Best Dual Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018

Not many of us have thought about the possibility of a second shower head. Don‘t you think that it would be much more efficient and convenient than one? Two showers heads would help you work up a lather faster, especially when you are in a hurry, and will allow you to customize your shower session choosing different settings for each shower head. For example, you could enjoy a gentle rinse from one shower head, while the other one would provide you a pleasant massage. Such advantages could save you some time and improve the quality of yours and your family’s shower sessions. The reviews below cover some of the most top rated dual shower heads on the current market. Amid the presented options, you should be able to find an alternative, which would probably accompany you the next decade in your daily routine.

Dual Showerhead with a Chrome finishing

Best Dual Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018The Dual Showerhead with a Chrome finishing is a convenient alternative, featuring a solid construction and a couple of customizable functions.

The shower heads have a 3 position spray pattern that ranges from soft spray to full steam. You can enjoy a full body massage, and in case you have aching muscles, these will double help in relieving your pain.

A brass manifold holds the shower heads in place, that can be swiveled due to its ball joint.

The manufacturer assures an easy installation of the unit. The package even includes plumber’s tape for easing the whole process.

Some people have noted that the water pressure is too low with this unit. If you are living in a zone with low water pressure or you appreciate when the pressure is higher, this might be not your piece. However, you could also “hack” a little bit and remove the restrictors, which are inside the shower heads. This will ensure that the flow of the water is not limited in any way and you will be able to enjoy the maximum water pressure that this piece could offer. Get 10% off if you purchase it now using the promo code GET10 here:

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Water Saving Chrome Finished Shower Head

Best Dual Shower Heads For Your Home in 2018This  Water Saving Chrome Finished Shower Head is one of the most praised hits. One great aspect is that its installation doesn’t require even a screwdriver, which allows you to incorporate it in your shower system very easily.

This model is featured as an efficient water saving opportunity consuming 2.31GPM. Considering the standard figure of 2.5, this is a real good option to save coming from dual shower heads.

The unit has several spray patterns that you can choose from, which include bubbling spray, massage spray and saturating spray. You could relax fully during your shower sessions, regulating different spray modes for each shower head and showering either with one or with both at a time.

The shower heads have a stylish look being finished in brushed nickel and measuring 5 inches in width.

The pieces are high pressure, so you won’t need to worry if you have lower water flow in your house. Even with both turned on at the same time, the drop of pressure will be insignificant and hardly noticeable. To get 10% off this showerhead, check out the link below and use the code GET10 at checkout:

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As you might have noticed, the list includes dual shower heads that would fit diverse budgets and people with specific needs. If you are in a need of one, you should be able to find an option among the products in our top that will satisfy you throughout your days.

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