Best Kohler Toilet for the Money – Top 5 Recommendations & Reviews

Shopping for a new toilet takes the prize for being “the most overlooked subject in the history of ever,” and that is the sad truth. No, but honestly, how many times did you think you’d come to this moment when you’ll actually have to shop for a now toilet, be it to replace an old on or design a whole new bathroom? If you’ve stumbled upon this website, know that your life has just become a tad bit easier than it used to be. We’ll help you find the best toilet for your house or office, and give you all the information you need to know before clicking the Buy button.

In this article, we’re going to look at the toilet models of a brand named Kohler. If you’re in the least familiar with bathroom equipment or accessories, you’re surely familiar with these guys. For those who are complete newbies, Kohler is a German brand who is associated with the ultimate quality when it comes to plumbing and bathroom equipment. They produce bathtubs, shower heads, sinks, even toilets – everything having the latest technologies and the perfect German quality. There’s only one drawback about them – the price. Kohler is, so to say, the Apple of plumbing products – their prices are pretty high, and many people prefer to opt for another brand because of this reason. However, today, we’re going to show you a Top 5 of the Kohler toilets that are really worth every cent. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into them:

Best Value Kohler Toilets

Kohler K-3723-0

Best Kohler Toilet for the Money – Top 5 Recommendations & ReviewsThe Kohler K-3723-0 is one of the most ergonomic styles of toilets you’ll find on the market. This model has a tall, elongated shape, which is perfect for kids, seniors, and anyone who has trouble sitting down on a standard toilet. The seat measures 16 ½” in height, which is almost 10” higher than a standard toilet. The Kohler K-3723-0 is also available in three different colors – black, white, and biscuit so that you can suit it perfectly to your bathroom design.

A few words on the water saving technology on this model: the Kohler K-3723-0 meets the guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program, meaning that it consumes less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. However, it is labeled as a Highly Efficient toilet, which means that one flush is enough to wash off any amount of solid residue (as stated by previous customers.)

One thing you may or may not like is the super narrow bowl. Some people might find it uncomfortably small – if that’s the case, check out the models below instead. The installation process is also fairly complicated, as the water line is pretty narrow as well. You might want to get the help of a plumber if you’re not very experienced with the installation. The sleek but ergonomic design, as well as the water saving technology, will definitely pay off over time. Check out the Kohler K-3723-0 here:

KOHLER K-6669-0

Best Kohler Toilet for the Money – Top 5 Recommendations & ReviewsIf you’re looking for a toilet with real flushing power (maybe you have low water pressure in your house or whatnot), nothing can beat the KOHLER K-6669-0. This model has a super durable canister, which is enforced against any leakage and comes with an Aqua Piston flushing technology. What that means is that you can trigger a full 360-degree flushing only by pulling the lever on the tank. This all-around flushing technology ensures that each section of the bowl is flushed individually using the same amount of power. That will ensure that no waste or bacteria remain on the walls whatsoever.

The KOHLER K-6669-0 has a similar design to the above-mentioned K-3723-0, but the overall look of it leans more towards a classic style. It is also available in several colors – but this time more than three. You have several shades of nude, as well as black, white and gray to suit the design of your bathroom. The height of the seat is also around 18”, making it more comfortable for adults to sit on.

The model comes without a seat, much like most Kohler toilets, and without a wax ring. However, those can be purchased separately, any experienced plumber will recommend that you do that. Given the efficient flushing technology, the classic profile and the wide variety of colors, we’d say this model is certainly worth the money. Find it here:

KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa

Best Kohler Toilet for the Money – Top 5 Recommendations & ReviewsThe KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa is another option worth considering if you’re looking for the quintessential classic toilet. It’s very similar in shape to the two models above, having the same elongated bowl structure and a comfortable high seat for a more ergonomic experience. Also, similar to the K-6669-0, this one is available in as much as nine different colors, from the classic black and white to different shade of ivory and sandy. Another advantage of this model is that the seat and the lid are included in the package, which is a nice touch considering the price.

The KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa is a one-piece model, meaning that the tank and the bowl are connected directly, and there’s no need for complicated assembly. Thus, we’d say the installation process for this toilet is easier than for models #1 and #2, but you will still need some essential tools and accessories to do that.

Last but not least, its greatest feature is the water consumption – only 1.28 gallons per flush, which is even lower than the recommended WaterSense standard. Some customers have reported it making a quite weird sound, but that’s everything you’ll have to worry about with this model.  Find the KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa here:

KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil

Best Kohler Toilet for the Money – Top 5 Recommendations & ReviewsIf you’re looking for the ultimate piece to give that finishing touch to your high-tech bathroom, the KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil is definitely the way to go. The price tag might leave you speechless, but don’t jump to conclusions yet! This is not just another toilet. It is the Kohler toilet, the flagship intelligent toilet of the brand, which will make any potty you’ve seen so far seem like something from the Middle Ages.

