Best Bathtub Brands

We know, the brand is probably not the first thing you think of when you’re planning to purchase a new bathtub. And we don’t blame you – some brands out there will charge you double the price of a no-name tub just for having their name slapped onto the packaging and fixtures. However, there are a couple of brands that you should check out before committing – as they are pretty reasonable with their pricing while offering great quality and elegant designs. Let’s take a look at them:

1. The one and only American Standard. This brand is the ultimate leader of the American market when it comes to bathroom fixtures – and they produce some pretty decent bathtubs as well. Don’t expect too much in terms of design, as American Standard is mostly focusing on simple wall- or corner-mounted acrylic tubs. However, they usually come with all the accessories you need to install the tub, and the prices are extremely affordable.

2. AKDY is another brand worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for a freestanding bathtub. They have a line of acrylic freestanding tubs covering both modern and retro-vintage designs. AKDY prices are not too bad either, and most of their tubs come with the warranty included in the initial price.

3. Empava is yet another brand famous for their freestanding tubs. Their designs are characterized by sleek lines and asymmetric edges, which look great in contemporary bathrooms. Empava sets are known to include all the accessories you need for installation, as well as an instruction manual to help you install it on your own. Empava bathtubs are also pretty lightweight – in other words, great for the not putting extra pressure on your bathroom floor.

4. Woodbridge is a brand focusing on tall freestanding bathtub models. Their units get huge – so if you’re in need of a perfect tub to wash your German Shepherd in, Woodbridge is the brand you’re looking for. Or, you know, if you’re just on the lookout for a great couple bathtub for under $1000, Woodbridge units are worth checking out.

5. Kohler is the epitome of German quality – and their bathroom fixtures are always great, regardless of what they are. However, when it comes to bathtubs, it might be a bit of a hit or miss. Kohler are known for having putting rather high price tags on their products, and their tubs are not an exception. The designs are rather basic though, so it’s not like you’re paying for anything too unique in some of the cases. Bottom line is – you can’t go wrong with Kohler, but make sure the tub you choose doesn’t break the bank too much.

Generally, bathtubs are not very hard to shop for – it’s harder to find a bad unit than a good one. Even the no-name bathtubs will usually be just fine, but the main difference between those and brand units is that the brand will offer you a warranty and (usually) a complete set of accessories for installing the tub. The decision is your – but ultimately, we do recommend checking out these brands before hitting the Buy button.

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