15 Facts About Showers

A five minute shower needs 70-115 liters of water. Showers are a great alternative to baths, as the average bath uses 170 liters.

55,000 liters of water is wasted each year due to leaking shower heads.

The average person showers with the water temperature at at 42 degrees.

The worlds most expensive shower is made by the company Silver Tag, and costs $100,000.

Kevin McCarthy holds the world record for the longest shower, the time he spent in there was  340 hours and 40 minutes.

There is also a world record for the most people having a shower at once which was organised by Pert Plus, the “showerthon” held in 2009 had 145 take part.

The average person showers for 13 minutes each time.

The average person takes approximately 6.7 showers per week.

Fifty-eight percent of US citizens take more showers in the morning than at any other time of the day.

Sixty-seven percent of people spend their time in the shower daydreaming on topics like family and relationships, as well as thinking about work.

Sixty-three percent sing in the shower because they feel happy, relaxed and know that no one can hear them.

A recent study has shown that 43% of people urine in the shower.

Heating water for use in the shower is the second biggest use of energy in your home.

Low flow shower heads reduce the amount of water that is used, but are designed to be optimised to give you the full feel of a normal shower.

The average person washes their hair 5.7 times every week. This means that most people choose to shampoo every time that they have a shower.

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