A Review & Comparison of the Best Bathroom Faucets for 2018

Bathroom faucets are one of the most significant accessories in a bathroom, as they allow you to easily fulfill your daily bathroom necessities. Therefore, it is important to consider some things when choosing a bathroom faucet, such as decor, quality, and appropriate use.

Now let’s look at some reviews, which should aid in picking your next faucet. The faucets vary in styles and have different prices, but there should be some which will offer you the needed advantages and won’t put too much pressure on your wallet.

Top Rated Bathroom Faucets of 2018

Bathroom Basin Sink Faucet Waterfall Widespread Chrome Polish Tap

A Review & Comparison of the Best Bathroom Faucets for 2018This faucet has an elegant design, which will offer your bathroom a slight nuance of modernity. The Bathroom Basin Sink Faucet Waterfall Widespread Chrome Polish Tap is made of durable brass that will serve you many years. Due to its chrome finish, which is built to resist scratches, tarnishing, and corrosion, it will look great even after several years of use.

It includes a ceramic disc cartridge, that will ensure that the faucet will last long without any leaks. It has been tested by manufacturers to remain in a good shape even after about half a million open and closes, which means, even if you use your faucet more than 30 times per day, it could last up to 40-50 years!

This unit has a double spout rotating design with contemporary elements, which will look awesome in a modern bathroom. The product comes in with all the mounting hardware and necessary hoses. A 3/8 inch compression is included for all your needs.

If you have high-pressure water in your house, you may consider installing a pressure valve before mounting the faucet. It aims to offer a gentle waterfall-like water flow and for this purpose, it is recommended to have a lower water pressure, because otherwise, it could splash the water out of your sink. It also doesn’t include a sink stopper. In case you think that it could include some additional accessories, review the manufacturer’s offers to check for any extras you might need to buy. For this faucet, the sink stopper should come independently, because it doesn’t have any stopper control. If you need or want one, you could search for it separately

With this faucet, you can be sure that it will last some decades and offer you a pleasant contemporary look. You can shop for it here and get 10% off when using the promo code GET10:

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Bathroom Basin Faucet Brass Water Tap Chrome Finish

TA Review & Comparison of the Best Bathroom Faucets for 2018his faucet has a classic high-quality design that will look astonishing in any traditional bathroom. It features two-handle levers, which are very practical and easy in use.

For your convenience, besides the basic color, you could also choose between chrome or brushed nickel option, whichever is more appropriate to your taste.

The package includes a tapered spout, a handle, which allows you to control the water temperature and flow, a globe finial and drain assembly.It requires a 1-hole mount with a 4-inch center set. This assures the easy installation of the unit.

This faucet meets WaterSense criteria, which means it offers the needed water pressure, without consuming more water. This idea endorses saving water as much as possible, by offering the needed pressure with a lower consumption rate without sacrificing more than needed. It streams up to 1.2 gallons per minute.This product may need some tools for installation as it doesn’t include them. You may need plumbing adhesive and channel locks, but for the full list, you should document yourself better on the needed utensils before buying.

This is a great-looking, solid faucet, which would offer you a classy design to your bathroom. You can check its actual price here, and get 10% off that price when you use the code GET10 at checkout:

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Modern Glass Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

A Review & Comparison of the Best Bathroom Faucets for 2018This bathroom faucet is one of the most top-rated around the internet. Besides its innovative aspect, it offers everything a person needs from a faucet. This product meets WaterSense standards for saving the water supply and functions without sacrificing any water pressure running at a maximum of 1.2 gallons per minute.

This unit is very convenient because it requires no installation tools which allows a very easy mounting. The faucet requires only one hole for installation. The product also comes with an optional deck plate in case you have more than one hole in your sink or basin and you want to cover them. It also includes a pop-up drain and instructions manual, which will guide you through the installation process. The faucet is made of brass, ensuring its durability. It features a ceramic disc valve that makes it very practical. It also has a never leak guarantee, which will serve you some decades. If you encounter any problems with this item you can always use the lifetime warranty, which will always cover your repair costs.

Its exterior design is also quite sophisticated, adding an ambiance of a natural cascade to your bathroom. The brushed nickel color will be more in place in traditional kind of bathrooms, and the polished chrome will fit great in any modern styled bathroom.

If you decide on a unique, European-style faucet, which is nature-friendly and very easy in use and installation, this faucet might be your choice.

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Waterfall Bathroom Faucet Cold And Hot Water Tap

A Review & Comparison of the Best Bathroom Faucets for 2018If you are searching for a convenient faucet, which won’t put much pressure on your budget and has a nice look and functionality, the Waterfall Bathroom Faucet Cold And Hot Water Tap would be your best choice.

It is the waterfall-type of a faucet, which looks elegant and solid. This unit requires one hole for installation and the package includes all the mounting hardware for buyer’s convenience. You can scroll through the delivered instructions manual and follow the templates to finish easily the installation. The Waterfall Bathroom Faucet Cold And Hot Water Tap is made of brass and finished in chrome. With its design, you can be sure that it will create beautiful combinations with almost any other furniture in your bathroom.

