5 Reasons Why You Need To Get A New Bathroom Exhaust Fan Today

We’re sure you already have one of these in your bathroom – and you’re most certainly not thinking about investing in a new one anytime soon. However, you might want to change your mind, as a clean and properly working exhaust fan has far more benefits than that new fancy LED showerhead. If you’re renting, or you’ve bought a pre-owned house, the exhaust fan in your bathroom is likely in need of a replacement, and here’s why:

5 Reasons Why You Need To Get A New Bathroom Exhaust Fan Today1. The exhaust fan is there to vent out the steam in your bathroom, not to encourage dust and dirt circulation. Believe it or not, your exhaust fan might not exactly be doing you a favor right now, quite the contrary – especially if you haven’t cleaned it in a while. The humid climate in your bathroom traps all the dust and dirt between the exhaust pipes and the blades of the fan, causing it to circulate around once all the steam is evaporated. And that’s not the best thing to expose your lungs to. So, reason number one to why you need to get a new exhaust fan – cleaner air in your bathroom.

2. No more foggy mirrors! If your mirrors still take an eternity and a half to clear up after you take a shower, it might be a sign you need to get a new exhaust fan. Good air circulation makes the mirrors and windows clear up in no time, and if that’s not happening, your exhaust fan is likely not working properly.

3. No more ghastly noises to scare the kids away from the bathroom! A clotted exhaust system or a fan with dull blades will probably give off weird screeching noises, which you certainly don’t want to hear when trying to convince (once again) the little one that there’s no monster under the bed. Old exhaust fans can also get pretty loud, which can even bother you, or the neighbors, if left on for too long.

4. Lower energy consumption. An old or not properly working fan will probably suck up way more energy than it’s supposed to – in other words, you might be overpaying on your electricity bill without even knowing because of it. Getting a new one is a small investment compared to how much money you’d be losing yearly on extra energy.

5. Fun extras! Who would have thought that modern exhaust fans can offer you so many fun extras for such low prices? You can get ones with incorporated nightlights, to make the experience of going to the bathroom at night less terrifying, or you could opt for an exhaust fan with a built-in waterproof speaker. All you have to do is connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and you’ll have your favorite tunes blasting all through your bathroom in no time.

Here they are – five reasons why getting a new exhaust fan for your bathroom can help you stay healthy, happy, and save up a bit of money. What else could you wish for?

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