This model has an interesting minimalist shape and is a one-piece construction with integrated cleaning (you’ll come to appreciate that a lot if you like to skip cleaning days). There’s a dual flush system built into it, which allows 0.8 gallons or 1.28-gallon flush. This will allow you to save even more water while still keeping your toilet clean of any debris. What’s more, the KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil has a whole little computer built into it – much like those high-tech Japanese toilets you might’ve seen on TV. It comes with a stainless steel bidet, on which you can regulate the water pressure, temperature, position, and more. It even has a pulsating and oscillating function.

The lid closes automatically, and the flushing process can also be set to auto. After you stand up, it will immediately flush the water and close the lid – that’s the KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil for you. However, you might need to call an electrician to help you install this beauty. As the water can be heated on demand, and there’s no tank to store it, it requires a dedicated circuit to perform all those tasks.

You can find the KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil here:

KOHLER K-4007-0 San Souci

Best Kohler Toilet for the Money – Top 5 Recommendations & ReviewsLast but not least, here’s an option for those who aren’t very fond of the elongated bowls on all the models above. This Kohler toilet has a rounded bowl (which is what most people are used to), and has a one-piece design. The K-4007-0 is also pretty low profile compared to the other models above, so if you’re not uncomfortable with a standard low toilet, this model is for you. It is available in a heap of different colors, from white and gray to sandy and black, and can be ordered with or without installation.

When it comes to the flushing technology, this model is very similar to the KOHLER K-6669-0. It runs on the Same Aqua Piston technology that flushes water from 360 degrees and ensures even flushing all around the walls of the bowl. It complies with the EPA WaterSense standard, consuming only 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

This model comes with an included seat and lid that closes automatically. Don’t worry about the noise – the Quiet-Close technology will keep everything discrete, even in those late night hours. Find out more details and shop the latest price for this product here:

As you can probably tell by now, the way we described Kohler is pretty close to the truth. Almost all their models have a smart flushing technology, comply with the EPA WaterSense standards, and have a sleek aspect. However, there’s this tiny drawback – the price. On top of that, most of them don’t come with all the accessories necessary for installation, so you’ll also have to spend on those.

Advantages of Choosing Kohler

Nonetheless, let us take it step by step – here’s a short summary of the advantages you’ll have with a Kohler toilet:

Low water consumption

We’re sure most of you don’t even know what these EPA standards and WaterSense stickers stand for. Here’s a short history – in the past, toilets used to consume as much as 3.5 gallons of water per flush. On top of that, the flushing technology wasn’t even that advanced, so you’d usually end up flushing two or three times, just to make sure there isn’t anything left on the bowl. The guys over at the Environmental Protection Agency came up with this new law, where toilets have to consume less than 1.6 gallons per flush in order to be sold. A toilet marked with the WaterSense sticker means that it consumes less than 1.6 gallons of water, and is compliant with the EPA law.

Not only is that great news for the environment, but also for your water bills – you’ll see them drop down significantly if you opt for a Kohler.

Flushing Technology

Kohler has patented several flushing technologies that will help you clean the waste in a more efficient manner. You have your double flush technology, which implies two different flow patterns – usually 0.8 gallons one and 1.28 gallons one. As you might have guessed, the smaller figure is for liquid waste, while the stronger one is for solid waste. Another great Kohler technology is the Aqua Piston, which ensures that the water flows 360 degrees around the bowl, ensuring uniform flushing.

Ergonomic shape

Kohler is quite famous for their high profile toilets, as well as their narrow bowls. The narrow bowls make sitting more comfortable, while the high profile is seemingly more convenient and healthy for the lower back. We don’t know how much of that is exactly true, but one thing is certain – Kohler toilets are extremely comfortable.

Elegant design and lots of colors

Be it a modern, classic, rustic, minimalistic, or even high-tech bathroom, you can be sure that Kohler has a toilet to fit your exact needs. From the classic design of the K-6669-0 to the elongated modern shape of the K-3723-0, you can find anything you wish for in their toilet range. There are even models like the K-5401-0 Veil, which bring the definition of high-tech to the next level. Or, there is toilet model that belong to a particular series, such as the Peonies and Ivy toilet. Those work particularly well if you combine them with something from the same collection. On top of that, Kohler has a range of nine colors for most of their toilets, which includes black, white, gray, biscuit, and several other intermediate shades.

However, there are two main disadvantages that bug us:

The Price

Let’s face it – few people can afford to spend $300 and up on a toilet, plus some $150 or more on installation and accessories.

The Lack of Accessories

Most of the Kohler models come without the seat and lid. We could live without that, but some even lack important installation pieces, such as the wax rings, which is quite a bummer considering the price. If you decide on buying one of these Kohler models, make sure you check with the seller for any pieces that don’t come included in the package.

This would be everything you need to know about Kohler toilets. Our verdict is: yes, Kohler toilets are worth the money. The advantages definitely overpower the drawbacks, and their quality is hard to top off. However, you need pretty deep pockets in order to be able to afford them – but once you do, you’ll never regret it.

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