without difficulties. If you prefer your bathroom equipment customized, you could also upgrade this unit with parts – and mold it to your liking and needs.

This shower panel is a very fashionable and elegant accessory for bathrooms, which enriches every shower experience. If this simple and minimalistic unit looks like the perfect shower panel for you, give it a closer look using the link below. And if you decide to get one, use the code GET10 at checkout – you could use an extra 10% off it!

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Stainless Steel Thermostatic Rainfall Shower Panel With Rain Massage System Faucet

Best Shower Panel Systems For Your Home in 2018This shower panel is made of stainless steel, which looks trendy and stylish in any bathroom. Stainless Steel Thermostatic Rainfall Shower Panel With Rain Massage System Faucet has four different shower functions, which would enrich any time spent in the shower. Such modes as rainfall and waterfall would offer you a meditative experience in your shower, while the horizontal massage spray and hand shower would aim specifically to relax your body. These functions could be combined to your liking and be adjusted very easily. Showering with all the modes on at a time is possible. This unit features 50 rainfall nozzles as well as horizontal spray massage nozzles, to make the most out of your time spent in the shower. It has a handheld showerhead as well, which is connected to the panel through a stainless-steel cord. It looks very elegant and sophisticated. The handheld showerhead has a Polished Chrome finish. The hose of the hand shower hose has a length of 59” and is made of stainless steel and finished in chrome.

The installation of this panel is very easy. You must go through connecting the supply lines and mounting the brackets to the wall, but that shouldn’t be very hard. You should also be cautious mounting it high enough, where the spray top would be around one’s nose level, to get an appropriate experience and not to mess further with the position of the panel.

Another thing to take into consideration is the temperature control. It provides a safety limit, to protect the users, especially the children from burning themselves. It is a very convenient feature as it regulates the cold and hot water from which you can get the desired temperature. However, some customers didn’t appreciate the safety measure, as they couldn’t run hotter water. This is the default option of the panel but it can be solved with some more advanced tuning.

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Brushed Nickel Thermostatic Valve Rain Waterfall Body Massage Jets Shower Faucet Column In-wall Shower Panel

Best Shower Panel Systems For Your Home in 2018The Brushed Nickel Thermostatic Valve Rain Waterfall Body Massage Jets Shower Faucet Column In-wall Shower Panel is a shower panel made of stainless steel, which has an elegant design and is very durable. The faucet is made of brass that has its attractive long lasting design. It has 50 rainfall nozzles which guarantee a relaxing shower experience. The system also includes four shower functions that allow you to adjust your shower to your liking. It allows only one mode at a time.

The installation of this unit is not difficult at all. The EZ-Connect allows you to connect the panel to any existing shower plumbing. You should also be careful, because the panel does not come with a valve, but it replaces the showerhead. The product comes in with the instructions manual, which comes in handy if you want to install it by yourself.

This Brushed Nickel shower panel would offer you a high-class shower experience, styling your bathroom in a modern European fashion.

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Shower Panel Advice

After viewing some of the top-rated shower panels on Amazon, you might have a general idea of what you might want. Shower panels are a bathroom upgrade which could prove very useful and worth the investment. The adjustable settings and accessories of the shower panels offer a different kind of shower experiences. For example, the waterfall option enables a pleasant rainfall effect, which could become a source of fog, that would serve as a therapy and pamper your skin. The pressure of the showerhead can be adjusted, being able to provide relaxing massages and drenching showers. It is very easy to alter the settings and regulate them to the user’s needs. Most of the shower panels include a long shower hose, which is very convenient. Also, the handheld shower accessory comes in handy for a cleaning shower and generally for a more comfortable and customizable shower experience.

Shower panels vary in their functionality and design. Most of them stick to the basic functionality – maintaining the water pressure, at the cost of using only one feature at a time. However, there are shower panels which offer more functions for a higher price – some are easier to use, and some could be more confusing. In the end, it’s all a matter of time until you get used to them, and you’ll be able to enjoy your showers more and more with every session. The more advanced types of shower panels could allow the use of several shower patterns at a time and would contain more accessories. There are some that don’t require special effort and are very easy to install. However, if you may be questioning your skill, having a plumber do it instead could solve this in a short amount of time.

Sometimes it can be quite troublesome to choose a suitable shower panel. They differ in functionality and looks – and many could attract just by exterior aspect. However, the best shower panels shouldn’t be judged only by their excellent design, but you should also consider its proficiency.

Nevertheless, let’s check what should you consider while choosing an appropriate shower panel:

1. Check for water pressure settings. Being considerate about the water pressure is crucial. For the best showerheads, which use many massage functions at once, more pressure is required. You should keep that in mind when choosing a new shower panel. In case your house runs at a low water pressure, there are shower panels which allow the control of only one massage function at a time for maintaining an adequate water pressure. You should be cautious from which ones to choose better. In any case, you should consider some that wouldn’t considerably lower the water pressure and those who would be able to offer the desired shower experience due to their settings.

2. Choose a design. The exterior design is probably the top criteria for choosing a shower panel. There are many to choose from – many are made from PVC to go well with any furniture in your bathroom. Some of the better shower panels feature glass fronts, which have a modern look and are very easy to clean.

3. Go for quality accessories. The nozzles and accessories of a shower panel also play an important role in choosing an appropriate shower panel. Many shower panels provide rainfall effects to offer you a relaxing shower experience. Similarly, many of them perform massaging through the out-flowing water of the jet nozzles, which can be customized to your preference. Shower panels with a handheld shower attachment offer an easy and efficient cleaning and other features which can be adjusted.

4. Temperature indicators are your friends. Many shower panel systems have temperature indicators, which come up usually with built-in LED lights that tell you when the water reaches a certain temperature. The lights change their color when the water is too hot, too cold or a warm – with a variation of the color pattern. Many of the shower panels require no external energy for the LED lights to work because they create the needed energy through the flowing water. Other shower panels may require batteries to supply a higher amount of power.

The shower panels have different features – meaning you could find a good option fitting your needs and budget. Some offer more settings and possibilities to alternate between the different modes, while others offer only the basic and most commonly used patterns and accessories. However, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, as whichever you choose shall deliver a modern look to your bathroom and enrich your shower experience. Some of the best shower panels are upgraded with temperature displays and showerhead LEDs, which would offer an exquisite atmosphere to your bathroom. Many panels are very easy to install, what is very convenient and time-saving. Regarding all the possible styles and performance potentials, you should be able to find a perfect shower panel to fit every household member’s needs. Attaining a new shower panel will ensure that you get the desired spa-like shower experience offering a solid look to your bathroom.

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