A Guide For Choosing The Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers in 2018

When it comes to choosing the right bathroom speakers for you, there are only a couple factors you’ll have to take into consideration. Most of them have similar features when it comes to sound quality, but if you love your club-quality bass, you’ll want to invest in one that has an included subwoofer. Besides that, you might want to choose a long-lasting device- something which will get you more than 8 hours of playing after one charge. You’ll also have to check the Bluetooth technology of the set, which will have to work well with the devices you plan to sync the speakers with. Last but not least, you want to choose one according to your budget. Everyone loves music and would probably enjoy having their favorite tune playing in the background while taking a shower, but there’s no need to overspend on this accessory. After all, if you invest more into bathroom speakers that in your normal ones, you won’t be able to help but spend twice as much time in there – and the water bills will also go up quite a bit!

Without further ado, let us check out some of the best selling products in terms of waterproof Bluetooth speakers:

Top Rated Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Vodool Bluetooth Shower Speaker

A Guide For Choosing The Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers in 2018Here’s something Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones would rock. A rugged silicone case, 12 hours of non-stop music playing and a 4.0 Bluetooth connection which works on a distance of over 33 feet will make this device ideal for taking with you on your next adventure. It also charges through a micro USB cable, and the process takes under 4 hours to the device to run for a full 12.

Water, shock and dust-proof, the Vodool Bluetooth Speaker will play your favorite music through a 3W audio driver with a passive subwoofer. While there’s nothing to complain about in the sound quality department, it might not be the best bathroom speaker for you if your room is not equipped with some shelves or you have some free space on the sink – because it does not include any mechanism for attaching or hanging it.

However, it can make a great fashion statement when going for a hike or hanging by the poolside and could be considered one of the best shower speakers. Get 10% off when shopping for it here and using the code GET10 at checkout:

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Kobwa Waterproof C6 Bluetooth Speaker

A Guide For Choosing The Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers in 2018This speaker’s unique feature is the fact that it comes with a suction cup and a hook-like accessory, so you can pretty much attach it to any surface in your bathroom. Walls? No problem. Sliding showerhead bar? No problem. Towel racks? No problem! While the previous item doesn’t have a lot of placement options (besides your bathtub edge, sink, mirror, or any shelves you might have going on), this one can be hanged or stuck virtually anywhere.

The sound quality is provided by a 3W speaker, and the device also includes a microphone. A perfect choice if you want a hands-free, water- and dust-proof device, which can even answer calls for you.

This speaker will last you 6 hours of music playing at 70% of the maximum volume available and will connect to other devices through 3.0 Bluetooth technology. It also comes with a silicone case which is available in multiple colors, making for a sporty and modern design. And who could refuse a 10% discount on their next bathroom upgrade? Just use the code GET10 when checking out and have fun with your new Kobwa Bluetooth speaker!

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Mini Portable Subwoofer Shower Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A Guide For Choosing The Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers in 2018If you’re on the look for something cheap, but satisfying, we suggest you look into this model. This little speaker will have all the features a shower speaker needs – 3.0 Bluetooth technology which connects to any digital device within 30 feet (so you don’t have to bring your iPhone or tablet into the shower for the speakers to connect), a decent sound quality and a suction cup for attaching to walls or other surfaces. Of course, the speaker is equipped with waterproof technology, and the controls are placed right in the center for easier access to them.

You shouldn’t expect anything extraordinary regarding sound from this speaker. It surely is good enough for a bathroom device, but it will hardly work well for a pool party or any outdoor setting. A microphone is also included.

The Mini Portable Subwoofer Shower Wireless Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker will last for about 6 hours of continuous playing after one charge and comes in a wide variety of vivid colors. Use the code GET10 when checking out and get 10% off this speaker:

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Haissky Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A Guide For Choosing The Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers in 2018This speaker is a fully waterproof device, which will play your favorite music even when immersed in water completely. Who knows, maybe you like having your music playing underwater while you’re soaking in the tub – and this device will make our dream come true! Jokes aside, this speaker is designed for underwater swimming, diving, and other water sports or activities. However, it does have a suction cup as well, so it can be attached safely to your bathroom wall or mirror as well.

The Haissky Bluetooth speaker is compatible with a ton of devices – from iPhone 7 and Samsung S7 to laptops.

This device will connect to any other Bluetooth-compatible one within 33 feet range and will provide crystal-clear sound quality for your bathroom. Another cool feature about it is that its battery lasts for over 10 hours – that’s some incredible performance for such an affordable price. Speaking of which, you can get 10% off the Haissky speaker if you purchase it and introduce the promo code GET10 at checkout today. Perfect as a Christmas gift for yourself or your friends, you can shop for it here:

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If you’re a real music enthusiast (or at least read the online music magazine), chances are that you won’t be surprised to find out that there are special Bluetooth speakers, designed for having them installed your bathroom and being able to enjoy music even while taking a shower or soaking up in a hot tub. Some people love singing in the shower, so why not level up your skills and transform your bathroom into your very own karaoke studio? These speakers come in all shapes and sizes, some with an included subwoofer for improved bass sounds, some with an in-built microphone, and some with other details that will make any tech nerd and music enthusiast put them on their next Christmas wish list.

Almost any Japanese flat has one of these in the bathroom. The reason? One of the most stressed nations around the world has acknowledged the importance of music as a form of relaxation therapy. And you probably know that how water does magic for strained nerves as well. So why not have the two as a combo, and chase the stress away twice as effective? Needless to say, these devices have inbuilt waterproof mechanisms. Otherwise, you would just bring your standard speaker set into the bathroom! Some are more resistant, being OK with water splashes, and some are only designed for resisting the hot steam that comes from the bathtub or shower. Moreover, they can connect through Bluetooth to any device of your choice – be it a phone, tablet, laptop or app. All you have to do is sync the tunes from the device with the Bluetooth speakers – and voila! You can rock to some good old 80’s music or chill to classical or meditation tunes, whichever takes your fancy.

As a conclusion and to sum it all up, a Bluetooth shower speaker is a great investment or gift for a music enthusiast. It’s fairly cheap and low maintenance, but it will certainly bring your shower experience to a whole new level. Do get one for yourself or your friend this Christmas – and you’re sure to be in a holiday mood all year ’round with it!

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