Be warned that some people have expressed that they didn’t like the loudness of this faucet. However, with appropriate tuning, you can probably make the sound more pleasant, but if you don’t really want to invest that much time and extra money into upgrades for your faucet, there’s also the fact that you can’t find many people who would hate the sound of flowing water.

If you want a decent and less pricey faucet, the Waterfall Bathroom Faucet Cold And Hot Water Tap would be your perfect choice. Get 10% off when you purchase it using the link below and introduce the code GET10 at checkout:

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Expert Advice on Choosing Your Faucet

Let’s examine more closely the most important criteria for choosing a bathroom faucet. Before making your choice, it’s a good idea to go through these simple questions, which will help you choose the right bathroom for you and your family.

  • What is it made of?

When analyzing the existing alternatives, you should choose a suitable finish. You may want to choose oil-bronze kind of finishes and darker types if you have a traditionally decorated bathroom. This would be a good choice for maintaining a classical bathroom atmosphere. If you want to introduce more modernity into your bathroom, you should look for faucets made of nickel. For any kind of modern decor, you can opt for polished chrome.

  • Does your bathroom’s plumbing allow you to easily install the desired faucet?

Attention should be drawn on the existing plumbing and its compatibility with the preferred faucet. Some require single hole installation, which means if you have more holes, you should cover them up. Respectively, if you have one hole and your faucet requires more, you should drill them by yourself. The easiest way would be to find one which would fit your existing format.

  • Who will use the faucet and how?

Some people could need different approaches for regulating their faucets. For example, children and some people who may have mobility conditions would need faucets which can be turned on and off very easily. Some faucets have lever handles, which can be twisted and lifted with a mild push of finger or wrist. This is very convenient for an easy usability.

  • What kind of design do you like?

There is a big range of alternatives which could trigger new decor ideas. You may want a bathroom which would include elements of modernity amid the traditional ones, or just keep it the classic way. You could choose from a variety of aspects, which could contain different ornaments and other pleasant exterior characteristics. You want a faucet designed with elegant curves or just a waterfall type of faucet, which will give a splendid atmosphere to your bathroom. Bathroom faucets can be found in various styles. You should ensure that you choose the most suitable one for you. It’s also worth matching up your pedestal sink with your bathroom faucet to ensure the two go together.

  • Single handle or two handle faucets?

Single-handle faucets have only one handle that controls the temperature and the water pressure. Mostly, they require only one installation hole. These faucets are a popular choice for people with muscular problems or elder people because they can be very easily operated, featuring a lever style handle. On the other hand, two handle faucets are operated with two handles, which feed a single mixer spout with the water joining from both sides, creating a single flow.These types of faucets are more popular in traditional kind of bathrooms. Each handle controls either the hot or the cold water. By simply turning the handles loose you can regulate the appropriate water temperature and pressure. There are also other types of faucets on the market – for example, the waterfall mixer faucets could be your perfect choice, due to their modern design and gentle water flow.

  • Which Brands Are Best?

While choosing a bathroom faucet, you should also consider what does each manufacturer offer and guarantee. Some faucets may suit your budget, and others could be more expensive based on the manufacturer and what kind of advantages their product contains. Generally speaking, the better brands are more expensive but do have higher build quality and will last longer.

Pfister is a decent brand if you want to have your faucet permanently secured. They offer a lifetime warranty on the functionality of faucets. This is very convenient if you want to solve the faucet matter instantly – and without any additional costs and time in the future. Another good company which offers some guarantee is KES. If you don’t like the faucet that you have purchased, you can return it back within 15 days from the payment date and get a refund. If you are searching for a big diversity of nice-looking and qualitative faucets, Moen would be your choice. In terms of style, they offer faucets which fit more traditional bathrooms, but also modern ones. You can choose your finish from different alternatives, such as polished chrome for a contemporary appearance and oil bronze for a traditional style. Whether you need a kitchen or a bathroom faucet, Delta has them all. They also offer faucets with different mounting options. If you have 2 or 3 holes in your worktop, sink or basin, you may find something from Delta, that would look elegant and fit without any problems. Delta is the brand which will offer you a fast and easy solution regarding your future faucet.

After viewing more types of existing faucets, you might already have an insight about what you need. The faucets vary in prices and designs, but in the end, you can always find one which will fit your budget and fulfill your needs. You can choose from different types of mounting in order to undergo an easy installation and not modify your existing basin or sink. The faucets come in diverse colors and forms, which is a very good option for styling your bathroom according to your taste. Don’t forget to consider all these aspects before buying a new faucet. An easy installation could weigh more than a beautiful look or vice-versa, depending on the case. After reading this guide, you will hopefully find the perfect faucet for you and your family in no time.

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